Seattle teacher denounces her ‘white privilege’ and claims peace is ‘racist’. This is ‘education’ in 2020.


SEATTLE, WA- A middle school teacher in Seattle was recording making bizarre claims about racism and “white privilege.” While teaching a class of 8th graders through a zoom call, Suzanne Wakefield went into a long rant about President Trump and equality.

Wakefield is an art teacher at TOPS at Seward School in Seattle, Washington. Allegedly, the teacher asked students to create a pen and ink drawing that represents “equality” before flying off on an unhinged rant. One of Wakefield’s students discreetly recorded her words and can be heard sighing loudly in the video.

The recording of the art teacher’s class started with Wakefield stating that her own assignment “might” be coming from a racist point of view:

“I might have been coming from a racist perspective with that whole theme.”

Wakefield continued on the unhinged rant even going as far as saying that her future assignments to the class would be “a little racist” due to her “white privilege”:

“I might give you guys things sometimes that might be kinda racist and I’m admitting it and I want to talk about it sometimes because it infiltrates every part of our life, OK? And, you guys, there are people that do not have white privilege in our world, ya know? And so, I came from a place that had privileges that other people don’t have, you know?”

She then went back to speaking about the current assignment involving peace to explain why it could constitute racism to some:

“So, I recognize that might have been a racist idea if you looked at it like, ‘Oh, peace is this cool thing that everybody can have, ya know? It’s beautiful, it’s lovely.’ I mean, it is kind of a vision but it also might be different depending on your perspective so, yeah, I just wanted to kinda clear that up,”

It is abundantly clear that the teacher has been conditioned, but that conditioning has come from a leftist agenda rather than “white privilege.”

The teacher also claimed to be “conditioned” by her white privilege, something she says she is working on changing:

“My perspective is coming from a white privilege. I’m a white person and I’ve been conditioned and I’m trying to un-condition myself. But I just wanted you guys to know that if you believe in peace, it could mean lots of different things.”

Wakefield’s long monologue lasted over six minutes and, of course, featured an attack on President Trump. The art teacher accused the president of not advocating for peace like former president Obama did. How does this relate to a middle school art project? We don’t know either.

Wakefield said:

“Our country is divided, our leader is pushing that, he’s not an advocate for peace, our leader, or unity like Obama was. Unity and peace, people coming together, which is really hard to do because there’s so many equality issues and injustice happening that people are fighting against.”

This middle school teacher’s fear of being racist is ridiculous and, unfortunately, very common. Though Wakefield did not do or say anything to constitute racism she has been tricked into believing that her very existence is an act of racism.

Watch Wakefield’s full tangent here:

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Read another story about the insanity taking place in our school systems here:

RENTON, WA – In a virtual kindergarten classroom in the suburbs of Seattle, a mom says the person hired to teach her young son has instead been tormenting him and his classmates by accusing them of living on “stolen land.” 

The Renton woman appeared on KIRO radio’s Dori Monson show on Tuesday, going only by her first name, Angela. 

On the first day of her son’s virtual class, Angela said she heard the unusual message as the teacher welcomed students and launched into the day’s lesson. 

By day three or four, she told the hosts of the radio show, she had decided to record what the teacher was saying to the class of five-year-olds. 

Angela told the host what she heard: 

“You just told my kid that they’re living on something stolen and that stealing is bad. I was in shock actually, like what is happening?” 

Host Monson replied: 

“It seemed to me to be an effort by our government schools to teach the kids to start disliking America, and I don’t know what the purpose of that is for kindergartners.” 

The teacher’s alleged rant is in reference to indigenous people’s land and the Duwamish, a local local.

The website for the group says the original territory of the Duwamish people includes Renton, which is about 11 miles south of Seattle. The website reads: 

“We are the host tribe for Seattle, our area’s only indigenous tribe. Many of our enrolled members still live on Duwamish aboriginal territory, which includes Seattle, Burien, Tukwila, Renton, and Redmond.” 

The tribe says it has about 600 members in the area. 

The population of Renton is more than 100,000 and the Renton School District currently has more than 15,000 students enrolled. 

It is unclear if or how the teacher at the center of the controversy is connected to the tribe. 

Angela said that since making the recording, she has spoken with the principal of her son’s school, who she said was unaware of the extracurricular lesson. Angela said that the school administrator promised to speak with the educator. 

But before any action could be taken, Angela said, the issue escalated. She told KIRO radio: 

“Today, [Tuesday] though, the teacher took 17 minutes of class time to talk about it. First, she showed a video of another school doing land acknowledgment, like a poem. Then she had the kids repeat that acknowledgement poem back. And, then, she decided that the students were going to write one for the Duwamish people. So, they took the time to do that.” 

The Renton School District has not released a public statement or comment on the mom’s allegations, or if any disciplinary action has or will be taken against the teacher.

It does, however, link to a non-discrimination policy on its website which reads in the first line: 

“Renton School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.” 

At this point, there is no information available on how long the teacher has been with the district, or if this same lecture has been taught to kindergarten students in the past.  

In concluding her nine-minute interview Tuesday morning, Angela told Monson she does not disagree with her son learning American history, but she does disagree with the manner in which this issue was presented to kindergarten-age students. 

She said that as a parent, she believes her child should be learning unbiased, factual and well-rounded lessons on U.S. history. 

Angela said: 

“I guarantee my kids will never say ‘bleep’ the police or ‘bleep’ America. I hope that I teach them well.” 

Angela summed up her feelings to Monson. She said kindergarten should be a time of socializing and friendship, not one that involves this type of messaging.

“They should be socializing, they should be building friendships, they should be singing songs and enjoying it. Starting off every day reminding children that they’re living on stolen land does not, in my opinion, start the day off great.”


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