In what can only be described as blackmail, five Democratic senators (including one running for President) have put the Supreme Court on notice: rule as we see fit, or we will ‘restructure’ the highest court in a way that is unrecognizable.

We can only hope that, regardless of their personal political beliefs, all nine justices band together to fight this overreach of Congressional power.

According to The Hills’ Madison Gesiotto, here is how it happened.

New York City is being sued over one of the most restrictive gun laws, one that effectively makes it illegal to have a firearm anywhere except in a home or on the way to a gun range.

Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal, Richard Durbin, and Kirsten Gillibrand have claimed that there is no constitutional problem with the law. They are threatening the Supreme Court to get them to agree.

In an unprecedented act of aggression, the senators filed an amicus brief warning the Supreme Court, a coequal branch of the federal government, that its very future would be at stake if it ruled against New York City.

The first three Articles of the Constitution establish the coequal branches; the executive, the legislative and the judicial. 

Their brief barely touches on legal arguments. It also doesn’t really address the clear interpretation that the original meaning of the Second Amendment applies to individuals, even though the Supreme Court laid that out in the landmark rulings in District of Columbia versus Dick Heller and Otis McDonald versus City of Chicago.

Rather than argue on the merits of the case, these power-happy senators cited polling data that claims Americans believe that the Supreme Court often rules based on politics. They also questioned the court’s “legitimacy” if the justices refuse to take up this case.

The senator’s ultimatum came with a powerful threat: if the Supreme Court refuses to go along, it will be ‘restructured.’

The message is to let New York City pave the way for the nationwide agenda against gun rights that Democrats are planning to enact if they win the White House.

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What is this restructuring they are referring to? Democrats have used this political tactic before. It is just another way of stacking the court by adding more justices.

Threats to pack the Supreme Court go all the way back to President Roosevelt during the 1930s when the Supreme Court stood in the way of the massive expansion of federal power that he sought.

The truth of the matter is this: the American people simply cannot afford to let any of the three branches of the federal government step beyond the checks and balances system we currently enjoy by strong-arming or blackmailing either of the other two branches.

Based on the Democratic threats to the Supreme Court, giving them control of two branches would essentially be handing over unchecked control of the third branch as well.

Gesiotto provided a history lesson, saying: 

“Even if some coalition of Republicans and reasonable Democrats were to prevent this reincarnated court packing scheme, the history of the New Deal era shows us that the Supreme Court might still cave to the pressure from the left.

Back in 1937, the Supreme Court abandoned its original understanding of the commerce clause of the Constitution and rubber stamped the rest of the New Deal, ushering in the long era of federal dominance that we are familiar with in the United States today.”

It is up to the American people keep our elected officials in check as they seek to restructure our system of government in the United States.

The assault on our 2ndAmendment has never been more blatant or callous. Now the left is attacking the first 3 Articles that create the separation of powers.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must do everything possible to elect members of Congress who will fight for our Constitution.

The current members of the Democratic ‘leadership’ are hellbent on ushering in a tyrannical future that seeks to erase what amazing people have sacrificed, bled and died to create, defend and maintain. We must not allow that to ever become a reality.  

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