Sick of Being Unhappy? Do Something About It


You do have a choice about your happiness.


If you are mad or pissed off about someone or something right now, you can make the conscious decision to be happy at this very moment. It is a choice, and we make choices all the time.

If you think you can’t be happy right now, then why?

As I get older, I realize that I have given many people the power to irritate me over the years. I still get irritated over people and things, but I don’t let it consume much of my valuable time anymore and you shouldn’t either.

Sick of Being Unhappy? Do Something About It
There’s a number of ways to handle stress from the job. It’s up to you to make the right choices.


And for those of you who are shaking your head saying I have no idea what you are going through, you’re right, I don’t.  We all have to face difficult times like death, the loss of friends, loss of jobs etc. But how long are you going to be upset? Don’t you think it’s time to move on?

I think of the countless times at work when a co-worker or citizen pissed me off. Sometimes I would stay angry for hours and sometimes days. Looking back, I think of how many times I came home to a waiting and loving family only to distance myself from them and stew in my irritation. For years I didn’t notice that the relationships that I treasured so much were eroding right before me and it was largely my fault.

If you are reading this and that is you, then you must change things NOW. Because how you are acting isn’t sustainable, my friend, and it will cost you. In the long run it can cost you your family, your relationships and possibly your overall health.

Here is a simple test – The next time you are around the usual bunch of unhappy people on the job, see if you can find out if they have some sort of exercise regiment. My guess it will be very little to none. You see, happy people take care of themselves and their bodies and, believe it or not, it improves their moods.

I recently had my friend Jason Schechterle on my podcast. If you don’t know who Jason is, he is a retired Phoenix Police Officer who was hit by a motorist while sitting in his patrol car and his patrol car burst into flames. He suffered severe burns to his entire body, but mostly to his neck, face and head areas.

Sick of Being Unhappy? Do Something About It


When I asked Jason how he was doing, he said he was grateful for everything that he had. He then said he was losing his eyesight due to his burns but he was still so happy for everything in his life. When Jason said that, I realized I had no problems and I had no right to complain about anything.

If that doesn’t put things into perspective for you, I don’t know what will. You can check out the show here.

Sick of Being Unhappy? Do Something About It

If you hate your job, leave. If you are in a terrible relationship, then leave. If you are complaining about your weight, do something about it.

No one is going to solve your problems for you. You have the power.

We live in a world now where a lot of people want to be someone else or they are looking for someone else to solve their problems. Take back your power and attitude.

I believe a lot of people have a problem being happy. Law enforcement is an inherently toxic and unhappy environment. This isn’t a dig on the brave men and women who serve, it’s just a fact.  

But you can decide to be happy right now. Why don’t you try?


Sick of Being Unhappy? Do Something About It

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