Police: Suspects open fire outside outside of Houston Police station – second time this month.


HOUSTON, TX – According to police, the Houston Police Department’s substation that’s settled on Mykawa reportedly came under gunfire during the early morning hours of June 23rd. Apparently, this is the second reported incident involving gunfire outside of this very same station recently.

HPD Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed the details of the incident that played out at approximately 12;30 a.m. on June 23rd. The chief stated that no one was wounded during the gunfire, but police were able to locate and detain the suspects believed to be involved in the matter.

Chief Acevedo took to Twitter to note that there was a “AK-47 style rifle” that was recovered during the incident.

Further details on the incident have yet to be revealed, but the HPD is expected to divulge more information.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time that the HPD substation on Mykawa has experienced gunfire in recent times. On June 7th, officers from the station reported that there were gunshots going off outside of the station.

The reported number of rounds fired were believed to be somewhere between 50 or 60, with some of the fired rounds reportedly going directly over the heads of officers.

Despite efforts made by both police helicopters and K9 units, authorities were said to have been unable to locate the suspect or suspects involved in that indecent. Investigators did locate some tire tracks near the bayou that runs south of the station, but weren’t able to locate shell casings from the incident.

Thankfully, no officers or bystanders were reported injured from that incident, which is lucky considering the amount of shots that were alleged to have been fired.

Still, the mere fact that twice in a single month the same police station was subject to gunfire is quite telling of the ramifications of extremist sentiments. During a time where we need police officers more than ever, it also happens to be one of the scariest times to actually be a police officer. 

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Earlier this month, there was a very concerning depiction that cropped up on Houston as well. Needless to say, it serves as another example of the dangerous mindsets that people have been adopting since the riots broke out in May.

There’s been a myriad of instances of vandalism and graffiti that have cropped up during the protests that swept throughout the country.

But one vandalism case depicting a police officer hanging from a noose found on the side of a Houston tattoo shop is very telling of the sentiments of some of these vandals among the protesters.

The disturbing mural was said to be found along the side of the building of 290 Ink in Houston. Apparently, the owner of the tattoo parlor had painted over the alarming depiction of violence upon discovering the graffiti.

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi had a picture of the vandalism, and posted said image to Facebook with the following caption:

“We are better than this Houston. Also, the dirtbag who painted this didn’t even get our uniform shirt right.”

On the post, Gamaldi further noted that while portions of the population are emotional at this time, showcasing images of killing police officers does not meaningfully contribute to the national dialogoue:

“We realize emotions are running high, but this solves nothing and helps nothing. We are very thankful to the owner of this property, who after discovering this hateful graffiti, painted over it immediately. This image does not represent the view of 99.99% of Americans and we will not let hate run our city. We are #HoustonStrong.”

The police union president also mentioned within the post that if anyone has insight as to who might have painted the abhorrent depiction, to please reach out to their Facebook page via Messenger.

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