Now THIS is a warrior.

The sheriff in Hardin County, Texas has says one of his deputies was shot in the face with a crossbow and was still able to return fire and end the threat.

It happened Thursday morning.  Police say the deputy was dispatched along with a Spindletop Center crisis worker to a home in the 30,000 block of Old Sour Lake Road at about 10:45 a.m. The call came after the man’s family called for help from the mental health division at the sheriff’s office.

Police say that while they were communicating with the man, he walked out of the home armed with a crossbow and shot the deputy, hitting him above the left eye.

The deputy returned fire, shooting the man.

The deputy was rushed to a Southeast Texas hospital.  Police say he was conscious and alert when he was en route.  He’s since been released from the hospital and Hardin County Sheriff Mark Davis said he’s recovering.

The man who shot him is 38-year-old Taylor Kyle Shackelford.  He was also conscious and was flown by medical helicopter from the scene at Highway 105 and Old Sour Lake Road to a Southeast Texas hospital. 

He’s now listed in stable condition and is under custody of law enforcement at the hospital, according to the sheriff.

Shackelford is now facing charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer.  The sheriff says that’s a first degree felony warrant which was issued by Hardin County Justice of the Peace Chris Ingram.

The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation.

Also this week, authorities in California have released surveillance video of the deputy-involved shooting death of a man who reportedly attempted to use his car to harm officers.

The footage shows the moments when deputies open fire on 24-year-old Ryan Twyman, fatally wounding him. 

Deputies were searching for Ryan Twyman in connection with felony weapons violations. (LACSD)


It began as an attempt to take Twyman into custody for felony weapons violations.

Two sheriff’s deputies who were searching for Twyman went to an apartment complex in the 13100 block of South San Pedro Street about 7:30 p.m. June 6, where they located Twyman in the driver’s seat of a Kia Forte and another man in the passenger seat of the car parked in the south parking lot of the complex, Cmdr. April Tardy said.

When the deputies approached Twyman’s car with their guns drawn, the engine can be seen turning on. As one deputy attempts to pull open the driver door, the other has the rear passenger door open and is forced back as the car begins to move backward.

The deputies approach Twyman’s car with their weapons drawn. (LACSD)

Twyman reversed the Kia back and to the right toward the deputy on the passenger side, striking that deputy and briefly knocking him off-balance, the sheriff’s commander said.

“At that time, both deputies fired their service pistols at Mr. Twyman in order to stop him from seriously injuring the deputy” on the passenger side of the vehicle, Cmdr. Tardy said.

The deputies fired a total of 34 shots during the encounter. (LACSD)


As the Kia backs up in a looping motion, striking another pole in the lot, one of the deputies can be seen retrieving his service rifle from the cruiser. The deputies continue to fire at Twyman. 

The footage shows the deputies firing a total of 34 rounds. When emergency crews arrived on scene, Twyman was reportedly pronounced dead from gunshot wounds to his upper body. 

The footage that was released to the public can be seen here. [Viewer discretion is advised.]




According to the commander’s statement, the passenger inside the vehicle was not injured and was later released. 

“The deputies involved in the shooting are assigned to administrative duties pending outcome of the investigation,” Tardy said. Neither deputy reported any injuries.

Initial statements from the sheriff’s office do not indicate whether or not Twyman was in possession of any weapons at the time of the incident.

“There are no circumstances that would justify shooting into a car unless there is an active gunfight going on,” Attorney Brian Dunn said. Dunn is representing the Twyman’s family.

A representative of the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP said Twyman was a father of three and “was not a gang member, was not a criminal, and if he was, we would have heard.”

This investigation is ongoing. Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring you updates as more information becomes available to the public.