Service above self: cop shows stranded family that police really do care

(Photo - Lynn Haven PD/Flickr)

Service above self: cop shows stranded family that police really do care

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. – A family in Florida who was stranded with a broken-down car found a little relief in the form of a good deed from a police officer.

According to reports, two weeks ago Officer Mikayla Edwards of the Lynn Haven Police Department noticed a family stuck in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell. When she approached the car she asked if everything was alright.

That’s when she discovered that the mother and her three children had broken-down while trying to buy some food from the Mexican fast food restaurant. Everyone was hungry, but the mom only had enough money for about one meal. 

Edwards noticed the stranded family and took action. (Flickr)


Officer Edwards was struck by the woman’s story, and immediately offered to help. Edwards assisted in moving the non-operating vehicle into a nearby parking spot, then pulled out her wallet and bought food for the mother and her three kids.

“I was responding to a Wal-Mart to back up one of our other officers. We cleared that call so when I was leaving, I was leaving through the Taco Bell parking lot,” Edwards said in an interview with the News Herald. “I saw people standing in the drive-thru, so I pulled up and said, ‘Hey, is everything okay?’ It was a mother. She had an older vehicle. It broke down. She had three kids in it. One was a pre-teen and the other two were very small children.”

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Officer Mikayla Edwards (Lynn Haven PD)


When asked why she did it, Officer Edwards told the reporters that the true calling of police officers is to want to help.

“People think all we want to do is just put people in jail, which really isn’t the case,” Edwards said. “We really do want to get out and help people and better the community. She was having a hard time. I guess, probably just God [told me], ‘Hey, you need to buy this family food. You need to help them, make their night better.’ I just listened and that’s what I did.”

The officer looked after the children as the mother went inside to buy drinks. 

“The kids just sat in my car and played with my lights and sirens until she came back out,” Edwards said.

Lynn Haven Police Chief Ricky Ramie said in an interview with Fox, “We are so very fortunate to have officers in our department like Officer Mikayla Edwards. She is just an example of the kind of law enforcement officers we have in our department.”


“Officers that go above and beyond every day to serve and protect our city,” Ramie said. “Officers that put others’ needs before their own. Officer Edwards saw a need and responded. She did what law enforcement officers do all across this country every day.”

When given praise for her kindness, Edwards simply responded that stories like these go unnoticed every day.

“It happens more than what people realize,” Edwards said.

According to a Facebook post, Orono Officer Matt Siltala was performing a welfare check on an elderly woman at her home last week. When he arrived, he noticed her grass was far past overgrown.

After ensuring that the elderly woman was okay, he reportedly asked her why her lawn hadn’t been cut in so long. Her reply pulled at Officer Siltala’s heart strings.

Officer Siltala mowing the elderly woman’s overgrown lawn. (Orono Police)


The woman told the officer that she lived all alone and didn’t have anyone that could come over and help her out with chores around the house. The grass was long and she simply didn’t have the strength to get it done.

That’s when Siltala stepped up and showed the true nature of what it means to serve a community.

Siltala gassed up her mower and got to work, knocking back over a foot of growth. 

“Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again.”

Siltala’s partner, Officer McCoy, took a photo of Siltala’s good deed.

Check out the department’s Facebook post below.



The staffer who posted the feel-good image even joked that the second officer couldn’t bother pick up the trimmer to give Siltala a hand, perhaps due to a union issue. 

The officer and the department received an overwhelming amount of praise and thanks on social media.

“Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again,” said one commenter on Facebook. “Thank you to the officer who took the time to help this lady out. Remember everyone: you will be elderly some day.”

“That is wonderful ~ taking “to serve and protect” to a whole new level!” read another.



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