Serbia and Kosovo agree to name disputed lake after Donald Trump: ‘It is our tradition and culture to honor the friend!’


Serbia and Kosovo have a massive lake that lies in both countries. Arguments over the artificial lake, began in 1999, following the end of the Kosovo War. 

The lake is known to Kosovars as the “Ujman” and to Serbians as the “Gazivoda,”. Although 20% of the lake is located in Serbian territory, and 80% in Kosovo territory, Kosovo claims ownership over the entire territory, leading to disputes over whom can exploit its resources.

However, on Thursday, September 24th, Both Kosovo and Serbia came to an agreement on the name: Trump Lake. 

According to Breitbart, The Gazeta Express has learned that both Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic have expressed their willingness to accept the name moving forward.

Former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Richard Grenell, wrote on Twitter:

“What to call the lake that is in Kosovo and Serbia has been a serious sticking point despite the U.S. forged compromise to launch a feasibility study to create jobs and more energy for the region….so both sides have agreed to a new name: Lake Trump,” 

It was  confirmed on Thursday by Kosovar PM Hoti, that the initiative is real, Grenell did indeed bring it up, and that it was not uncommon for Kosovo to make such moves.

Hoti wrote on Facebook:

“As a sign of honor for their decisive role for the freedom, independence, and recognition of Kosovo’s statehood all over the world, we have named our best boulevards after names of the most distinguished U.S. personalities, such as: President Clinton, George Bush, Senator Bob Dole, Secretary Madeleine Albright, and others.”

He continued:

“It is our tradition and culture to honor the friend! This is a noble tradition of our ancestors that we will always honor,” 

According to Breitbart, it is not the first time that a foreign power has named landmarks after the current American president. While he currently boasts a Donald J. Trump Boulevard in Albania, the government of Israel has renamed multiple sites after him, mainly in recognition of his support for Israeli sovereignty and his decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Among the Israeli locations renamed after Trump include Donald Trump Squares in Jerusalem and Petah Tikva, as well as naming a community in the Golan Heights territory the “Trump Heights.” Authorities are also currently planning to name a proposed train station in Jerusalem the Trump Station.

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LET Unity

Here is a story Law Enforcement Today just brought you about a “trump train” parade with more than 7,000 people.

LAREDO, TX – Thousands of President Trump’s supporters met up in Laredo, Texas for a parade to show their love for the man in the White House. 

In a world where Americans protest just about everything, there is a new form of protests that are emerging.

It’s a protest where patriotic people show their love and appreciation for President Trump.

There have been a series of “Trump Trains” rolling through towns on a regular basis. One was through Boerne, Texas that occurred on August 29, and the caravan went from 200 to over 500 cars on Labor Day.  

Another Trump Train was one that rode through New Braunfels. This one caused a little drama for dragging a Black Lives Matter flag through the streets. The mayor, Rusty Brockman, disapproved and gave the usual political spiel of not condoning such behavior.

But, in Laredo, they made the other “Trump Trains” look pale in comparison.

The event organizer and National Border Council President, Hector Garza said:

“We opened up the event by honoring God in prayer and honoring the U.S. flag with the Pledge of Allegiance.”

They met in a mall parking lot overlooking the U.S.-Mexico border.

They were preparing for “Trump Train” to roll along.

Carlos Ureño put a Trump Pence 2020 Flag on his truck. He admitted that in 2016 he didn’t bother voting. Both presidential candidates seemed pretty awful to him.

This year though, he’s liking how President Trump is actually changing things. He said:

“I was a Democrat in the past, and I’m tired of the same thing over and over again. I want change.”

The people of Laredo heard them coming. All 7,000 people.

The caravan of about 4,000 cars revved their engines at the riverbank. American flags and Trump Pence 2020 flags started to unfurl when the trucks paraded down through the city of Laredo.

The Laredo Trump Train expanded over fifteen miles. This was along IH-35, Bob Bullock Loop and Del Mar.

The turnout was bigger than they could have imagined. The thing was huge.

Not only did the locals show up, but also the out-of-towners.  Organizers said they were a little surprised, and frankly stunned that several thousand cars and people participated. They think a majority of those in the Trump Train were actually from Laredo.  

This was an opportunity for the Trump supporters, and the silent majority, to express their love of God, country, family, and President Trump.

Steve Moreno added to this:

“Many of us support the same values of being pro-life, supporting the police, gun rights, law and order, legal immigration, tax breaks, strong military, small businesses, voter ID, working class, prosperity for all minorities, small government, free speech, conservatism, the Constitution, capitalism, patriotism and justice for all. That’s why we want to express love for those things.”

Others felt that the President genuinely cares about them and what happens to them.

A local Border Patrol officer echoed the sentiment, proud that Trump is pro-law enforcement. Some people even honked in support of the caravan.

The “Trump Train” moved through downtown Laredo around lunch time. Gigi M. E. Ramos, who works at a nonprofit for veterans, used her lunch break from work to greet the car caravan a few blocks away from the anti-wall mural.

Waving the American flag, she shouted:

“I am supporting the Trump parade, hallelujah. Build the wall and protect Americans. No American veteran should be last on the list, standing in line to try to get food, housing, education when we have people that are coming to this country illegally. I am a 100% for legal immigration. Not illegal immigration.”

There was another event on Saturday, the same day the Trump train rolled out, and that was the Honoring Veterans and Families event.

This was hosted by the No Border Wall Coalition and the Veterans United to Stop the Wall. They met at a “Defund the Wall” mural where they touched the mural up.

A Vietnam War veteran, Ramiro Rodriguez, said he was there as a proud first-generation Hispanic American. His parents came from Mexico. He actually felt the money was not being properly spent on the wall.

He suggested:

“Walls are not something that we need. We need to invest money in young people so they can grow better and improve their quality of education.”

There was a plan to drive over a street mural that protested the President’s wishes for the mural in downtown Laredo. Garza explained the reasoning behind this:

“It’s symbolic by stating that whoever is driving in this Trump train is supportive of President Trump and that they’re supportive of building the wall along the border, specifically in Laredo.”

The No Border Wall Coalition had requested a permit to touch up the mural with veterans this weekend. Another group is planning on painting a “Back The Blue” mural nearby.

But Garza reached an agreement to change their route to avoid driving over the mural — for now.

“We would like to thank the people of Laredo for participating and further thank city staff that assisted in planning this great and peaceful event. In speaking with the Laredo Police Department and the city manager, not one violent incident, vehicle accident or any other incident resulted from this event.”

Others from the community did express disapproval of the Trump Train, because they did not feel it was necessary. They agreed that it was their right to host the event, just as others do for their candidates.

One said that it was their constitutional right to do this, but of course they mentioned that they believe President Trump is a racist, and that Trump was an “affront to human dignity and a diplomatic insult.”

The turnout was so successful that that they are planning another event this Saturday. They have already said that they have already planned another awesome event. 

The Biden Campaign said they would follow up with a Biden Train of their own… it was not as successful.

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