Sheriff Putting Inmates in Nike Shirts – Just Do It

Another day … another group of people needing something to be indignant about.

Check this out. The Union County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas has triggered a bunch of “community activists” after allegedly dressing up inmates in Nike shirts for their mug shots.

According to a local civil rights activist in the area, the officers have been handing out shirts to the inmates for their mug shot.

Smile for the camera. Really – just do it.

The issue was raised when Shaun King, the activist, posted a picture of 12 inmates wearing Nike shirts with a caption that read, “putting Nike t-shirts on people they arrest and making them wear them during mugshots. Source says it is to mock Nike and Colin Kaepernick. Disgusting.”

Nike shirts

(Screenshot WCMH-TV broadcast)

Of course he had nothing to say about Kaepernick wearing pig socks to mock police.


The department in question has yet to make a public comment.

Mississippi cops dump Nike

The Nike logo has been tarnished in the eyes of most law enforcement officers based upon Nike’s embrace of anti-law enforcement figure, Colin Kaepernick. (Pixabay)

Here’s my take …

What are we really arguing about here? It’s not like the officers in question are taking AWAY clothes.

There’s no mistreatment of the prisoners.

And this obviously isn’t a racial thing. The image clearly shows both black and white inmates.

Seems like another social justice warrior just out to make waves in the constant onslaught against law enforcement. For all we know, the inmates ripped their previous shirts while resisting arrest and the Nike stuff was the only thing available for them to wear, because no cops seem to want to wear it.

And if it turns out they ARE doing it as a joke … well … ‘merica.

– Kyle Reyes