Shotgun-blasting gunman killed after three officers wounded in Illinois shootout

(Screenshot WGNTV news broadcast)

SOUTH ELGIN, Ill. — A shotgun-blasting gunman was killed after three officers were wounded in an Illinois Independence Day shootout.

Police shot and killed a man after he opened fire on negotiators early Wednesday, police said, ending an armed standoff that began when he wounded three officers responding to a call of shots fired in a South Elgin condo building, reported WGNTV.

Neighbor Samantha Point said she knew it wasn’t fireworks when she heard as many as a dozen shots fired before 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Initially, patrol officers rushed to the 300 block of WoodRidge Circle. They were reportedly greeted by vulgarities and threats from 52-year-old Frank Dripps. Moreover, following his verbal tirade, he opened fire with a shotgun, according to the report.

shotgun-blasting gunman
(Screenshot WGNTV news broadcast)

South Elgin Police Sgt. Mike Doty said three officers were hit by gunfire. The sergeant indicated each officer suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Police didn’t initially return fire. However, about a dozen area police departments and two SWAT teams responded to the scene.

After setting up a perimeter around the building, police evacuated nearby residents from their homes, Doty said.

The scene became a standoff.

Armed with a scoped rifle and a shotgun, police say Dripps barricaded himself inside a stairwell and was yelling vulgarities at police, saying he would, “shoot officers if they came at him.”

Crisis negotiators attempted to talk him down throughout the four-hour standoff, during which police say he raised the weapons to his shoulder “off and on.”

After retreating to his condo unit, police say the 52-year-old came charging out opening fire on police around 2:30 a.m. Hence, a SWAT team returned fire, and Dripps was struck. As a result, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Doty said no one else was inside the condo during the standoff.

Dripps and his wife began renting the condo a few months ago and were “down on their luck,” the son of the condo’s owner, Matthew Horne, told The Courier-News. Horne said Dripps asked residents of the building to take care of his wife before the standoff began.

“He said a bunch of weird stuff … and then went into his room and came out with the guns,” Horne said.

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