SPANISH FORK, Utah — Security camera images show a handcuffed man running out of a courtroom and throwing himself over a second floor railing. The criminal defendant lands on the floor below at a courthouse in Spanish Fork.

The man has been identified by Utah State Courts as Christopher Clay Rudd, 35, reported Fox 13 Salt Lake City.

Rudd was supposed to appear before a judge “for an order to show cause for skipping out on his rehab.”

The security camera images also show a bailiff attempting to break Rudd’s fall, and Rudd appeared to have been bleeding from a head wound after the fall.

security camera

Christopher Clay Rudd, 35, was identified as the man taking a plunge over the courthouse railing. (Utah County)

Mapleton Police arrested Rudd on April 26 for theft, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and drug-related charges.

Rudd’s hands were cuffed in front of him, but he was not wearing any leg restraints. He could be seen scanning the courtroom just seconds before he leaped from his seat, the video showed.

He walked briskly towards the gallery area of the courtroom, and broke into a run as he pushed past the partition door and down the aisle.

While others inside the courtroom looked at each other in apparent confusion, Rudd exited into the hallway outside, planted his feet and flipped himself over a railing.

Despite a bailiff’s efforts to break his fall, Rudd crashed onto the lobby floor, and began bleeding from his head.

Amazingly, he never lost consciousness, and was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the Gephardt Daily reported.

You can watch the courthouse footage in the video below:

No one else was injured during the incident Monday.

Utah County Sgt. Lance Rudd – who noted he was not related to the inmate – said he did not believe Rudd was trying to escape custody.

“He said his intent was to harm himself,” Sgt. Rudd explained.