Unconstitutional? Seattle police, facing manpower shortage, to hire illegal immigrants with DACA status as cops

SEATTLE, WA - Seattle is joining the growing list of left wing cities that have decided to turn to illegal aliens to fill the ever-increasing void in the ranks of their police department, following cities such as Los Angeles. This is due to severe understaffing that has gutted many large city departments in primarily blue cities. 

In April, KTTH’s Jason Rantz reported that staffing on the Seattle PD is at levels not seen in 67 years. As of December 31, 2023, the department had only 424 police officers working, the last date for which data was available. That number was confirmed to Rantz by the Seattle PD in an email. 

Moreover, of those 424 officers, 66 were eligible for retirement, and 84 are over the age of 50 according to a human resources document obtained by Rantz. 

Law Enforcement Today reached out to a member of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, who told us that the anti-police mindset of the city administration is leading to officers leaving the department in droves. 

While the exodus was exacerbated due to the anti-police sentiments embodied by left-wing city leaders during the George Floyd riots, it had actually already started the year before, when the city passed an accountability ordinance targeting cops. Among the “highlights” of that ordinance was giving leftist activists subpoena power while removing arbitration rights away from police officers. 

Now, faced with what can only be called an emergency due to low staffing, the city is taking advantage of Senate Bill 6157, signed into law by far-left Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, which will allow DACA recipients or so-called “dreamers” to apply to become police officers. 


One issue facing DACA recipients becoming police officers is because they are in the country illegally, which means that they are not generally permitted to carry a firearm. However, Biden’s ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, FIrearms and Explosives) has ruled that “It is ATF’s position that DACA recipients can possess duty firearms and possess ammunition as part of their official law enforcement officer duties,” according to the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

In the case of Los Angeles, Chief Michel Moore modified department policy so DACA recipients can possess their firearms while off duty, now classifying off-duty hours as part of the “performance of their official duties.” 

According to ATF, if an officer is required to possess a firearm at all times, whether on or off duty, it is legal for DACA recipients to possess firearms in either capacity. However, if policy doesn’t have such a requirement, DACA recipients are only able to possess firearms while on duty and must turn it in at the end of each shift. 

PERF is clearly in the tank for Democrats and the Biden administration. The blog piece notes that the military allows people who are non-citizens but “legal permanent residents” to serve in the military, noting “they get advanced training, a weapon, and are sent to defend this country,” but rues the fact that they are not allowed to become police officers. The writer suggests an “accelerated path to citizenship” for those who choose to become police officers. 

The writer goes on to call it a “win-win.” Call us crazy, but allowing people who entered the country illegally, also known as “criminals” to serve as police officers sends a mixed message. If someone is that inclined to “serve their community,” let them enter the US like my parents and millions of others did…legally.

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Better pay than tossing tilapia in the fish market...sure. What could go wrong?


First of all, PERF has always been an organization that has an unrealistic perception of what it is to be a police officer. The membership, including the chiefs (and I'm a retired Chief) belong in the ivory tower with the academics and other liberals. Second, it's fundamentally wrong to grant illegal aliens (criminals) the authority to take away United States citizens' freedoms. Last, non-citizens are allowed to serve in the armed forces, but the armed forces don't have the authority to take away our own citizens' rights and freedoms unless martial law is implemented. This is wrong on many levels!


It's a good idea to hire illegal aliens we do not have any good cops in America The police chiefs we have are just like you no good it is a great idea to hire them.


My law enforcement & criminal justice work extends over 50 years. 25 years a LEO, 45 years a LEO trainer and 32 years a federal/state qualified police practices expert. I would not let an illegal alien "cop" arrest me and I would defend any person who was arrested by an illegal alien "cop." You are either here legally, or you are not. You might have constitutional rights as an illegal alien, but being a LEO is a codified privilege, not a civil right as articulated in the Bill of Rights. Just because you waive a magic wand and make an illegal alien a "cop" and give them a gun doesn't make it legal. WTH have we come to in the former "United" States of America. It's becoming like the UN running this country. Dr. Ron Martinelli


Building Back Better. One step at a time.


These are the times when good cops stand up and tell the bosses to GFT if they hire an illegal.


There are no good cops they should hire illegal aliens.


Seattle deserves every bit of this......Enough said


Can not see this going well!


The People's Republic of Inslee gets everything, and then some more for their socialist supporters i.e. the voters. They're proud of their progressive attitudes and it'll be fun watching how Seattle destroys itself in the end. My encouragement to those conservative, people, flee your cities and don't look back in fear of turning into a pillar of salt.


The People's Republic of Inslee gets everything, and then some more for their socialist supporters i.e. the voters. They're proud of their progressive attitudes and it'll be fun watching how Seattle destroys itself in the end. My encouragement to those conservative, people, flee your cities and don't look back in fear of turning into a pillar of salt.


The FILTHY LEFT just keep digging their GRAVES deeper and deeper.


Nonsense! With a population of 749,000, Seattle can find many qualified White males to be cops. They don't have to hire illegals. What next? Hiring and promoting drug dealers or psychotics?


Good, they can not be any worse than the cops we already have maybe they will be honest and not enjoy harming people.


Los Angeles already has .


Can you say drug cartel control boys and girls? This is right out of Al Capone's playbook; control the cops, the D.A.'s and judges. Let the contraband flow. In Capone's time it was booze, now it's drugs.


All I can say is, WOW! This is unbelievable. I can understand the need for cops, but to hire illegals, and give them guns and authority to arrest? What's next, illegals elected in Congress? Once it starts, it's almost impossible to reverse. How many years do you think it would take China to fill our cities with illegal Chinese nationals? How stupid can we be?

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