Seven-year-old girl killed while sleeping on a couch in Detroit drive by shooting – where’s Black Lives Matter now?


DETROIT, MI – Utter and complete heartbreak swept over a Michigan neighborhood when a little girl, at only the age of seven, was shot and killed during a drive by shooting while sleeping on her couch.    

Seven-year-old Reginae Williams was sleeping on the couch. While she slept, some individual(s) decided to drive down the street shooting into homes and killed her. 

The heartbroken and rightfully angry mother, Etosha Williams, said:

“It’s sad that as parents, you put your child to sleep and you lay them on the couch and you’re thinking that all is well but yet a coward decides they have nothing better to do but come and shoot rounds into a house that had two parents and nine children in there.”

Williams said she is a Christian and has forgiven whoever is responsible, yet still wants them to be held accountable. 

She said:

“To the person who murdered my baby: I first would like to offer you Jesus Christ.  In order for me and my family to move on, because I’m a believer, I have to forgive you. 

“That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t want justice.

“You took a seven-year-old’s life, you destroyed the life of eight other children, you destroyed my life, you destroyed my husband’s life, my family’s life.  We will never be the same after this…She was such a sweet, sweet, beautiful baby.”

Williams asked that if anyone has any information about the individual(s) responsible for the shooting to come forward and advise the police so the killer(s) can face justice. 

She said:

“You are not a snitch for saying something.  Put yourself in my shoes.  I have to bury my seven-year-old baby.  I’ll never get to touch her again.  I’ll never get to see her again.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig reported that they already have some active leads in the case and alluded to the fact that it was only a matter of time before they can make arrests in the case.

Craig said:

“To those responsible for this crime, I’ll say this: Make it easy for yourself because we’re coming for you, and we will not stop until we find you and bring you in.”

The shooting happened before 8:30 P.M. on October 28th in the 3900 block of Bedford Road in Detroit.  Police said that a dark vehicle drove by the Williams’ residence and fired numerous rounds into the home.

When the Detroit Police Department arrived on scene, they quickly decided to transport the young girl in their patrol vehicle because the ambulance had not arrived. 

Williams said that the Detroit Police Department responded quickly and the medical staff at Ascension St. John Hospital did everything they could to save the young girl.

Chief Craig called the shooting yet another “senseless loss of life perpetrated by, once again, cowards who shot into a Detroit home.”

He continued:

“Any time a child dies from a violent crime, it affects all of us – people who live in the city, work in the city, certainly the men and women who wear the uniform.  These shootings in our community must stop.  We’re talking about children.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said:

“The worst part about being mayor are the days when an innocent life is taken from this community.  We’ve been here too often. 

“We were here a year ago when 3-year-old C.J. Miller was on his way to ‘Sesame Street Live’ when somebody fired into the back seat of the car in a road rage case…

“We were here in May when Messiah Townsend was killed; two groups got into a fight on the street, exchanged gunfire, and Messiah Townsend was eating a snack in his grandmother’s kitchen – shot and killed. 

“And now, Reginae, sleeping on the couch in her own living room.  Detroit, we’re better than this.”

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Innocent little boy, 13, executed by man in ski mask while working in his front yard with his brother.

October 20, 2020


RIVERDALE, GA – Police in Blayton County reported that a suspect shot and killed a 13-year-old while he was working in his front yard with his brother. 

On October15th, victim Brayan Zavala was in his front yard working on a lawn mower along with his 16-year-old brother, Jesus and his father.  Jesus stated that an unknown person wearing a ski mask, sweater and black pants walked up to Brayan and opened fire without even saying a word. 

Jesus told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“The shooter didn’t even say I want your money, or this is a robbery or I’m assaulting you.  He just came, stood there [in] silence and shot my brother.” 

Sadly, Brayan died at the scene before medics or police could respond.  Jesus said:

“The bullets passed through him and blood just squirted out of him.  We tried to stop all the blood but by the time the police got here, it didn’t seem like he had life or a chance to live.”

Jesus reported to WSB-TV that the gunman was in a Chevy HHR-SUV, which he saw drive by their residence before it turned around and stopped.  Jesus stated that he saw two other people inside of the vehicle. 

Jesus said when the car stopped, the unknown suspect exited and walked up to his brother with a shotgun in his hands.  Without a word the gunman fired, shot Brayan in the face and killed him.  Clearly unaffected, the gunman turned, walked back to the car and the suspects fled the scene. 

No one recognized the vehicle, which did not have license plates, and no one was able to identify the other two suspects.  Unfortunately, witnesses were unable to get a good look at the masked shooter but were able to give a clothing description.  

Jesus said:

“What did…what did he do?  We were working on a lawnmower, and all of a sudden, my brother is dead…It’s not fair.  What’s the reason?  Why?  I don’t get it.  I don’t get why this happened…

“My dad is really devastated.  He couldn’t talk because it’s his little boy.  I’m trying to be as tough as I can be so I can help them with something.  It’s my brother, but I just want my family to be strong…It’s a tough situation.”

Jesus added that Brayan was a happy child and seemingly got a long with everyone which made his murder more confusing.  He said:

“He was a really happy brother.  He doesn’t like problems.  It’s just not him.  I don’t know why.”

At this stage of the investigation, police have not yet released information about any leads on the possible suspects or a motive for the murder.  The Clayton County Police Department gave the following statement:

“On 10/15/2020 at 2115 hours (9:15pm), Clayton County Police Officers responded to the 30 block of Willow Way…in reference to a person being shot…Life saving measures were attempted by the family whilst waiting for the arrival of Clayton County First Responders…

“The Clayton County Police Department is humbly asking the community and any persons having knowledge of this crime to contact Detective Teske at 770-477-3659 or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS with any information about this case.”

Jesus created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family during this horrific time.  In the post he writes:

“My name is Jesus Zavala.  On the night of October 15, 2020, my little brother, Brayan was shot and killed outside of our family home.  Brayan was 13 years old, turning 14 next month.  He has been taken from us for no reason.  At this time, the Clayton County Police are working to help my family track down the shooter.  We have no answers.”


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