Serial-Pooping Ex-Superintendent Files Lawsuit Against Cops Who Arrested Him


Remember the superintendent of schools in New Jersey who got caught defecating by the bleachers?

He’s back in the news.

And this time… he’s going after cops.

Thomas Tramaglini, 43, the former Kenilworth school superintendent, went after officers for publishing his mugshot following the notorious pooping case.


Tramaglini claimed in his statement to the court that departments are “expressly prohibited” under state law from taking mugshots for “low-level, non-criminal offenses.”

According to a report from, Tramaglini filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday against the department for illegally taking and leaking his mugshot for the media.

The former school district official claimed he will, “never achieve the level of compensation benefits, and retirement pension income that he would have otherwise if the unlawfully taken photographs of him had not been released to the media.”

The New Jersey schools superintendent accused of crapping on a high school football field “on a daily basis” reportedly confessed to his crimes, citing a medical condition that affected his bowels as he ran.

Thomas Tramaglini pleaded guilty to defecating in public, reported. The additional charges of lewdness and littering were subsequently dismissed.

The former superintendent of Kenilworth schools was arrested in April after a surveillance video caught him dropping his drawers to relieve himself near Holmdel High School’s football field.

Students and staff members had reported finding human feces on or near the school’s field almost daily, sparking a hunt for the “mystery pooper,” authorities said.

Consequently, Tramaglini earned the nickname “pooper-intendent.” The now former school administrator lived in Aberdeen, about three miles from the high school. As a result, he took a paid leave of absence after his arrest before ultimately resigning in July.

Tramaglini reportedly negotiated a separation agreement with the district, which agreed to pay him $100,000 in salary, severance and unused vacation days. His role as superintendent paid him a $147,500 salary.

His attorney told that Tramaglini was found to have “Runners Diarrhea,” a condition that often causes distance runners to have loose bowel movements during or after running.

This got us thinking, the evidence (defecation) would easily support or discount this defense. i.e. was it runny or not? (Sorry, probably too much information.) Even if true, perhaps a prudent person would select a running path closer to a restroom.

Additionally, Tramaglini’s attorney contended, his client was not doing the deed daily. He maintained there was “no evidence he was ever a serial offender.”

“We were ready to go to trial on some of the allegations about certain dates with GPS evidence from his Garmin running watch. That story needs to be told,” Tramaglini’s attorney said. “He’s been through hell and back. He deserves a story that tells the accurate picture.”

Really? Perhaps his best move is to simply move on and hope people forget his unusual behavior.


Serial-Pooping Ex-Superintendent Files Lawsuit Against Cops Who Arrested Him

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