Senate confirms radical woman with ecoterrorism ties to run the Bureau of Land Management


WASHINGTON, DC – In a vote that spread along party lines in the Senate back in late September, a controversial nominee for the Bureau of Land Management who has direct ties to ecoterrorism was confirmed by the Senate.

The now-confirmed Bureau of Land Management leader not only was involved with an actual ecoterrorism plot decades earlier – but also had provided work to the ecoterrorist themed publication “Earth First!” – which was a publication that garnered support from none other than the Unabomber.

On September 30th, the Senate confirmed Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the Bureau of Land Management, a government agency tasked with the mission “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations”, according to the agency’s website.

What makes the appointment so controversial is due to Stone-Manning’s ties with both ecoterrorist groups and a bonafide convicted ecoterrorist.

While a graduate student 30 years earlier at the University of Montana in Missoula, a hotbed of environmental activism in the 1980s and 1990s, Stone-Manning was a member of the environmental extremist organization “Earth First!”, which the FBI recognized the organization as one of many extremist groups in the United States that constituted a domestic terrorism threat.

To demonstrate the sort of supporters the “Earth First!” movements attracted, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, adored the “Earth First!” journal and referred to himself as an “Earth Firster satellite.”

It should also be noted that the Unabomber’s infamous cabin was located in Lincoln, Montana – two hours away from where Stone-Manning attended university and where he’d even go to the school’s library at times before his 1996 arrest.

But it was Stone-Manning’s involvement in a 1989 ecoterrorism plot of tree spiking that has eyebrows raised with Republicans following her confirmation.

Back in 1989, Stone-Manning sent a letter to the United States Forest Service on behalf of a friend named John P. Blount, where she alerted authorities that trees within the Clearwater National Forest that were slated to be cut down had been intentionally sabotaged with metal spikes.

This practice, known as tree spiking, is not only illegal – but the FBI designates it as an act of ecoterrorism.  

The seven people who were subpoenaed regarding the matter, to include Stone-Manning, were probed by a grand jury in 1989 after the Forest Service received the letter, and they were forced to provide fingerprints, handwriting, and hair samples.

The grand jury in 1989, however, found insufficient evidence to prosecute Blount or anyone else with the offense. The crime was not solved until three years later, when Blount’s ex-wife reported him to police, also naming Stone-Manning as the person who sent the letter on his behalf.

After Stone-Manning was outed years after the fact, she exchanged her testimony for immunity in a 1993 trial against Blount, where he was convicted of the tree spiking and sentenced to 17 months in prison.

Stone-Manning has insisted on her innocence in the ecoterrorist scheme, claiming that she sent the letter out of concern for people’s safety and that she had no idea whether trees had been spiked.

Except, during the nomination process earlier in 2021, details came to light that seem to refute her self-portrayal as a mere concerned party who sent a letter out of concern for the safety of others.

For example, Stone-Manning was discovered to have edited an issue of the “Earth First!” journal in 1991 that contained an article ridiculing federal officials’ failure to solve the tree-spiking offense in which she was engaged. Considering this issue came out two years before her 1993 testimony, it suggests she intentionally withheld information about the crime.

Furthermore, during the nomination process, both Blount and former Forest Service special agent Michael Merkley, the case’s primary investigator, provided supporting descriptions of the ecoterrorist plot that painted Stone-Manning as being more than just a person sending a letter.

Blount said that Stone-Manning was aware of the tree-spiking plan months before it was carried out, and that she had agreed to send the letter for him before he spiked the trees.

Former special agent Merkley said that Stone-Manning “was not an innocent bystander” in the plot either, saying she didn’t cooperate during the 1989 grand jury investigation and that she lied during her testimony to the grand jury at the time.

In former special agent Merkley’s own words, Stone-Manning was “extremely difficult to work with; in fact, she was the nastiest of the suspects. She was vulgar, antagonistic, and extremely anti-government.”

Outside of Stone-Manning’s ties to extremism, her master’s thesis from the University of Montana advocated for the creation of population control propaganda – creating mock advertisements that referred to kids (as in, literal children) as being an “environmental hazard”.

Stone-Manning had access to her thesis restricted back in June of 2020, according to reports, showing that the record can now only be obtained by University of Montana current campus members only. However, the Daily Caller managed to obtain a cop of the 1992 thesis.

Not only does she advocate for population control, she also shared an article online in September of 2020 that promoted her husband’s writing that suggested firefighters shouldn’t extinguish fires immediately – but should instead let them burn to serve as “perhaps the solution to houses” not following specific regulations.

A person tied to ecoterrorism, who advocated population control, and supports the idea of homes burning down is now leading the Bureau of Land Management.

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Sen. Risch (R-ID) tears into Biden nominee over her ‘black, abandoned, and malignant heart’

(Originally published July 25th, 2021)

WASHINGTON, DC – A divide U.S. Senate panel deadlocked on President Biden’s nominee for the leadership of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management after Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) accused Tracy Stone-Manning of having “a black, abandoned, and malignant heart.”

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee was bitterly divided along party lines, with a final vote of 10-10.

The vote moves the nomination to a floor vote, which would require every Republican Senator to vote against the nomination, plus one rogue Democrat, to stop the appointment.

Stone-Manning is poised to become head of the department that oversees energy production, grazing, mining, recreation, and other activities across almost a quarter-billion acres of public lands, primarily in the West.

Perhaps sensing the overwhelming difficulty Republicans face in trying to stop the appointment, Sen. Risch gave an impassioned speech against Stone-Manning, who has a history as an alleged eco-terrorist.

Although she denied ever being the target of a federal criminal investigation in writing to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Stone-Manning did receive immunity to testify in a 1993 criminal trial, admitting to writing an anonymous letter to the Forest Service threatening tree-spiking.

Tree-spiking is an “eco-terrorist” practice of embedding large metal spikes in trees to interfere with logging. The practice has led to lumberjacks and loggers being seriously injured or killed while cutting into the trees.

In October 1989, Stone-Manning was among seven individuals who were served with subpoenas and forced to provide fingerprints, palm prints, handwriting samples, and hair samples to a federal grand jury investigating the matter.

Sen. Risch worked in forestry and earned a forestry degree before becoming an attorney. He explained during the meeting that tree spiking is a serious, life-threatening crime that should not be overlooked:

“What happens when the saw hits this spike is what happens in a war when a hand grenade goes off. Shrapnel goes every direction. It destroys the saw, be it a band saw or a circular saw, and it will break this [spike] also into shrapnel. It will either kill or injure anyone that is within range of the shrapnel. That’s what tree spiking is.

“So, why do you put this in a tree? You put this in a tree to kill somebody. It’s not put in there for fun. It’s not a Sunday school prank. You put this in a tree to kill somebody.”

The Senator described the massive size of forestry saws, explaining that one type would reach the ceiling of the chambers.

He said that tree spiking is a modern danger to people working in the forestry industry, something he never learned about in college because it did not exist:

“I studied forestry as most of you know. We didn’t even study (tree spiking) because it didn’t exist back when I was in forestry school.

“It was only when eco-terrorism, and particularly that involved with the national forests, hit its peak that some genius came up with this idea of how to kill people that are working in the forest industry. That’s what tree spiking is.”

Sen. Risch told his colleagues that they should be ashamed that Stone-Manning’s nomination made it as far as it has:

I’ve only been on this committee 13 years, but I’ve got to tell you, this is probably the most significant act of an insult to a really good agency and the people in that agency that I’ve ever seen perpetrated by this committee.

“I don’t know how this nomination has gotten this far, but I think that we ought to spend some time looking at that.”

Democrats have excused Stone-Manning’s past, expressing that it was a mistake from long ago. Sen. Risch said her actions were never a mistake. He said she should be going to prison, not the Department of Interior:

“Some of my friends that I’ve talked with in Congress here have said, ‘Well, she made a mistake 30 years ago.’

This was not a mistake. This was a knowing, willful, intentional act done with a black, abandoned, and malignant heart, intended to kill a fellow human being. This is not a mistake. A mistake is when you reach in your sock drawer and you take out two socks that don’t match.

“This is an intentional act for which people are sent to prison, and (they) should be.”

In his closing remarks, the Senator moved from Forestry worker to successful prosecutor. He re-iterated that Stone-Manning should be facing prison rather than a political appointment and said that Democrats will show their true colors if they nominate her:

“You know, I’ve prosecuted I don’t know how many cases. This, for a prosecutor, is shooting fish in a barrel. She shouldn’t be in front of this committee for confirmation to a major, major point in this administration; she should be in front of a jury, explaining to them why she committed perjury and why she lied to Congress.

“My friends, look, if you want to confirm her, you absolutely can. But believe me, this stain on this administration will last for the next three and a half years.

“If the Biden administration wants to have the face and the character of their administration represented by this individual, this attempted murderer, this perjurer, this liar, this conspirator, if that’s what you want in the administration, and that’s what you want for the face of the administration, here’s your person. Confirm her.”


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