Across the USA, police officers continue to save countless lives – here are just a couple examples that should be national headlines


ACROSS THE USA- Since we often hear about the bad things police officers do, it is gratifying to see stories with positive words about the good guys.

On Oct 29, a police officer from the Powder Springs, GA., police department responded to a call reporting a runner was unresponsive on a jogging trail in the town, FOX-5 Atlanta reported. Bystanders had begun performing CPR on the man prior to arrival of police.

Officer Yates of the Powder Hill department arrived on scene, taking over CPR from the bystanders and performing the lifesaving maneuver for ten minutes. After that period of time had passed, the man regained his pulse just as an ambulance arrived. He was loaded into the ambulance and transported to a local hospital.

In a news release of Facebook, the Powder Springs Police Department issued the following statement:

“Without a doubt, if it was not for the quick actions of the citizens on the trail who immediately began taking care of this stranger, and the endurance of Officer Yates, the Silver Comet would have claimed another life,” they wrote. “Thankfully, this man will live to conquer the Silver Comet again another day”

“Silver Comet” is the name of the trail.

When Yates took over administering CPR, Fox News reported, the man had no respirations and no pulse, showing no signs of life. After Yates administered CPR for 10 minutes, the man regained consciousness.

“Within seconds, the man not only regained his pulse, but actually woke up!” the department continued on Facebook.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, a police officer in Ship Bottom, NJ is credited with saving two swimmers from drowning last week, the department said.

Special enforcement officer Thomas Rossi was dispatched to the Ship Bottom boat ramp last week after a man had tipped his kayak in Barnegat Bay, The Press of Atlantic City reported.

The man was able to stay afloat on the kayak and make his way to shore. A second man noticed him struggling and entered the water to help, however he also became overcome.

Rossi saw both victims in the bay and dove into the water, where he assisted both men to shore using a lifesaving device, police said. Members of the Beach Haven First Aid Squad treated the men when they returned to shore. No serious injuries were reported.

Finally, a Nashville police officer is credited with saving the live of a 9-month-old baby who was choking, Fox News reports.

Last week, a mother got out of her car at a gas station, clearly under distress and flagged town Metro Nashville police officer Philip Claibourne to help her young baby, who was struggling to breathe. Claibourne and another officer were investigating a traffic accident at the time.

“I could hear that the baby was gasping for air and not really breathing and wasn’t making any kind of noises other than that,” the officer told station KTVF.

Claibourne credited his police academy training in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, which he said automatically kicked in, for saving the child’s life.

“I knelt down and turned the baby over and kind of palmed its chest in my hand and rested my hand on my leg,” he recalled. “I gave the baby one good smack on its back and immediately the baby started coughing and crying.”

Claibourne, who himself has an 11-month-old baby daughter, said the mother, Tanisha Rutledge, 29, was very relieved afterward.

“On National First Responders Day, we salute Central Precinct Officer Philip Claibourne, whose gentleness and training saved the life of a choking 9-month-old Tuesday night,” the Nashville Police Department said in a statement.

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