Sex offender allegedly stalks child, breaks into her home, gets slap on the wrist from court


BUCKEYE, AZ – A family in Buckeye, Arizona is emotionally recovering after being terrified by a sex offender when he allegedly broke into their home in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, at 18-year-old man who lived there was able to scare him off before he could harm anyone.

In June of this year, Elizabeth Ramirez-Bearup recounted when a stranger had allegedly followed her 15-year-old daughter home, and then later broke into her house in the middle of the night.

Ramirez-Bearup reported the family being awoken when her 18-year-old son rushed into his 15-year-old sister’s bedroom and locked the door while a strange man ran out of her home in the middle of the night.

The incident started when the brother awoke to find a strange man, later identified as Jacob Ramirez, standing in his bedroom. When the young man realized that Ramirez was there, he confronted him and told him to leave, Ramirez-Bearup said:

“He [Ramirez] came in through the window and went into the room straight in front of it, which luckily was my son’s room. My 18-year-old son who is autistic.”

Ramirez-Bearup said that when her son told Ramirez to leave the residence, he instead asked where her bedroom was, she said:

“Then he goes, ‘which room is your mommys?’ And [her son] goes, ‘oh you better go!’ Because at that time my daughter heard the noise and was going out of her room and my son took her back in her room and had her lock the door.”

Once the door was locked, Ramirez decided it was time to run and went out through the window and fled the area.

Thankfully, Ramirez did not run fast enough and was captured by officers in a park near the home. Ramirez was arrested and charged with burglary and disorderly conduct. However, the state dropped the burglary charge down to simple trespassing.

Ramirez-Bearup said that Ramirez had terrorized her teenage daughter earlier in the day which was backed up by her Ring security doorbell camera.

She said that Ramirez had followed her daughter home causing the teenager to panic and run into the house. When Ramirez-Bearup reviewed the video from her ring camera, she was terrified:

“It was terrifying. She [her daughter] came running into the house and she said that somebody was following her so I get up and out there, and by then he had taken off on his bike. And then I pull up the ring and I see him and I see him following behind her and circling around.”

Ramirez-Bearup realizes that she and her family are lucky that they were able to get through this situation without any injury, however, that does not make her feel any safer.

She said that she has taken additional steps to keep her family safe from Ramirez by filing for an injunction for protection. She said:

“[The] restraining order, hopefully, that deters him [Ramirez] and hopefully he does leave the state. It’s just frustrating that I won’t know where he’s going because they won’t give me that information.”

Man found guilty of sex crimes against a child drank “cloudy liquid” in courtroom, dies shortly after

DENTON COUNTY, TX – Authorities have confirmed that a Texas man, who was found guilty of sex crimes against a child, collapsed and died after drinking a “cloudy liquid” from a water bottle as a jury found him guilty of child sexual assault.


On Thursday, August 11th, 57-year-old Edward Leclair was found guilty of sexual assault of a child in the 16th District Court at the Denton County courthouse. He was on trial for five counts of sexual abuse and had been freed on bond until the verdict on the 11th.

In an interview with CNN, Denton County Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck, said in a statement:

“As these verdicts were being read, he chugged a bottle of what he had at [the] counsel table … It wasn’t like he was just taking sips of water. He was literally throwing it back, so to speak.”

Noting that the liquid was cloudy, Beck added:

“Our investigator noticed him chug the water. He told the bailiff he might want to go check on him. The bailiff did. He was unconscious in the holding cell.”

Becker said that Leclair had not been drinking from the water bottle before that point. Becker said that most people in the room did not expect what happened to be a fatal situation.


Leclair’s lawyer, Mike Howard, stated that he saw his client drink from the bottle, but didn’t know what it contained. Howard added:

“Shortly after entering the holdover cell, he started vomiting and emergency services were called.”

The fire department and paramedics responded to the incident, rendering medical aid until Leclair was taken to the hospital. Howard said:

“I saw him being taken out on the gurney. His color and pallor didn’t look good – gray – and then he was taken to the hospital.”

Leclair was later pronounced dead at the hospital. According to reports, Leclair was arrested in 2018 on a $30,000 bond, which he paid soon after.

The Texas Rangers have taken the bottle into evidence for further investigation. An autopsy was ordered and as of this writing, the cause of his death is still listed as pending.

In a separate incident, a Shreveport, Louisiana man has been found guilty of attempting to rape his pre-teen relative and then threatening her to keep her silent.

On Tuesday, August 10th, 58-year-old Roosevelt Horton was found guilty of a sexual assault that occurred between April 19, 2010 – April 18 2011, involving Horton and his pre-teen relative.


A jury of seven women and five men deliberated for four hours before returning the guilty verdict.

The assault reportedly happened on the 700 block of Woodmont Place in Hyde Park when Horton sexually assaulted his pre-teen relative and threatened to harm her if she told anyone about the assault.

The child told Horton’s spouse what happened and the spouse cautioned the girl not to speak about the assault. When the victim was 16-years-old, she attempted suicide and a friend, who she had confided in, told the victim’s mother about the assault.

The victim’s mother immediately notified the Shreveport Police Department (SPD) and an investigation led to the arrest of Horton for aggravated rape.

Horton’s spouse, who discouraged the victim from coming forward about the assault, had passed away before the assault was investigated. Horton returns to court on August 17th for his sentencing. He faces a sentence of 10 to 50 years in prison.


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