Seattle murder suspect arrested and released more than 34 times found dead in tank full of bleach


SEATTLE, WA – Who is running Seattle anyway? Murder suspect Travis Berge had racked up over 100 police contacts, dozens of civil infractions, and 47 criminal cases, one an attempted rape, in the five years he lived in Seattle.

On September 18, he was found dead at the bottom of a 10-foot deep tank filled with 50 gallons of a 12% bleach solution. Why wasn’t he in jail long ago?

Earlier in the day, the fire department and police were called to Cal Anderson Park, near the former, now-infamous, “CHOP zone” to tend to an “unresponsive female” found in a makeshift shelter there.

Their efforts were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead at the scene, victim of a homicide. Witnesses on the scene explained that the woman and Berge had a domestic relationship. Initial observations indicate she was beaten to death.

Police were then made aware that someone had broken into the pump house on the west side of the park. They went to the location, where they found Berge. He barricaded himself inside, and a four hour long standoff ensued.

After a SWAT team arrived, police entered the building and discovered Berge’s body at the bottom of a tank filled with 50 gallons of bleach, used to treat the city’s drinking water supply.

Thus ended the criminal career and reign of terror imposed on the people of Seattle by Travis Berge. Significantly, the criminal courts and justice system in Seattle had nothing to do with it.

Instead, by lucky happenstance, Travis Berge appears to have accidentally killed himself while attempting to evade police. 

Unfortunately, that is how the criminal justice system seems to “work” in Seattle these days. Unless the criminal solves the problem himself or herself, the problem continues.

Based on a report from Scott P. Lindsay, one could be forgiven for confusing the Seattle courts with a fancy travel bureau and hotel for repeat offenders.

Lindsay’s report is appropriately titled “System Failure”. In it, Lindsay examines the records of 100 repeat offenders who have cycled through Seattle’s criminal justice system.

All of them are or have been homeless, and all have known drug problems. Like Berge, many are addicted to methamphetamines. Mental health flags were found in court records for 38 of the offenders in the study.

The majority of the offenders were white (66%) and male (78%).

The 100 offenders selected for the study were collectively responsible for 3,562 criminal cases in Washington state, or an average of 36 per individual. One offender was responsible for 112 cases.

In Seattle, the group was also responsible for 1,612 misdemeanor cases. One offender was responsible for 53. Of these cases, 636 resulted in jail bookings over the previous 12 months.

Many of the offenders were released immediately after being booked, or served only a small amount of time in jail. Lindsay checked to see how often they failed to appear in court, failed to comply with pre-trial release conditions, and failed to comply with conditions of suspended sentences.

All 100 offenders violated these requirements in a majority of their cases before the court.

That is, if an individual had 50 cases lodged against him, in 26 or more of those cases, he failed to appear in court and failed to comply with pre-trial conditions and failed to comply with suspended sentence requirements.

This situation is, as Lindsay describes it, a “system failure”.

One could say that if there is any kind of “systemic abuse” to be found in the criminal justice system, this is where it is to be found: in the refusal to enforce the law by those charged with prosecuting, sentencing, and incarcerating criminals.

It is worth looking at Berge’s record, as compiled by Lindsay. 

Among the 47 criminal cases involving Berge (30 at the time Lindsay made his report) are many assaults, resisting arrest, and attempted rape.

In one example of Berge resisting arrest, officers were attempting to handcuff him. Berge grabbed one of the officer’s gloved thumbs and then wrenched it so hard he literally ripped the thumb of the glove from the glove.

The officer had, luckily, managed to withdraw his hand before Berge ripped the glove apart, thus preventing injury to his hand. Court records showed that Berge resisted arrest by fighting with officers on almost every occasion he was arrested.

In an incident on March 10, 2017, it took eight officers to restrain him.

In one police report, Berge was described as “a volatile threat to officers and the public at large due to his instability. [He] has an officer safety caution in WACIC for threatening to kill police officers.”

So what did the city of Seattle do about this “volatile threat”? In one case of resisting arrest, the city waited eight months to file charges against him, during which time he was free to commit other offenses, which he did.

In one two-day period, police had to deal with him on five separate occasions for “public safety incidents.” The police report notes the following about Berge “ASSAULTIVE TO OFFICERS. MENTAL. THREATS TO OFFICERS. WEAPON.”

The typical punishment meted out to Berge was a 30-day sentence, only part of which was served, or suspended sentence on the condition that he not re-offend, which he inevitably did.

Berge, as Lindsay’s report makes clear, is not the only dangerous offender known to be walking the streets of Seattle.

The local police were well aware of the threat posed by Berge and others like him but are limited in what they can do thanks to courts that don’t seem to care about their own vows to maintain law and order and thus protect Seattle from dangerous people like Berge.

It goes against the narrative that homeless people are to be pitied, that drug users are to be pitied rather than feared, and that the criminal justice system hands out unjust punishments for minor offenses.

What Berge and the other 99 repeat offenders in Seattle show us is that there are many dangerous drug-addicted criminals among Seattle’s homeless population and that they are treated with kid gloves, possibly out of fear that anything more would offend liberal sensibilities.

Here is a question for Seattle politicians: do you prefer to see your homeless drug-addicted criminals in your jails or in your drinking water?

If Seattle wants safe streets and clean drinking water, perhaps they should consider firing or voting out of office those officials responsible for the disgraceful dereliction of duty found throughout Seattle’s criminal justice system.


Minneapolis police say “autonomous zone” blocked police, EMS response to brutal assault

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- Maybe they should call it East CHAZ…or Eastern CHOP.

Whatever it is, this is probably the best kept secret in the era of 2020-The “Peaceful” Protests.

According to KSTP-5 in Minneapolis, there is apparently an autonomous zone in downtown Minneapolis around a memorial dedicated to George Floyd, apparently known as “The Free State of George Floyd.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or course, Floyd died in police custody back in May, which sparked a summer of “peaceful protests,” otherwise known as riots.


The autonomous zone, comprised of four city blocks in the south part of the city, was apparently the scene of an incident in August where a local business owner was assaulted during a robbery, according to surveillance video obtained by the outlet.

The zone apparently resulted in a delay for both police and EMS to respond to the scene to provide assistance to the victim.

KSTP obtained surveillance video which showed the victim, who is the owner of a body shop on Chicago Avenue being assaulted in the middle of the area inside an “autonomous zone” near “George Floyd Square.”

According to Minneapolis police, it took an EMS crew around 14 minutes to reach the victim.

KTSP obtained an internal Minneapolis PD report which stated:

“The crowd from the George Floyd Memorial began moving toward us and people were hollering that they were going to kick our asses and that we would have to kill them.”

It isn’t known why the Minneapolis police did not comply with their request.

Of course, the “peaceful protesters” disagreed with the police department’s assessment of the incident, with a woman named Marcia Howard claiming the incident report filed by the MPD was “misleading at best and false at worst.”

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LET Unity

Because as history has proven, Black Lives Matter protesters never interfere with emergency services trying to perform their jobs.

“They came in unimpeded, unfettered with EMS,” Howard said. “They are not being met with violence or hostile crowds and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant lie.”

KTSP reached out to both Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and City Coordinator Mark Ruff, who refused to speak to the station. They also reached out to City Council President Lisa Bender, who didn’t return a message asking for comment.

Bender you may recall a couple of months back asked for the police department to be disbanded, but recently must have forgotten that because she is now wondering where the police are? Apparently she’s a bit confused.

A spokesman of the city of Minneapolis denied the existence of any type of autonomous zone, issuing a statement which said in part:

“There is no autonomous zone in the area of 38th and Chicago Avenue or anywhere else in the City of Minneapolis. Laws and enforcement responsibilities have not changed for any part of the city.”

In an apparent dose of dyslexia, the same statement said that the city is “in negotiations with people occupying the zone and is working toward a phased reopening of the area sometime ‘before winter.’”

Meanwhile the victim of the assault, who asked only to be identified by his first name of Dan, was knocked unconscious during the assault and robbery at Mill City Auto Body during the Aug. 5 incident.

“I had a broken cheekbone, teeth missing, stitches in my head and I was knocked out,” Dan said.

“It took police and the ambulance a very long time to get here because they had a hard time getting inside the barricades.”

Those are apparently the barricades the city says do not exist.


Father of teen killed near Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’ files $3 billion in claims: ‘Suing them all’

August 29, 2020 – SEATTLE, WA – Politicians allowed a group of violent anarchists to take over a 6-block area of Seattle.

Some called it the CHOP, others, the CHAZ. Whatever they called it, the area was a haven for lawlessness.

The leaders blocked off the streets. They prevented people from walking through the area if they didn’t want them there.

They extorted business owners for “safety”. The terrorized residents. People were brutally attacked.

Some lost their lives. One of those people was Lorenzo Anderson, a 19-year-old black man.

And the politician’s allowed it to happen. Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, said that the zone was patriotic. She said that “it could be the summer of love.” 

Tell that to Horace Anderson. He is Lorenzo’s father. 

Mr. Anderson is suing the city of Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington for $1B each. He is seeking $3B total. His attorney has filed wrongful death claims against each of the entities. 

“We don’t exactly know where blame lies so we’re putting all the entities on notice and will begin the discovery process and flush out justice,” attorney Evan M. Oshan, told The Seattle Times.

The Associated Press reported that Anderson’s mother, Donnitta Sinclair Martin is also filing a suit against the city for an undisclosed amount. 

Her claim was based on the belief that officials allowed the zone to be created and that police and fire officials failed to protect or medically assist her son. 

Keep in mind, responding officers were prevented from entering the area by the crowds of people.

Some told officers that Anderson had already been transported to the hospital, where he died.  After the 911 call, paramedics were staged nearby, but also could not enter the dangerous area until police had it secured. 

The city’s Department of Finance and Administrative Service, along with the county Department of Executive Services have acknowledged receipt of the claims filed by Horace Anderson, but refused to comment, citing policies regarding comments on pending claims. 

Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services said they have not received anything as of yet. 

The autonomous zone where Lorenzo was killed was founded as part of the Black Lives Matter protests that started after the death of George Floyd. Two of the central themes of those protests have been “defunding the police” and “Democrats love us, Trump is evil.”

Ironically, Anderson received a call from the President. 

“Incredibly, Donald Trump called me. The President of the United States called me and talked to me today. He gave his condolences, and me, I’m not a political guy. I told him, ‘Nobody likes you.’  I’m real. But I will tell you on this camera, Donald Trump called me and he didn’t have to call me.”

He had not heard from the mayor or the governor after his son’s death. 

“It’s like they didn’t care, it didn’t matter. I haven’t heard from the mayor, from the police department. No city. Nobody.”

Here is the latest that we had reported on Anderson’s death and the pursuit of the suspect who allegedly fled the state. 

SEATTLE, WA –He’s accused of murdering someone in the CHOP / CHAZ zone.  Now police know who he is… they just don’t know where to find him.

Police have identified and charged a suspect in the murder of 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson, who was one of the people murder in Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ while it was in full swing. However, police have still not apprehended the suspect in question.

Police say that 18-year-old Marcel Levon Long is the man responsible for killing Anderson on June 20th while the unchecked CHAZ/CHOP was still ongoing in Seattle. Authorities apparently likened Long as a suspect one day after the shooting, but have been unable to catch up with him since the identification of him as a person of interest.

Now police have officially charged the suspected and have reason to believe that he has fled the state to avoid arrest and prosecution.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office stated that they have high-quality video surveillance of what appears to be the moments before Long gunned down the 19-year-old near Cal Anderson Park.

Police say that Long produced a handgun after an interaction with Anderson and began following the victim while he tried to walk away from whatever confrontation was ongoing.

Investigators believe there may have been a longstanding feud of sorts between the suspect and the victim, with Long catching up with Anderson and allegedly getting into a fist fight with him and later firing his gun twice at the victim.

Unsurprisingly, Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant went immediately for pegging “right-wing hate & violence” as being responsible for the murder of Anderson. Based upon the suspect at-large, that theory seems to be debunked.

Law Enforcement Today has been following the details on this investigation for some time. Here’s our previous report as the investigation was still developing.


In the weeks following the murder of 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr., a grieving father was left with more questions than answers – and he’s not even received a single word or condolence from the very city’s mayor that allowed CHOP to run amok which led to a young man being killed.

Yet, President Donald Trump personally reached out to this grieving father on July 2nd – on the day that father buried his son.

The 50-year-old father, Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr., stated the following about the interaction with the president:

“Incredibly, Donald Trump called me. The President of the United States called me today. He gave his condolences, and me, I’m not a political guy. I told him, ‘Nobody like you.’  I’m real. Donald Trump called me and he didn’t have to call me.”

Hundreds were said to have gathered during the services held in Kent, Washington on July 2nd. The father of the slain young man described the pain he’s be experiencing while coping with the loss of his son:

“I haven’t been able to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night. I go look for him. He ain’t there.”

Anderson Jr. was shot dead on June 20th, yet the CHOP area in Seattle where he was killed was virtually left undisturbed for weeks after. When the shooting occurred, neither police nor paramedics responded to the area, citing concerns over the occupants present at the time.


Young Anderson’s father was deeply troubled at how his son was simply hauled off by those present at CHOP, who delivered him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead:

“My son, he needed help. And they shouldn’t be picking kids up and throwing them in their trunk and taking them to the hospital. The paramedics should have been there. The police should have been there.”

During an appearance on Fox New’s show Hannity on July 1st, Anderson Sr. commented on how there wasn’t any communication from officials about his son’s murder in the weeks that followed:

“It’s like they didn’t care, it didn’t matter. I haven’t heard from the mayor from the police department. No city. Nobody.”

The victim’s cousin, 19-year-old Abrionna Anderson, said the following about her cousin during the services held on July 2nd:

“I have no other friends like that, honestly. Every day we were together. My home was his second home and it’s so heartbreaking to me.”

To date, there have been no arrests made with regard to the murder of Anderson Jr., with no indication if there are any suspects or persons of interest with the case.

While the CHOP area has been cleared out since the murder last month, it’s unclear how much evidence was gathered or preserved following the young man’s death.

The existence of the CHOP/CHAZ zone should have never gone on as long as it did, while Mayor Durkan described it as the “summer of love” on June 11th, a father had to watch a situation go unchecked for nearly two weeks after his son was murdered.

We at Law Enforcement Today would like to extend our prayers to this father. No father should have to lose their son like this, but to be kept in the dark without so much as a call from officials for nearly weeks is simply abhorrent.

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