More trouble for embattled sheriff who failed to disclose he was tried for murder as a teen – may have been a violent repeat offender


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Ninety-nine Problems, but telling the truth apparently is not one of them.

Current Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony is no stranger to the pages of Law Enforcement Today. Very few of the pieces we have run on him have been positive.

Most allude to the allegations of misconduct and corruption. Now, his past his coming back to rear its ugly head. New details are emerging from his time growing up in Philadelphia. A stabbing victim claimed that Tony was present when he was attacked.

The sheriff recently went through a panel hearing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as they determine whether his past transgressions of failing to disclose past criminal activity and arrests as well as being accused of lying on multiple state documents, are enough to strip him of all state law enforcement certifications.

Turns out, it could be.

Tony still has the ability to request a full panel hearing in hopes of being found innocent of wrongdoing. But recent revelations shared with the commission may leave him facing a very real possibility of Governor Ron DeSantis removing him from office.

Should that occur, Tony would be the second consecutive Broward County Sheriff to be removed by the governor.

One of the documents that the panel pointed to in their decision included the sworn affidavit he signed as part of his application process where he claimed he never had a criminal record sealed or expunged. Turned out that was a lie.

As a 14-year-old, he shot and killed a man.

In that 1993 case, Tony claimed he killed him in self-defense and was acquitted in juvenile court, where records of the case were sealed, according to a Philadelphia police report.

“When I was 14 years old, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood in North Philadelphia known as the Badlands, filled with gun violence, drugs and gang activity, I had to shoot an armed man in self-defense.

The juvenile justice system reviewed my actions and concluded there was no crime and cleared my name,” Tony said, according to RedBroward

Tony’s account of the shooting was disputed by the victim’s girlfriend, who said he was unarmed, and the shooting came about after an argument between he and Tony.

She and other witnesses claimed that Hector “Chino” Rodriguez was unarmed, and that Tony shot him multiple times, including two shots to the back of the head.

To complicate Tony’s story further, another man was in the hospital where Rodriguez was taken for treatment before he died.

Turns out, Tito Castillo claims that he was stabbed by a drug dealer named Jackie Davis.

According to an 89-page document that the FDLE has in their possession, Philadelphia Homicide detectives interviewed Castillo.

He claimed that Davids attacked him over an alleged drug-related debt.

When asked why Davis stabbed him, he said:

“Because he said that I have $20 of his. I don’t have $20 of his.”

This led to a further line of questioning regarding Rodriguez and Tony.

Detectives asked if he knew either man.

He said that he had known Rogriguez for six years and Tony for five.

Police asked if Tony was friends with Davis.

“Yes, he is.” 

The questions continued. Did Tony or Rodriguez witness Davis stab Castillo?

“Yes. They were both there.”

So, just a few hours before Gregory Tony shot and killed Rodriguez, he was allegedly at the scene of another violent crime.

RedBroward is asking the same questions that many Broward County residents are asking about their sheriff in the midst of possibly being removed from office over numerous allegations of fraud, corruption and bid-fixing.

“Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony have any involvement in drug trafficking in the Philadelphia ‘Badlands’ in the early 1990s?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony accompany Jackie Davis to collect a drug debt from Tito Castillo?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony witness Jackie Davis stab Tito Castillo over a $20 drug debt?

Was Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony a close friend or associate of Jackie Davis?”

The people have the right to know if their sheriff has a past that includes drug dealing and murder. Law Enforcement today will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

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99 Problems: Embattled Florida sheriff now being investigated by the FBI over fraud, kickbacks, bid-rigging

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Law Enforcement Today recently brought you the story of the alleged ethical violations of Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, who is looking at the possibility of having his law enforcement certification revoked by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Now, he is the subject of an FBI probe into his alleged involvement in fraud, kickbacks and bid-rigging.

And the FBI Special Agent in Charge is no longer in charge. He is also no longer an agent.

George Piro retired on June 17th after 23 years with the Bureau. He was in his second stint running the Miami office.

According to sources not identified by the website Florida Bulldog, Piro retired because he was being “shown the door” over his handling of the Tony probe.

The source said that a subordinate filed a complaint after Piro moved the bid-rigging investigation from the Miami office to South Carolina, where it was stalled and going nowhere.

While neither Piro nor the FBI responded to phone calls or emails seeking comments, a source discussed a meeting from last year where Piro allegedly told agents that he moved the investigation for two reasons.

“…he was not going to be responsible for the arrest of Broward’s first black sheriff, and that such an arrest would ruin the FBI’s relationship with the sheriff’s office, with which it frequently works,” the website wrote.

Piro, who is the FBI agent that interrogated Saddam Hussein, also is reported to have said in that meeting that Tony was “responsible for sending $50,000 each to the families of two FBI agents who were killed while serving a search warrant at a Sunrise apartment on Feb. 2, 2021.”

With Piro’s retirement, control of the probe has shifted back to Miami.

That probe into Tony stem from the following “multi-faceted” activities.

In 2019, Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) purchased a large quantity of bleeding control stations from North American Rescue. They are a Greer, South Carolina-based company where Tony worked prior to becoming Sheriff, according to the Florida Bulldog.

He held the position of Director of Community Development.

Ironically, there is no mention of that employment on his LinkedIn profile.

What does show is the time between October 2015 and December 2018, when he and his wife, Holly, started a company called Blue Spear Solutions, which partners with and sells North American Rescue gear, to include the bleeding control stations that are at the heart of the FBI investigation.

The BSO purchased more that 850 of the stations for an approximate total of $512,000.

He also announced plans to distribute roughly 12,000 of the kits to all public and charter schools in the county.

In September of that year, Tony held a press conference to announce the purchase of the control stations, displaying the purchased bags with his name and the BSO logo on them.

He took the time to mention that Blue Spear Solutions was not involved in the bidding process and that he had no ties to his wife’s company. To confirm that, we reached out to the email address provided for Tony at Blue Spear. It came back as undeliverable.

Tony said he distanced himself and the BSO by putting the contract out for public bid. He claimed that North American Rescue just happened to be the better priced solution out of the 10 groups that bid on the opportunity.

However, there were problems with the process Tony alluded to that contradicted what he was claiming.

Per the Bulldog:

“BSO bid records, however, show there were nine bidders, but some of North American’s eight competitors were not actual competitors.

For example, Henry Schein Inc. is a Fortune 500 distributor of healthcare products. Its per unit bid was about $100 more than North American’s. But Henry Schein acquired North American Rescue for an undisclosed price in March 2019 – four months before BSO’s bid went out.

Both North American and Henry Schein may have violated the terms of a non-collusion certificate required to be dated and signed by bidders. The certificates include language in which bidders aver that they ‘are not related to any of the other parties in the competitive solicitation.'”

Law Enforcement Today has obtained an April 2018 email from Gregory Tony sent from his Blue Spear Solutions account.

In it, he discussed how valuable a tool the bleed control kits were, allowing Coral Springs PD to save 14 lives of the 20 victims that they treated with the devices, which included tourniquets, combat gauze, chest seals, and trauma dressings.

The source who provided the email also disclosed conversations they had with Tony before he became the sheriff of Broward County.

In one of those conversations, Tony stated that he offered to give a large quantity of the bleed-control kits to the Broward Public School system, but that offer was turned down by Superintendent Robert Runcie.

As sheriff, Tony appears steadfast in his determination to ensure that the schools in Broward County are equipped.

What isn’t apparent is how he was ready to provide them for free but now he wants to buy them on the taxpayer’s dime and then give them away. And why did he delete his time with the manufacturer from LinkedIn? And why does he have a pattern of hiding/not disclosing vital details from his past?

Law Enforcement Today is continuing to vet out information we receive regarding the potential missteps by Tony in the events that have led to the FBI probe and will provide updates as we have those to share.

State law enforcement administrators looking to decertify Florida sheriff after he potentially perjured himself

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Back in February, we brought you the story of Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony and the lies he told on his application to get into a law enforcement role.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement ruled that Tony had indeed lied when he failed to disclose an arrest, trial and subsequently acquittal for murder in 1993, when Tony was only 14. The acquittal came after Tony’s self-defense argument could not be proven wrong by prosecutors. The case was closed and expunged by order of the court.

Now, a panel within the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training (CJS&T) commission are determining if there is enough probable cause to potentially strip the sheriff of his law enforcement certifications.

Such a move by the commission would only remove his ability to act in a law enforcement capacity, such as making arrests. As an elected official, Tony could still serve as Sheriff of Broward County, but he could not get hired on to any other state or local agencies in Florida to serve in a law enforcement role.

Tony was appointed Broward County Sheriff by Governor Ron DeSantis after Scott Israel was removed by the governor over his handling of the Parkland school massacre on Valentine’s Day 2018. pointed out the potential embarrassment the decertifying could bring for DeSantis in a reelection effort as Florida governor, or a potential White House run in 2024.

The website also reported that it isn’t just the job applications that got Tony into hot water with investigators.

The sheriff’s name is on a list of 76 members of law enforcement in the Sunshine state who are facing cases that question their moral character for offenses that transpired between March of 2002 and February of 2019.

“Florida Bulldog has learned that the CJS&T action is the result of a complaint filed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Inspector Keith Riddick. Riddick investigated Tony for a variety of suspected crimes rooted in lies the sheriff has told over the years.

In July 2021, Riddick wrote a 20-page report recommending that Tony by prosecuted for, among other things, felony perjury for making a false statement when applying for a replacement Florida driver’s license.

The two-year FDLE probe found that Tony lied repeatedly about his past when applying for law-enforcement jobs and training, including keeping secret his 1993 arrest for murder in Philadelphia when he was 14. Tony, who was later acquitted in juvenile court, declined to be interviewed by FDLE agents.”

While many of the offenses being looked at by the panel are beyond the statute of limitations for prosecution, they still lend credence to his moral character and his continued fitness to serve in a capacity that requires trustworthiness, integrity and high moral character.

One of the events in question occurred less than one month after being appointed sheriff.

In 2019, as well as the previous date in 2002, Tony allegedly lied on his state application to renew a driver’s license.

When asked, in both instances, if his “driving privilege [had] ever been revoked, suspended or denied in any state?” Tony answered “no.”

The truth of the matter is that his Pennsylvania license had been suspended on more than one occasion.

A two-year probe into Tony’s character was led by FDLE’s Keith Riddick, whose recommended that charges of felony perjury be brought against the sheriff.

Tony has said very little on the matter. Whether it was the license applications or the failure to disclose the arrest and trial for murder, Tony refused to be interviewed by Riddick’s team. What remains to be seen is exactly what the panel or the full commission choose to do.

Another potentially damning document has also surfaced.

In January 2020, Tony signed an FDLE affidavit that swearing, under oath that he had never had a criminal record sealed or expunged.

Four months later, he revealed in an email interview with the Florida Bulldog, that he had “shot and killed Hector ‘Chino’ Rodriguez on a sidewalk on May 4, 1993.

The affidavit that he signed states that “intentional omission” or “false execution…shall constitute a misdemeanor of the second degree and disqualify the officer for employment as an officer.”

Law Enforcement Today will continue to follow this case, which should be decided in August, and provide updates.

For more on Sheriff Gregory Tony and the battle he is facing, we invite you to


Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Democrat sheriff lied multiple times on official documents

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Current Democratic Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony has been involved in an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for the past year and a half.

That investigation has concluded and FLDE is reporting that the Sheriff lied multiple times in the past on official documents.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) began their investigation while Sheriff Tony was running for election in 2020 and news broke of his arrest for murder in 1993 when he was 14 years old.

He was arrested and tried for shooting a man several times but was acquitted. The courts ordered the case to be sealed and expunged.

While it is true the Sheriff was arrested and acquitted for murder, according to FDLE, it is also true that he lied on his applications to become a police officer when he never mentioned it.

FDLE also noted that they have probable cause to believe that Sheriff Tony not only lied about being arrested, but committed several others as well.

FDLE noted that Tony lied numerous times on his application to become a police officer in Coral Springs before being appointed as the Broward Sheriff. Those that were noted by FDLE are when he answered no to the following questions:

“Have you ever participated in any undetected crimes?
“Have you ever handled hallucinogens?
“List the time and dates you have personally used hallucinogens.
“Have you ever handled any other illegal drugs (Ecstasy, prescriptions, etc.)?
“List all moving violations you have had in the last seven years.
“Have you ever been arrested?
“Have you ever been arrested, received a notice to appear, been charged, convicted, pleaded Nollo Contedere, or pleaded guilty to any criminal violation?”

Although FDLE has found cause that Tony committed a crime when he lied on those official documents, including when he ran for Sheriff, they are unable to move forward with prosecution because the statute of limitations has expired.

In a memo, FDLE Agent Keith Riddick wrote:

“Although it appears that Tony knowingly and willfully [mislead] public servants in the performance of their official duties by making false statements in writing on his official applications (regarding his traffic citation, drug use, and arrest history)…a criminal prosecution of these actions would be negated.”

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who appointed Tony as Broward Sheriff after suspending then terminating the last one, has not made a public decision on his future as Sheriff.

Rather, Governor DeSantis has promised that there will be a deep dive into anything Tony has done while in law enforcement. When asked about the investigation on February 1st, Governor DeSantis said:

“We’re going to review everything…in the coming days.”

FDLE will send its investigative report to the Florida Commission on Ethics for review. If, after review, the Ethics Commission finds probable cause the case would be slated for a full hearing before an administrative law judge.

If that judge were to find probable cause that Tony did commit law and ethics violations, regardless if he can be prosecuted, he could face discipline ranging from a recommendation Governor DeSantis remove him up to a $10,000 fine per allegation.

Tony’s troubles started when ousted Broward Sheriff Scott Israel decided to run against him for the position in 2020. A political committee that was raising campaign money on Israel’s behalf hired a private investigator, Mike Fisten, who found the information.

When Fisten concluded his investigation, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as well as the Broward State Attorney’s Office. The Broward State Attorneys Office then forwarded the complaint over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

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Florida governor ramps up criminal investigation into far-left sheriff (who killed a man when he was a kid and lied)

On Jan. 7, 2020, Broward County (FL) Sheriff Gregory Tony signed a sworn affidavit with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in which he swore as false:

I had a criminal record sealed or expunged.

Unfortunately for Tony, that apparently was a lie.

Florida governor ramps up criminal investigation into far-left sheriff (who killed a man when he was a kid and lied)

Sheriff Gregory Tony FDLE screenshot

According to a report in Florida Bulldog this past May, Tony signed the FDLE affidavit in which he declared under oath he never “had a criminal record sealed or expunged.”

That report came after a Bulldog story from four days earlier reporting Tony, as a 14-year-old living in Philadelphia, shot and killed a man in 1993.

Now it has been revealed that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a confidential executive order whereby he transferred the FDLE’s case against Tony to the State Attorney’s Office in Fort Myers.

His decision to do so was based on the apparent reluctance of Broward County State Attorney Harold Pryor’s apparent reluctance to file felony and other charges against Tony, which was recommended by FDLE.

In the 1993 case, Tony claimed he killed the man in self-defense and was acquitted in juvenile court, where records of the case were sealed, according to a Philadelphia police report obtained by the outlet.

Tony’s account of the shooting was disputed by the victim’s girlfriend, who said he was unarmed and the shooting came about after an argument between he and Tony.

Just one year ago, a political rival filed a civil lawsuit against Tony claiming that as a convicted felon, Tony was ineligible to run for office. FDLE inspector Keith Riddick confirmed an investigation was taking place, however at the time, the accusation went unproven and the case was dismissed.

Riddick acknowledged that FDLE had an active investigation into the allegations Tony had possibly falsified required affidavits concerning “his sworn law enforcement status and/or falsified official law enforcement employment applications. The status of FDLE’s investigation remains ongoing as to Plaintiff’s allegations as well as other undisclosed matters that will remain confidential.”

Riddick’s affidavit continued that the FDLE was waiting on subpoenas directed “to certain Government Agencies with the State of Pennsylvania requesting disclosure of official court records, law enforcement agency files and criminal arrest records pertaining to Gregory Tony. Said subpoenas were issued by the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.”

The initial investigation started under former Broward State Attorney Michael Satz, who decided not to run for reelection. It was then handed off to Pryor when he assumed the office this past January.

Months went by without action on FDLE’s recommendation that Tony face prosecution, which led the FDLE to enter complaints with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who forwarded the complaints to DeSantis, according to sources.

DeSantis had appointed Tony as sheriff in January 2019, and then ordered the case be transferred to State Attorney Amira Fox, who oversees Florida’s 20th judicial district which encompasses Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties. In turn, Fox has assigned the matter to Assistant State Attorney Anthony Kunasek, head of the office’s special prosecution unit.

Florida Bulldog reached out to Kunasek, who said he could not provide any information at this time.

A spokesperson for Pryor, Paula McMahon also refused to provide additional details, referring the outlet to the governor’s office she wrote in response to an emailed question about the governor’s possible explanation for transferring the case.

McMahon said, “In other words, if any such records existed they would be confidential.”

Lying on his FDLE application isn’t the only problem plaguing Tony.

In April, Florida Bulldog reported he is under investigation by the FBI under allegations of bid rigging, fraud and kickbacks relative to the Broward Sheriff’s Office purchase of bleeding control stations from North American Rescue, a South Carolina company where Tony worked prior to becoming sheriff.

At least three sources confirmed the existence of the FBI investigation after the FBI interviewed them about the case.

However a source familiar with the FBI probe said it was stalled due to “internal interference,” believed to be from the FBI’s special agent in charge, George Piro, however no additional details were available.

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