Simple Facts From a Bloodied City

Here are some simple facts since the beginning of 2010 until now:

  • 25,934 people shot in Chicago
  • 78.9% of the shooting victims are black
  • 15.6% of the shooting victims are Hispanic
  • 337 police-involved shootings (about 1.3% of all shootings)

It is clear to me, and probably anyone without a political agenda, that the police are not the reason for this problem. Yet for some reason, the only plan of attack for our political and religious leaders is to put tighter restrictions on police use of force.

Our mayor is running for reelection and is bending over backward to gather votes from the communities that traditionally have voted Democrat and therefore for him. Those communities are wising up a bit and seeing him for the carpetbagger he is.

Sadly, these same communities are falling for the political tripe coming from their neighborhood leaders. So far, they have marched to block the Dan Ryan Expressway, blocked Lake Shore Drive and marched to a Cubs game, and now they plan to march to O’hare airport.

political hijinks

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson marching arm in arm with Father Michael Pfleger. (Screenshot CST news broadcast)

I guess they didn’t feel safe marching in their own neighborhoods where the shootings are occurring. After all, there was a huge shooting spree less than two blocks from one of the more vocal religious leaders just recently. It’s much safer to march in areas where these problems aren’t as severe.

Politicians and local leaders push for stricter gun laws, but the local State’s Attorney refuses to approve charges when the police make a gun pinch. Obviously, the answer to this problem is tighter restrictions on the police officers. Officers and railroad officials set up a decoy truck and arrest the criminals that break in and steal what’s inside. Shame on the police for tempting these poor criminals. They better not do that again, the police that is, not the criminals.

good search

(Photo by Antoinette Alcazar)

Perhaps today I am the grouchy old man, but what’s wrong with these people who continue to work towards crippling Chicago further. How can people blindly support leaders who actively encourage efforts to make crime easier for the criminal element in their communities?


(Screenshot CPD body cam video during recent shooting of Harith Augustus)

Here is an idea, let’s hold the criminal responsible for the crimes they commit. No more covering up for them. No more blaming the police for shooting the man who pulls a gun from a holster and attempts to shoot the police. No more blaming the police when a young man decides to swallow his illegal gun rather than let the police arrest him.

Do you want my vote and support? Then take a stand against the criminal and back it up with more than words. If not please don’t be surprised when all that is left in this town is victims and offenders.

four-time felon

Shomari Legghette, 44, was charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer on Feb. 13, 2018. (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

I’ve ranted enough for today. As always, I appreciate your response and opinions on this matter.

Stay safe, run low and zigzag,

– Robert Weisskopf (Lt. ret.)