2015 is the year to be grateful. Start with this Thanksgiving to be grateful, as well as giving thanks.

And to my fellow Sheepdogs I wish you a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. Although I know many will be working, there is much to be thankful for. Even in these times of civil unrest, ambushes, and 111 of our fellow officers having given all so far this year, we have reason to be thankful.

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


Having spent many Thanksgivings (and other holidays) on the job, I look back giving thanks that most were a quiet shift. Having to arrest someone on any holiday is not my idea of enjoyable police work.

I know a former Chief who tells of his very first arrest: Santa Claus (for stealing)! As you serve and protect this day, consider searching for ways to truly serve one in need this day. If you are so inclined, maybe even lift up a prayer for the people in the area you patrol. Take time to pray and give thanks for our military, veterans, those who are alone, and those battling demons of PTSD and depression this time of year.

Allow me to share a few words of encouragement and thanksgiving with you from what God says about giving thanks:

  • As we affect the lives of others, the result should be one of thanks to God.

(Eph. 2:10)

  • As a servant-warrior calling, we should be thankful for our calling to protect and serve.
  • In spite of all the trials, roadblocks, valleys, tribulations we face in life, it would be easier to face if we would approach every day with a Thanksgiving attitude. To some, this may seem impossible, but with God’s power, and not our power alone, for He gives us daily blessings and protection to be thankful for every day.

May your focus this Thanksgiving Day be one of blessings, serving and thanks.

Detective Gene Hall retired in 1997 after 30 years of service. Gene has been a police instructor since 1973. He is a Coordinator with the Criminal Justice Institute (Police Academy), Palm Beach State College. Five years ago he was led to start a ministry for LEO’s call “thebibleandtheshield.com”. He speaks to Christian groups about the need for outreach to police officers and their families. This led to guest speaking engagements with Florida Men of Integrity/Iron Sharpens Iron conferences and representing the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers in South Florida. He is an active member of the American Police Chaplains Association and affiliated with the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board. In 2013 he became the first volunteer Chaplain with the Palm Springs (FL) Police Department.

Contact Chaplain Gene at: [email protected] or his ministry: thebibleandtheshield.com.