Shoplifters walking into stores, filling bags, walking out of stores in San Francisco. ‘Criminal justice reform.’


Shoplifters are being caught on camera walking in… cleaning out stores… and just walking right out.  (Video below.)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has made it clear that prosecuting criminals is low on his priority list and criminals are taking notice. So-called “low-level” crime is out of control in the city by the bay. 

Boudin is one of a number of radicals that were elected to the office of district attorney across the country, helped in no small part by radical billionaire George Soros money. Krasner in Philadelphia and Rachael Rollins in Suffolk County (Boston, MA) are other examples of out of control district attorneys who have turned their communities into the Wild West.

In the case of Boudin, it seems like every other day there is a story about some bizarre, off-the-wall policy he has implemented or decision he has made.

Last month, Boudin suspended the prosecution of a man who attacked a San Francisco police officer with a liquor bottle, forcing police to use deadly physical force on him. The criminal survived his injuries, however Boudin implied that there was a possibility that the officer(s) could be charged in the case. This sparked outrage from the San Francisco police union.

Last week, Boudin announced that his office would no longer prosecute people who were charged with offenses emanating from pretextual searches related to traffic stops. In other words, if someone was stopped for a traffic violation and was found to be in possession of drugs or weapons, those charges would not be prosecuted.

Boudin also said that his office would no longer use status-based sentencing enhancements, such as gang-affiliation status or prior strikes, also referred to many times as “three strikes” enhancements.

Boudin said:

“Pretextual stops and sentencing enhancements based on who you know rather than what you did are relics of the tough-on-crime era that failed to make us safer.”

The San Francisco Police Association blasted Boudin. In a statement, SFPOA President Tony Montoya said:

“In his short tenure, Chesa Boudin has demonstrated that he is a clear and present danger to the law-abiding residents, businesses and visitors of San Francisco. Get pulled over and have an illegal handgun or AR-15? No problem, Boudin will throw out your case. Have 10 pounds of meth all in small plastic bags ready for sale? No problem, Boudin will throw your case out too.”

“It’s unconscionable that Boudin would let someone with an illegal gun go free, only to allow them the opportunity to arm themselves again. Chesa Boudin is emboldening criminals and we are all going to pay a steep price for this absurd practice.”

Boudin has also refused to prosecute so-called “low level” crimes such as shoplifting, and in January announced that he was basically putting an end to cash bail.

Instead of asking judges to set cash bail as a condition of release prior to trial, Boudin’s office will conduct a “risk assessment” to decide whether or not a defendant is likely to skip court or poses a threat to public safety. Boudin promised during his campaign for DA last year that this was a priority, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“For years I’ve been fighting to end this discriminatory and unsafe approach to pretrial detention,” Boudin said. “From this point forward, pretrial detention will be based on public safety, not on wealth.”

Boudin of course was born to Weather Underground terrorists, both of whom were convicted of murder, and who were also involved with the Black Liberation Army, another terrorist organization.

While his parents were locked up for their crimes, he was raised by infamous terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, also members of the Weather Underground. This obviously shaped the left-wing radical ideology that Boudin embraces.

While Boudin’s decisions have played well with the America-hating, left wing wackos, some criminal justice experts in California told the Washington Free Beacon that Boudin’s policies, especially the policy related to no-cash bail was outside of his discretion and also predicted that they would leave the city in a petty crime crisis.

How prophetic.

KPRC in San Francisco reports that since Boudin made theft under $950 a misdemeanor, and police no longer even bother to arrest people for shoplifting, criminals have taken notice. As they said, “if you tell people they won’t get arrested for stealing, it’s like a free pass to go ‘shopping’”

Below, San Francisco thugs decide to go “shopping” at a Walgreens:

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Shoplifters walking into stores, filling bags, walking out of stores in San Francisco.  'Criminal justice reform.'

Here is a little bit more of what is going on in San Francisco. 

Who would have thought that when you decriminalize certain acts, or greatly reduce prosecutions of certain crimes, that in turn more crimes of the ilk would be committed?

That’s exactly what is going on in San Francisco, California, as prosecutors are not accepting several cases involving vehicular break-ins and thefts in the city.

On a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, San Francisco Police Lt. Tracy McCray and City Journal contributor Erica Sandberg explained what’s going on in the city due to liberal policies and progressive ideals.

Lt. Tracy McCray was as blunt and straightforward as one could be, detailing the kinds of crimes that would only get you a citation in the city of San Francisco.

When asked about an assortment of crimes from theft, burglary, and even cases where one would expose themselves in public, McCray said that they’d just get a citation. McCray delved into the frustration of handling the various cases and bringing them to the prosecutor’s office:

“They make the decision whether [criminal cases] will get charged or not and most of the time, it’s like ‘Nope, not charged. Nope, not charged.’”

So, you wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that property crime have soared within the city, with the FBI listing that San Francisco has the highest per-capita rate of property crimes among America’s 20 most populous cities.

According to a tracker that was published by the San Francisco Chronicle, there was an average of 66 “smash-and-grab” car thefts each day reported in December.

However, there’s several that likely don’t get reported, and now even police are becoming victims of these kinds of crimes. McCray stated:

“Our car windows got busted. I didn’t bother making a report.”

Erica Sandberg, who lives in San Francisco has written and reported lengthily on the city’s worsening street circumstances stated:

“Just ask anybody. You know it. We feel it. Crime is really out of control. Whether it’s property crime or even violent crime, it’s scary.”

When the interviewer was driving more into the details of specific crimes that often go unpunished, he specified instances like smoking crack on the street, pimping and prostituting, even someone stealing a PlayStation from a store.

McCray simply kept repeating that the accused would only get a citation. The police lieutenant explained that it’s creating a revolving door for criminals:

“We make these arrests and we get the evidence. We get a solid report. We hand it off. I could come back from my days off and they’re back out on the street.”

The first entry into a series looking into the detriment of the city, Tucker Carlson Tonight producers filmed dope dealers openly conducting business on populated streets.

In areas like the South of Market neighborhood, one could find apartments costing nearly $4,000 a month while seeing an array of used needles on the sidewalks right outside their dwellings. Those needles are likely compliments of the city’s programs that give away free syringes to drug addicts to avoid the spread of HIV and other bloodborne diseases.

Sandberg noted on what started out as a noble effort by the city, has become what is also bringing the city to ruins:

“Nobody wants to have somebody get HIV or [Hepatitis] C, but the unintended consequence is insanity, which is what that is.”

The problems that have plagued the city can be attributed to two elements, California’s Proposition 47 and the city’s new prosecutor Chesa Boudin. Prop 47 aided in reducing penalties for many drug-related and property crimes, transitioning what were once felonies into simple misdemeanors.

That also included allowing theft up to $950 to be considered a misdemeanor. If those measures weren’t bad enough, there’s Boudin who swore to end cash bail and also decriminalize “quality of life crimes”.

For those unfamiliar with what a “quality of life crime” is, they’re offenses like panhandling, aggressive begging, public urination, prostitution, being part of a gang, public consumption of alcohol, and doing drugs on the streets.

The San Francisco Police Officer’s Association heavily opposed Boudin’s run for prosecutor, which McCray is a member of the association. Still, Boudin secured the election and now the city is only going to get worse.

McCray even mentioned that the ritzier portions of town have fallen:

“Even in what we would consider our nicer areas, going down to the marina, the North Beach area, just walking through is like a minefield because you never know what’s coming around the corner.”

Great job California, for managing to ruin what was once a beautiful city.

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