NEWARK, Ohio – A police sergeant in central Ohio helped a teenage leukemia patient cross off a wish from her bucket-list. First of all, let’s say it was a shocking request, double entendre intended. She wanted to use a stun gun on someone.

Wish fulfilled

As a result of her request, 16-year-old Alyssa Elkins got to do that Sunday. After a bit of training from Newark police, and adorned in a make-shift police uniform, she zapped a willing participant. Sgt. Doug Bline good-naturedly took the hit as her supporters watched.

Bline winced and fell onto a mat, guided by spotters. He says being hit with a Taser is an unpleasant experience. But it was worth it to help fulfill Alyssa’s wish, reported Fox News.

Hence to the uninformed this might seem barbaric. Yet it is actually required in many forms of basic police training. So it’s not as unusual as it appears.

Terminal prognosis

Alyssa made her bucket-list when her terminal leukemia returned. As a result she decided to forego further treatment. The Columbus Dispatch reports she added the Taser wish half-jokingly. She did so after seeing video of her uncle, a state trooper, being hit with a Taser during his training.


Tiffany Elkins, Alyssa’s mother, said the family has strong faith in God that has helped them through the darkest days.

Alyssa told her mother, “I am not afraid to die, because I know where I’m going.”

“And that kind of helped me, as her mom,” Tiffany said, “to know that if God should decide to take her, that she’s ok with that.”

Alyssa said she was grateful that people would “put themselves out there,” to allow her to use a Taser on them.

Finally, items that remain on her wish list, according to NBC, include being able to visit Cedar Point, Disney World, and New York. Alyssa would also like a micro mini pig and a tattoo.

(Feature image from YouTube video)