SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida man is in custody after authorities say he dragged a deputy nearly 100 yards during a traffic stop.

Video captured by the deputy’s body-worn camera and cruiser dash-cam shows the deputy having a calm conversation about the legality of window tints with the man during the traffic stop. 

But it quickly escalated. 

What started as a routine traffic stop turned into a frightening ride for this deputy. (SCSO)


What started as a routine traffic stop ended with a massive cooperative effort to place Rocky Rudolph Jr. in jail. According to the story from WESH News, the deputy pulled Rudolph over for a window tint violation. Rudolph’s windows were darker than the legal limit, and while the deputy explained that, he reportedly noticed the smell of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

As Rudolph tried to throw the car into gear, the deputy drew his weapon. (SCSO)



The deputy asked Rudolph to turn off the car, but instead, he began getting upset. He told the deputy that he didn’t posses a medical marijuana card and refused to turn off the engine.

A statement from Sheriff Dennis Lemma noted that Rudolph became aggressive and combative, yelling at the officer and lunging at the deputy’s drawn firearm. He then shifted the car into ‘Drive’ and took off with the deputy hanging on for dear life.

The video released to the public shows the moments that Rudolph takes off in the SUV as the deputy clings to the side, standing on the runner boards and holding on with his one free hand.

Other cars can be seen on the roadway as the deputy and Rudolph shoot down the onramp. Eventually Rudolph swerves and throws the deputy off the side of his vehicle. 

Rudolph begins to flee with the deputy clinging on. (SCSO)

Authorities said that Rudolph continued to flee in the SUV before climbing out and jumping a fence into a residential area. Multiple agencies from Seminole County joined in the chase to take Rudolph into custody. 

The deputy was eventually thrown from the vehicle as Rudolph fled the scene. (SCSO)

Rudolph was spotted jumping into a vehicle that was reportedly being driven by his daughter. Police surrounded the vehicle and apprehended the suspect without further incident. You can watch the full video below.

TERRIFYING MOMENTS: A Seminole County deputy was dragged 100 yards toward I-4 after being grabbed by someone fleeing a traffic stop. The incident was captured on the deputy's body and dash cameras. FULL STORY:

Posted by WESH 2 News on Saturday, June 29, 2019


Authorities found a gun inside Rudolph’s vehicle along with another firearm that he allegedly threw into the bushes while he was fleeing. 

“This is a bad dude, who who almost killed one of our sheriff’s deputies on the side of the road,” Sheriff Lemma said.

Rocky Rudolph Jr. (SCSO)


Rudolph is facing multiple felony charges for his actions.

The unnamed deputy was reported in good condition, despite the intensity of the incident he went through.