She voted in support of President Trump. Now she’s getting ‘credible death threats’ against her.


WASHINGTON D.C.- United States Senator Susan Collins (R, Maine) says she’s been getting death threats since she voted to acquit President Trump last week. The threats are being investigated and have been deemed “credible,” according to the Associated Press.

Collins disclosed the threats on Friday during a speech to the Maine Chiefs of Police Association winter conference.

“I just want you to know that I’ve always loved you and appreciated you. But now I have a real personal appreciation for all that you do to keep us safe,” Collins told them in her speech.

Collins previously received threats on the eve of the Senate vote on whether to call new witnesses to testify.

According to reports, she received multiple threatening voice messages from unhinged leftists accusing her “of being a shill for Trump and betraying her oath to uphold the Constitution.”

“What a vile piece of garbage you are,” said one caller.

“You’ve seen exactly what the president did … If you don’t have the guts and the integrity, I sure hope you didn’t breed. I sure hope you don’t have children or grandchildren because their future is f****d.”


“You’re going to lose, Susan Collins,” another caller said, referencing her upcoming election this fall. “You’re just a little bi**h for Trump.”

Collins also received threats before her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

In October 2018, a letter was sent to her home in Maine claiming to contain ricin, resulting in her husband and Labrador retriever being temporarily quarantined.

One must wonder how these verbal or written threats move to the next level, like when an Illinois man who had worked with the Bernie Sanders campaign took a rifle and pistol to Washington, D.C. and fired shots at Congressional Republicans while they were practicing for an annual softball game. 

US Representative Steve Scalise (R, LA) was critically wounded and nearly died.  Several others were shot before the shooter was terminated.

Members of ANTIFA are well known for subversive and violent attacks against conservatives, like just prior to the appearance of conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulis at Berkeley, and the recent attack of columnist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon.

Most recently, a young Florida man rammed his minivan into a booth where Republican campaign workers were set up to register voters.  The man was subsequently arrested for assault.

I know that politicians of all stripes must deal with “whack jobs” who are either extreme fans or extreme enemies, but when death threats, threats of physical violence, and poison sent in letters become the norm, these people need go be taken very seriously.  It is up to the conservative media to sound the alarm and call ourselves to action.

Watch your 6, keep your head on a swivel, and look out for yourselves and other conservatives.

Speaking of attacks… have you been following what’s been happening in New York City?

Two attempted assassinations of NYPD police officers in less than 12 hours.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The incidents may take place in mere seconds, but the atmosphere that creates such hate towards our men and women in blue takes years of setting groundwork. It’s so bad, these disgusting acts are carried out in what appears to be a nonchalant manner.

The criminal coddling anti-police rhetoric we’ve seen all top often from the New York City Mayor William de Blasio may not have pulled the tigger, but it sure as hell loaded the gun.

What gives a career criminal, who was recently paroled for a 2002 carjacking, attempted murder and shootout with police, the sense that he can simply walk up to a marked police van, or stroll in to a police precinct and open fire?

Someone has emboldened him to act.

She voted in support of President Trump.  Now she's getting 'credible death threats' against her.


The atmosphere based on false narratives from the media and inciting rhetoric from persons in influential positions, the second guessing and Monday morning quarterbacking of active incidents without any facts, the running to the side of anyone who shouts injustice from the police based on little more than emotions sets a dangerous stage. Buckets of water, harassing officers during arrest situations, allowing lawlessness in our subway systems and streets become the props.

Let’s get one thing straight.

Mayor de Blasio is loathed by the NYPD.

The brass can’t admit it due to retaliation. Active duty officers may not say it, but make no mistake, the feeling of each and every NYC cop is that this man has been a disaster for the city they love.

He has scapegoated the NYPD for every one of his failed policies. He has lived off the decades of hard work put forth by prior administrations and the NYPD. He has rushed to make criminal paydays, or what criminals refer to as “Police lotto” throwing officers under the bus at every turn.

This doesn’t go unnoticed by a city’s criminal element. It allows them to roll the dice and challenge the police at every turn. It makes then feel emboldened to throw water at uniformed officers, and now, outright declare war by committing these attempted assassinations.

Picture of Bill de Blasio - rethinking bail reform in New York City
Mayor Bill de Blasio


I was lucky and honored to be a part of New York City’s turnaround in the early 90’s. As both a NYC Transit Police Officer, and a NYPD cop and detective, I’ve seen the very best and absolute worst of the city I was born and raised in.

Through Mayor de Blasio’s anti-police rhetoric and failed leadership, he has reduced the safety footprint. And it will take a decade to recover.

The things being seen across the city, the graffiti, the upticks in crime across the board, the vagrancy, litter, drugs, attacks on our police, these things do not take hold overnight. Once they’ve taken a foothold it takes a tenfold effort to gain back.

All while Bill claims everything is okay.

The mayor will publicly denounce the shooting and will be sure to appear supportive in solidarity due to these recent events. But when was the last time you’ve seen de Blasio attend a precinct roll call for no other reason but to say “thank you” and “be safe out there”?

When was the last time you’ve seen the mayor stop a cop on the beat or patrol car just to ask how they were doing? There is no last time because he simply doesn’t care about our police and has never done any such acts. That’s what leaders do. Not just appear at times of crisis for a photo opportunity; they care day in and day out.

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Protestors threaten pro-police event, get scared off by Bikers for Trump


De Blasio wants to chastise the president for pointing out the obvious, that it’s failed leadership and faux support of the NYPD that makes these unthinkable attacks a reality.

In place of grandstanding on social media, why isn’t Mayor de Blasio visiting each and every police precinct to tell the men and women of the NYPD that he is there for them? That he does support them?

That he will do everything in his power to make things safe for them?

But he won’t. Because that’s what leaders do, and Mayor William de Blasio is anything but a leader.

Trump had some words for New York leaders as well after the news of the attempted assassinations spread. 

“I grew up in New York City and, over many years, got to watch how GREAT NYC’s ‘Finest’ are. Now, because of weak leadership at Governor & Mayor, stand away (water thrown at them) regulations, and lack of support, our wonderful NYC police are under assault,” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday. “Stop this now!”

The “weak leadership” and softening of crime are undoubtedly making criminals feel emboldened in their behavior. After all, if someone gets out of jail literally hours after committing an offense, with no one to ensure that they show up for their day in court, why not just do whatever the hell you want all the time?

We need to buck up and start reminding people who break the law that they will be found, they will be prosecuted and they will be punished. 

Leaders need to stop handcuffing police and pandering to the feelings of criminals. They need to stop pushing false narratives and fake information through the media.

They need to allow residents the ability to walk down a dark street or ride the subway to work without the fear that they’ll be victimized. And when something does happen, they need to hold that person accountable and not release them right back into the community to victimize others. 

We’re so far past a breaking point, it’s ridiculous. 

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