Sheriff: It’s time to arrest the Governor of Washington for approving a “sanctuary” law


Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee should step down, be held in contempt or arrested for approving a “sanctuary” law, according to the Spokane County sheriff.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich
Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich


In a Fox News interview, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told host Harris Faulkner on “Outnumbered Overtime” Inslee took the same oath of office that he did, promising to respect federal law.

“You’re saying [Inslee] is committing a crime, basically,” Faulkner said.


“I am,” Knezovich responded. “He took the same oath that I did to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws thereof.”

The sheriff continued:

“If you don’t want to enforce your own laws, then either step down or be held in contempt of Congress or be arrested for obstruction – but do not impede and badmouth your ICE agents for doing their job.”

Governor Inslee has long been a proponent of people who sneak into America being allowed to stay, all at the degradation and deterioration of the rights of Washington state citizens. Washington has been a state with strong logging, agriculture, interstate commerce and strong ports in Seattle and Longview.

The governor stood idly by and showed no support for educators in a community college in his state as more liberal students verbally and physically bullied conservative students and instructors, mostly based around racial lines.

Governor Jay Inslee
Governor Jay Inslee – Courtesy: Flickr


Governor Inslee sign and declared Washington’s sanctuary city law, effectively tying the hands of both Federal and local law enforcement officers in their efforts to keep the state’s citizens safe. 

Like sanctuary city rules in other areas, the guidelines handcuff law enforcement from doing their jobs, including inter-agency cooperation and immigration enforcement.

Sheriff Knezovich has taken a strong stand against the governor’s policies, a sentiment echoed by many sheriffs and police chiefs nationwide.

This isn’t the first time Inslee has conflicted with the will of the people of Washington. 

My wife’s family is from Washington and I’ve followed the developments and retrogression of his tenure over the years.  He declared a major onslaught against climate change that caused essentially a turf war between Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. 

Coal producers conducted regular trade with China by shipping large quantities of coal through the Longview, Washington port.  Inslee declared that the coal traveling through his state was bad for climate change, so he placed Longview off limits. 

Coal producers in the neighboring states have to route their coal by truck or train into British Columbia, incurring staggering cost differences, and moving their product through Vancouver or Victoria, BC. 

Bituminous Coal
Bituminous Coal – Courtesy: Flickr


Ironically, he also supported crippling regulations on the timber industry, one of Washington’s largest trades. Both timber and coal move through Longview, and his interference with both product chains has caused staggering impacts on the people of Southwest Washington. 

These moves against trade are in line with his climate agenda – damn the torpedoes and to heck with Washington’s citizens.  And he’s running for president in a large field comprised of people seemingly trying to be the most leftist of the left.  He may be winning that portion of the race.

Back to Sheriff Knezovich.  I certainly applaud his stance and wish him well in his fight against a governor who seems aimed at ruining a beautiful state with lots of industry and tourism. 

Once the governor fully gets his wish, Washington will be infiltrated by those not here legally, gangs, disease, and so many other things that other sanctuary cities/states are enjoying. 

I hope the people of Washington throw their support behind this sheriff and help him stave off this onslaught.  Or the entire state will end up like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.




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