Border county sheriff demands Fauci, Biden visit southern border: ‘We’re going to end up being a fourth world country’


KINNEY COUNTY, TX – As migrants continue to flock to the southern border, and the country steels for a possible influx of up to a half million more this month, one sheriff in a border county is mincing no words when it comes to the seriousness of the chaotic influx under the Biden administration.

On the September 23 episode of Bannon’s War Room, Sheriff Brad Coe joined Steve Bannon to discuss the realities of the situation in Kinney county, TX, along the southern border.

He told Bannon:

“It’s total chaos.  It seems like every DPS trooper in the state is on the border right now, trying to do what Biden won’t…..

“We’re having to sit along the border to try to keep our country free of an invasion, and that’s exactly what it is….

“It’s passed by what few resources I have to try to keep the peace around here.”

Bannon asked Coe how the “honest, hard-working” Hispanic citizens in counties along the Rio Grande are responding to the massive influx of immigrants.

Coe responded:

“Well, the ones here in Kinney County, they’re tired of it…. Kinney County is about 96% Hispanic, and in talking with them and the people around here, they’re tired of it.”

He went on to say:

“The sheriffs are pulling together, I mean everything from El Paso down to McAllen, we’ve got a coalition, and we share information and tactics and resources to try to control this…. 

“The part that’s out of control is the fact that the cartels, this is driven by the cartels, and I would say George Soros and crew, to push these people in here to try to change the dynamics, the schematics of the United States.  

“We’re going to end up being not a third world country but a fourth world country, because Biden wants to let them all in.”

Coe continued with additional personal observations on the motivations of the immigrants, saying:

“I don’t have a problem with them coming up, with people coming in to the United States.  My in-laws are resident aliens.  But they worked their way up.  They worked their way through.  

“They are actually hard working people, and these, a bunch of these coming in, they are just here because they think the American dream is, we come here, we find a city, and we just sit around and collect money.”

Border county sheriff demands Fauci, Biden visit southern border: ‘We’re going to end up being a fourth world country'
Migrants at southern border, Rumble screenshot

Sheriff Coe returned to the War Room for an October 4 episode with Bannon.

On that broadcast, he discussed the threat of infectious diseases coming across the border.

He told Bannon:

“We confirmed there was some chicken pox.  There was a couple of cases of leprosy in this last group of Haitians that came through.  And we haven’t seen leprosy in the state of Texas in probably 30, 40 years, and they’re bringing it in now.  

“What’s next?  Tuberculosis?  Smallpox?  It’s all out there and it’s coming across the southern border.”

Turning the conversation to Fauci’s lack of attention to the influx of disease at the border, Coe added:

“[Fauci] fails to realize that…. He’s living in his little palace, God knows where, and refuses to come down here and see this firsthand.”

Sheriff Coe continued with an invitation to Biden administration officials to come and see the grim realities at the border, saying:

“I invite [Fauci], I invite the vice president, I’ll invite the president, any members of his staff that actually want to take a look — what it looks like, prior to them sending the Secret Service and trying to clear everything out to make it look nice and cleaned up, etc. etc.  

“They’re welcome to come down, sit behind this desk, go out with me on patrol, and we’ll take a look at what’s really going on.”

Coe also told Bannon that there was “no way” he could protect the citizens of Kinney County without the presence of the National Guard, saying:

“Even if they divide the 400,000 [immigrants] between, say, Del Rio and Laredo, that’s still thousands coming through here.  I’ve got six deputies.  In Val Verde County, I think you’ve got 24, 25 deputies.  

“There’s no way.  There is no way on earth that 6 or 30 people can handle two counties along the river, without some type of National Guard support.

“And the Governor does have the authority to activate the National Guard to prevent an invasion.  And that’s exactly what this is.”

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Here it comes: Border Patrol gets ready for surge of up to half a million more “migrants” this month

Originally published October 2, 2021

US-MEXICO BORDER- We hate to sound like a broken record, but the Biden administration is overseeing the greatest invasion of our country in our 245-year history, with no signs of it stopping.

The most fundamental duty of the federal government is to protect the country from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” On that front, the Biden-Harris administration has been an abject failure

Just weeks removed from an invasion of an estimated 10-15,000 Haitian illegals, the country is ready to see an invasion ten times that number. Biden couldn’t make the southern border more open if he posted “OPEN” signs flashing on the US side of the Rio Grande.



Earlier this year, Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border crisis, with the closest she’s been to where the real problems are is El Paso, around 500 miles from where the problems are.

Oh, she traveled to the so-called “Northern Triangle” in search of what the administration calls the “root causes” of the illegal alien invasion, but for some reason still hasn’t gotten it figured out. Meanwhile, she had plenty of time to go to California to campaign for “Brylcreem” Gavin Newsom.

Given that Harris is apparently clueless as to why illegals are flooding our border, maybe we can help her out.

  • The United States, as the greatest country on earth with the most opportunity and freedom, is a beacon of hope;
  • The illegals are able to avail themselves of generous benefits courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers;
  • The places they are escaping from are (generally) not able to provide the number of social benefits or opportunities provided by the U.S. government, courtesy of the American taxpayer;

What also doesn’t help is the clearly mixed messages coming from Biden and his team of inept rookies in the administration.

Take for example Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who on one hand says the border is closed, then turns around and says people crossing into the U.S. illegally “is one of our proudest traditions.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, the administration has helped to facilitate a cottage industry of smugglers among Mexican cartels, getting paid handsomely to get illegals across the border illegally.

Despite the mainstream media, social media tech tyrants and Democrats claiming that the ‘Rona is the worst thing to hit since the bubonic plague, the same three entities have no problem encouraging illegals, many of whom are infected with the virus and most who have not been vaccinated, into the country.

Despite fearmongering among the left and Biden threatening to put millions of Americans out of work with his coronavirus mandates on business, business is booming for cartels.

NBC News reported this week that the administration is preparing for an onslaught of illegal alien migrants heading for the U.S. this month.

The network reported that “U.S. officials are quietly preparing for what they think could be the biggest surge in traffic at the southern border in decades if a Covid restriction that has blocked most migrants for almost two years is lifted Thursday.”

During a conference call with senior DHS officials this week, Mayorkas asked if the department was prepared to handle 350,000-400,000 illegal alien migrants coming across the border in October, according to two DHS officials familiar with the call.

That number if true would nearly double the 21-year record just reached in July when more than 210,000 migrants crossed the border.

That Covid restriction—known as Title 42 and put in place by President Trump—could possibly be overturned by Biden in order to allow the illegal (hoped to be Democrat voters) aliens into the country. The administration claims they’ve been using the restriction to return migrant individuals and families back out of the country, however, are allowing unaccompanied minors to remain.

That seems however to be pretty much a lie, since Mayorkas himself recently revealed that over 12,000 Haitian migrants—most of whom have been living in South America for the last several years—had been released into the United States while the asylum claim is being processed.

Unbelievably the feckless Mayorkas expressed “surprise” at the “tragic rise” of the Delta variant of the Wuhan China Virus at the southern border.

In a case of “dueling judges,” one federal judge ordered the Biden administration to resume the Trump-era “remain in Mexico” policy, while an activist judge whom you’ll surely recognize ordered the administration to end the Title 42 program on asylum seekers.

That judge, Emmett Sullivan has as his claim to fame messing with the personal liberty of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. That stay was short-lived however as the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay on Sullivan’s order, allowing the government to resume the evictions.

If the Court of Appeals order is somehow overturned by an activist Supreme Court justice, officials worry that a surge could start anew, further straining border patrol agents and the country.

All of this shows that chief White House propagandist Jen Psaki’s claims that the flood of migrants at the southern border is “cyclical” or “seasonal” is a crock.

However in leaked audio, Mayorkas sings a different tune. In leaked audio, Mayorkas admitted that the situation at the southern border is unsustainable, which the person really running the show (as Nancy Pelosi let slip), Barack Obama agrees with.

“We’re a nation-state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that I think as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

In March, the U.S. Border Patrol said they expected over a million illegal immigrants crossing the border in 2021. By the end of the June, that number was surpassed, with over a million apprehensions, not including those who managed to get away. Then came the surge of Haitians primarily from Central and South America.

All of this adds up to over 1.2 million illegals entering the country this year, with potentially hundreds of thousands more on the way.


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