Al Sharpton: ‘To My Surprise,’ Trump called to have conversation about coronavirus and the poor


WASHINGTON, DC -In another amazing show of bipartisan politics, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton opened up his March 21st broadcast with noting that he and President Trump conversed about the ongoing pandemic.

Specifically, they addressed populations that can’t exactly “stay home,” like the homeless, or the incarcerated who cannot practice social distancing.

Keep in mind, Sharpton and Trump haven’t exactly had the kindest things to say about each other over the past few years.

In fact, Sharpton even acknowledged that aspect during the broadcast:

“He and I have exchanged some very contentious words over the last several years, and though we have not changed our view of each other, we did talk about the fact that in the midst of this pandemic, people that may be on different sides politically must discuss and try to come to some kind of common ground.”

According to Sharpton, the two discussed two issues relevant to the homeless and incarcerated populations during the pandemic.

Namely, two of the biggest pieces of advice administered by the CDC that can’t be practically applied within the two populations:

“It is impractical to tell people that are homeless, that are not even in shelters, to stay home. It is really against any form of logic to tell people incarcerated in 6 X 12 cells to [maintain] social distance six feet away from each other.”

Overall, it sounded like two areas of opportunity were cordially addressed.

The homeless population is certainly a wildcard in the time of the pandemic, in that they can’t really be well accounted for, tracked, or expected to abide by any kind of mandated quarantines.

While jails and prison have more control than the variables present within the vagrant community, it could spell disaster if an outbreak occurs at any facility.

You can view the clip below where Sharpton noted on the conversation he had with President Trump.

While Sharpton seemed to convey that his and Trump’s discussion was one that was cordial, the president has been getting accolades from some of his staunchest critics lately.

Even from Ilhan Omar. 

Yes, that’s Ilhan Omar. 

She actually gave the president….a compliment.

Hell has officially frozen over. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the way. There is no other way to explain it. Ilhan Omar, one of the founding members of the Trump-hater club and poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome actually gave the president praise for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Maybe there is hope for our country after all. 

“Politics aside, this is incredible and the right response in this critical time,” Omar wrote in a tweet Wednesday.

Omar, who is usually a staunch critic of Trump and who has repeatedly drawn negative attention from the president nonetheless put politics aside and praised the administration’s efforts in battling this unprecedented crisis.

Omar’s tweet was in response to another tweet which outlined some of Trump’s actions in an effort to soften the economic blow of the virus, which has decimated the stock market, severely threatened businesses and put the country in a virtual panic.

Some of the proposals include suspending mortgage foreclosures, proposing direct payments to American citizens, and invoking the Defense Production Act, which would force the private sector to manufacture medical supplies that are in short order.

“There’s never been an instance like this where no matter what you have it’s not enough,” Trump said at a White House press briefing announcing the Defense Production Act. “If we need to use it, we’ll be using it at full speed ahead.”

A $104 billion plan was signed on Wednesday, the second of two coronavirus aid packages signed so far. Congress is still working on a third phase of response efforts, an ambitious (and expensive) plan that would cost as much as $850 billion to $1 trillion.

That package would allocate up to $500 billion in direct payments to the American people to hopefully offset the economic damage from the global spread of the virus.

According to the White House, the payments would be made in two rounds, with the first on April 6 and the second on May 18. The payments would equal $250 billion each.

The package would also provide $1 billion in food aid to the needy and $1 billion in unemployment funds to states. The number of coronavirus cases reached over 7,000 and has now affected every state in the union, with West Virginia being the last state to record a case.

“Ayanna Pressley always says, unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now. I have faith that we will survive this as a nation and build together,” Omar added, referring to her fellow congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

It pains us somewhat to say this due to some of Omar’s history of outrageous comments, however credit where credit is due—it’s nice to see politics put aside for a change for the good of the country. Some of Omar’s colleagues should follow her lead. Let’s deal with this national crisis in a non-partisan way…for everyone’s good. 

Omar even added to her statement, saying, “we should never let politics get in the way of good policy.”

“This is a great start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies that will help us work through the economic anxiety the country is feeling right now,” she said in a final tweet.

This has been an odd week in politics in some ways, with some of Trump’s fiercest critics putting politics aside and giving his administration good marks for the pandemic response.

On Tuesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters, “His team is on it. They’ve been responsive…I want to say thank you.” CNN’s Dana Bash, another frequent critic said that Trump’s tone on the virus made him “the kind of leader that people need.”

Last week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, also a frequent critic of Trump’s praised the president for assisting the state of California with a situation involving a cruise ship, the Grand Princess, which was carrying 3,500 people, 21 of whom tested positive for the coronavirus after 46 were tested.

Trump allowed the ship to dock in San Francisco, which drew praise from Newsom.

“His administration—has been consistent with the expectation that we repatriate these passengers,” Newsom said at a press conference, “and we do it in a way that does justice to the spirit that defines the best of our country and the state of California.”

“He said, ‘We’re going to do the right thing, and you have my support,’” he continued. “He said everything that I could have hoped for…And every single thing he said, they followed through on.”

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