Folcroft Police Officer Chris Dorman is ready to return to duty this week after he has incredibly recovered from being shot seven times.

The Folcroft Police Department announced it on Twitter:

Dorman, 25, was shot while responding to a call for someone smoking marijuana. He went to check it out in the back of an apartment building located just a block from the Folcroft Police Department.

Dorman said that the suspect almost immediately punched him after he approached him and then opened fire hitting him in the face and chest area.

The alleged gunman, Donte Brooks Island is supposed to be in prison at the time of the incident but he had stopped reporting to his parole officer. He also missed five scheduled drug tests. After his capture, Island was arraigned on attempted murder and other charges and held on bail of $1 million.

Dorman was struck four times in the chest, once in the face, once in the groin and once in the leg, officials said.

He got help from Patrolman Dave DePietro who arrived in seconds and exchanged gunfire with Island.

According to Folcroft Chief of Police Robert Ruskowski, the doctors said that Dorman was lucky that he had his bulletproof vest on,  any one of those rounds that hit his vest could have been fatal.

Dorman and another officer received a Commendations for Valor last month for acts of courage without regard for their own personal safety while battling with an armed gunman who was trying to kill them.

During his recovery, Dorman was honored by the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park and received numerous get well wishes on Facebook posts, and tweets, including a phone call from country singer Kenny Chesney. The call was an apology from music star for mistakenly telling fans at a concert in Camden that Dorman had died. We all remember that honest mistake.

Donte Island remains in jail this time and faces charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. A hearing in his case is planned later this month.

After his release from the hospital, Dorman thanked his supporters and fellow officers, telling reporters he feels “good” and is “ready to get back to work.”

Officer Chris Dorman you are our hero and we all wish you well.

Photo Courtesy of Folcroft Police Department Facebook Page