PAULDING COUNTY, GEORGIA – The $10,000 cash reward offered to catch the culprit who shot the Douglas County sheriff’s home was doubled, the organization said Wednesday.

Sheriff Phil Miller said the deadline set for the original reward, Dec 31, the date when he will leave office, does not apply anymore as candidates for succession gave assurance the reward money will be given even after that date.

The initial $10,000 reward money was offered by Sheriff Phil Miller while the additional reward came from contributions.

A detailed update on the additional reward contributions and deadline was posted by Sheriff Miller on the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia) Facebook page:

REWARD UPDATE from Sheriff Phil Miller!

Re: REWARD. A person posted on Facebook that there is no way to get an arrest and conviction by Dec. 31, 2016. He was absolutely right. So, I called both Sheriff candidates and they both guaranteed that the reward would be paid after I am gone. In addition Douglasville Police Chief Gary Sparks called and added $5000.00 to the reward, Larry Watson of the Watson Foundation committed $2500. Sheriff Neil Warren of Cobb County Sheriff’s Office also intends to contribute. This brings the total to over $20,000.00. Many thanks to all of you. None of this money is tax dollars!

Sheriff Phil Miller

The drive-by shooting occurred Monday night in Paulding County where the deputy and his family reside. Fortunately, there was no one home when the shooting occurred, but the unnamed deputy was in the area and heard the gunshots. He did not realize he was the victim until he got home. Several bullet holes were found and there’s one round that lodged in a bed, according to Miller.

Screenshot of deputy sheriff's home

Screenshot of deputy sheriff’s home. Source: 11alive news video

No shell casings were recovered. “It could have been a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol,” Detective Tyler McSwain told 11alive. “It was shot from inside the car where the casings won’t exit the vehicle.”

“Whoever shot at that deputy’s house probably knew that it was a deputy, for a very simple reason. His marked patrol car was sitting in the yard.” Miller said.

“We’re not going to hide from you, but if you hurt us or try to hurt us, we’re going to come for you,” Miller said. “Investigators would “spare no expense or resource until you are caught.”

He continued, “I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that the people who work for me and people that wear the badge are protected.”

A neighbor, Freddie Wiley, told 11alive that it angers him to have this kind of violence hit so close to home. “No matter how far I try to get away from it or how much people get together and try to do the right thing, there’s always somebody over there that’s going to be stupid.”

Wiley hopes justice is served, but until that happens, he’ll be more vigilant. “I’m going to keep my eyes open and if I hear something I’ll go to the sheriff’s department.”

The unnamed deputy returned to work Tuesday. Douglas County said they will make sure his home is closely guarded.

As the incident comes amid growing tension between police and citizens nationwide, Sheriff Miller left a very important message: “Killing cops is not the way to get your message across. If we’re going to succeed in this country, it’s got to be together, not apart.”

Police are still searching for information and anyone who can help is asked to contact the Douglas or Paulding County Sheriff’s Office.

Photo Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia)