Sheep Dog – Sheep Dog IA is a non-profit organization focused on engaging and supporting our veteran “Sheep Dogs”; society’s protectors, the men and women that form the ranks of America’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS.

As most of you already know the massive tornadoes that ripped through the city of Moore and the Oklahoma City region have left a community shattered, and in desperate search for faith and loved ones.

Sheep Dog – Impact Assistance (SDIA) cannot promise to fully replace what has been lost, but as you read this, the NW Ark, Central Arkansas, and NE Oklahoma teams are currently pulling together every possible resource to help these people in their time of need.

We will have a initial assessment team on the ground as soon as possible. We will need your help as we begin the process of helping these communities in need. Please consider helping us by supporting via donations, and keep the people of Moore and OKC, OK in your thoughts and prayers.


We are asking all SDIA members, volunteers, and supporters to reach out to friends and family and help collect donations. Please consider donating funds directly to SDIA for this mission, we will be purchasing large amounts of food, water, blankets, fuel, tarps, water, and much more. Walmart gift cards are a great way to donate. Direct monetary donations can be made through the Donation link found on the SDIA website:


SDIA Key Leaders and Staff