Seattle judge releases ‘absolutely out of his mind’ home intruder who terrorized family back onto the streets


SEATTLE, WA – An “absolutely out of his mind” home intruder terrorized a Seattle family at bedtime on Sunday but the truly terrifying part of the story is that a judge refused to hold the crazed man in jail.

Clint Berquist said the intruder forced his way into the family’s Georgetown neighborhood home while screaming that he was being pursued.

Berquist learned from KIRO News Radio’s Dori Monson Show that a King County District Court judge ignored a prosecutor’s request to hold the intruder on $100,000 bail.

The unidentified suspect was released by Judge Pro Tem Justin Walsh, known as the Seattle Cannabis Lawyer. Walsh, a cum laude graduate of Seattle University School of Law, has served as the Recent Developments and Technology editor of the Seattle Journal for Social Justice.

Seattle judge releases 'absolutely out of his mind' home intruder who terrorized family back onto the streets
Judge Pro Tem Justin Walsh of Gleam Law. Facebook photo.

Monson asked Berquist if he knew that the man had been released. Berquist answered:

“No. One of the failings of the system is that it consistently fails the victims. . . The only way I’m getting information is from the press. The way that I’m hearing this is from you guys.”

Berquist shared details of Sunday’s break-in with the radio host.

It started with glass breaking near the front door while the Georgetown dad was reading with his 11-year-old. With his wife and son upstairs, Berquist said, he dashed to the home’s entry where he used one hand to try holding the door back against a man forcing his way inside. With his other hand, he was calling 911.

The intruder, who kept screaming that someone “was trying to get him” appeared “absolutely out of his mind,” Berquist said.

At first, the dad’s plan was to:

“. . .de-escalate (the situation). I was thinking that if I can get him outside, at least the cops can deal with it.”

However, seconds later, the intruder was “running up the stairs” where Berquist’s wife and son were calling for help. He noted:

“I tackled him . . . and was trying to get ahold of him as much as I could but he was really wiry. And then, all of a sudden, he was gone. It took me a second to make the connection, but my neighbor had grabbed ahold of his ankle and carted him outside.”

Home security footage shows neighbors dragging the intruder outside to the sidewalk where he ran away. Berquist continued:

“When the police eventually showed up, he was trying to break into another neighbor’s house down the street.” 

Berquist praised his neighbors, whom he calls “a really tight-knit group of people.” Part of their shared problem, he said, is that Georgetown gets dumped with a lot of problems.

“It’s been consistent since the time I’ve lived here. It’s a theme in our neighborhood.”

Monson said he believes the judge’s choice to release the intruder reflects the lack of care from authorities.

“It sounds like he (the intruder) is a paranoid-schizophrenic. The King County Prosecutors Office tells us that they requested $100,000 bail because he’s a homeless guy and they know he won’t reappear for his next court case. They wanted to keep him locked up because he’s a danger to the community. They knew this but the judge – he’s a fairly new judge, Justin Walsh – he let him walk.

“I cannot believe that we have so many people in the system who are willing to put you and your neighbors and the community at risk.”

The home invasion victim agreed:

“You hit on it. I don’t know if it was mental illness or meth . . . (but) I want to know that this guy gets on the road to rehab.

“This was a traumatic experience for all of us. Even though it ended as good as it possibly could, it was physical combat. We weren’t hurt. This guy wasn’t hurt. I don’t want anything bad to happen to anybody.”


Welcome to Seattle: Bartender who had face slashed is furious after attacker released from jail

February 21, 2022

SEATTLE, WA – A woman is understandably upset after she learned the man that allegedly slashed her face has been freed by a judge pending his next court date.

The attack was captured on video surveillance.

Felicite Ogilvy, a bartender in Seattle, is in fear for her continued safety now that the man who allegedly attacked her has been freed. Marques Echols, the alleged attacker, was released at his first appearance without even having to pay a bond. Ogilvy said:

“So, he’s out walking right now. Who knows where he is? He was in hiding for a month and a half. Then after they get him they just release him? That just made no sense to me.”

Echols was released after prosecutors unsuccessfully argued that he should be held on a $75,000 bond based on the severity of the charges he faces. However, the judge in the case decided that there was no need to keep him in custody or assign him a bond.

A spokesman for the King County Prosecutor’s Office, Casey McNerthney, said:

“We realized pretty clearly that this is a felony assault case and we charged it that way. We understand that the victim was concerned. We were too. That’s why we wanted him to be held in jail.”


Ogilvy said that she no longer feels safe with the justice system and is in fear and upset at the judge’s decision to allow Echols to go free. She said:

“I don’t feel safe and I don’t feel safe with our justice system, with just letting them [alleged criminals] out immediately.”

Ogilvy was attacked in late December while she was working as a bartender at Joe’s Bar and Grill after she asked a customer for his COVID vaccination card. The COVID card is required in the area before someone is allowed to enter an indoor establishment.

The alleged suspect, Echols, apparently was angered that Ogilvy requested proof that he had been vaccinated and attacked her. After he refused to show the vaccination card to her, she allegedly moved to throw him out of the bar. She said:

“As soon as I throw him out that’s when he decides to fling a stick at my face.”

Echols allegedly slashed her with a stick that had some type of sharp metal on the tip which caused significant injury to her face. After the attack, Echols fled the scene and evaded capture for roughly six weeks after the crime.

Because of the injuries Ogilvy received when she was allegedly attacked by Echols, she was forced to undergo several surgeries to repair the damage. She also faces additional surgeries in the future to ensure that her face properly heals.

After the attack, Ogilvy told KIRO 7 in December:

“I really hope it just doesn’t happen to anyone else and I hope we can stop this situation, so it doesn’t get worse. I hope don’t act the way this guy did. I would never wish that on somebody. Because if it wasn’t my cheek, it could’ve been my neck, it could’ve been my eye.”

Ogilvy expressed her anger not only with Echols being released so quickly but also with the COVID mandates that require her to ask for a vaccination card before serving her customers. She said:

“I’m upset over this whole situation because if we weren’t required with the vaccine to ask about their card or to even have to look at it, this wouldn’t have happened.”

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