Bombshell report shows Seattle moving towards abolishing police department, not just defunding it (op-ed)


Seattle, Washington – The expression, and the movement of, “defunding” the police has gone from chants during protests to now finding its way into various pieces of proposed legislation.

The latest in this form of legislation comes from none other than Seattle.

Instead of having a bonafide police force that polices a community, lawmakers in Seattle are pushing for the ever-ambiguous form of policing, coined as a “community-led” safety program.

The Seattle City Council poses in this drafted bill, that the Seattle Police Department “perpetuates racism and violence” and upholds “white supremacy culture”

It states:

“Protests forced many nationwide and in Seattle to confront the racism that has been plaguing the black community for centuries and spread to other communities of color, the harmful impacts of white supremacy culture, and the Seattle Police Department’s role in perpetuating racism and violence.”

Interesting that the SPD is referred to as an entity that perpetuates racism – while having a black police chief. Also, the bill (obviously) heavily cites the death of George Floyd as the inspiration for addressing racism.

Here’s the thing though – there’s absolutely zero indication that the in-custody death of George Floyd had anything to do with his race. Furthermore, while two white officers were among those arrested for the in-custody death of Floyd, the other two officers were black and Asian.

Oh, and the acronym “BIPOC” is used to almost nauseating extents within the bill (“BIPOC” means “black, indigenous, and people of color”).

According to the bill summary, the following is stated:

“This resolution responds to community demands for a new approach to policing in Seattle. It identifies a number of steps that the Council intends to take to move toward creating a civilian led department of community safety & violence prevention to oversee safety and police operations, defunding the police, and finding alternatives to policing.”

Apparently one aspect that really hit home on this drafted bill, is the fact that the City Council is upset that there is not a commensurate number of white suspects killed by police when looking at the number of black suspects killed by police.

It states:

“SPD officers continue to kill black city residents more often than they kill white residents.”

However, disparity in outcome does not mean there is a series or singular malefactor trying to attain said disparity of outcome. For instance, just because there are nine female nurses for every male nurse – despite the male and female population being relatively equal – it doesn’t mean that there is a group of people trying to stop men from becoming nurses.

Yet, the bill goes on and on about how there’s institutional racism, white supremacy, and the fact that police target black people without warrant or cause, and so on.

While is unclear, is when the drafted bill will ever get voted on, considering the majority of the City Council has been on this “defunding” the police train for some time in Seattle.

If the Council’s dreams come true, the timeline mentioned in the bill would have the police department replaced by their new “community led” policing around November of 2021.

It would hardly be surprising to see many houses up for sale in Seattle in the coming months – because this is exactly the type of thing that would drive law abiding citizens out of the area.

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LET Unity

And of course, this defunding of the police clamoring comes right after people rioted in the city, and attacked police officers and destroyed local businesses. 

The city of Seattle recently played host to a riot on July 25th, and now police are looking into some of the items recovered, and crimes committed during the riot. 

Police investigate weapons and explosives left behind in a van during July 25th riot in Seattle
Image of large fireworks modified to function as large explosive, retrieved from van in Seattle riot – Seattle Police press release video screen shot

Chief Carmen Best from the Seattle Police Department was joined alongside Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on July 29th, to announce the investigation into some of the items used by rioters on July 25th.

Apparently, these items came from a van that was driven to the East Precinct on July 25th, and seemingly abandoned.

Police investigate weapons and explosives left behind in a van during July 25th riot in Seattle
Bear mace seized from van – Seattle Police

The contents inside were described as fireworks, bear mace, improvised spike strips, body armor, homemade shields and other items.

It just so happens that right after that van was dropped off at around 4:25 p.m. out front of the precinct, fireworks and other explosives were levied at the police precinct. One explosive was said to have caused a hole in the north side wall of the precinct.

Police investigate weapons and explosives left behind in a van during July 25th riot in Seattle
Gas masks recovered from van – Seattle Police

Police made the discovery of the contents of the van after securing a warrant to search the abandoned vehicle, after investigators suspected that the positioning of the van, and the fact it was abandoned, made police believe that there were incendiary devices inside.

Obviously, that was case – along with weapons, shields, and a means to disable tires on vehicles.

Police investigate weapons and explosives left behind in a van during July 25th riot in Seattle
Baton seized from van – Seattle Police

Mayor Durkan, who once described these rioters as engaging in the “summer of love”, has certainly changed her tune on these folks:

“Our police department has an obligation to disperse a crowd when dangers to public safety like explosives, fires, individuals intent on causing harm.”

Police investigate weapons and explosives left behind in a van during July 25th riot in Seattle
Tazer and OC Spray recovered from van – Seattle Police

After seeing the contents retrieved from the van, Mayor Durkan is finally starting to realize that this isn’t the “summer of love”, but rather violence stemming from malefactors.

Durkan said:

“I think what we saw in our city last week in 3 separate protests that there were individuals who were intent on causing harm. And the items seized from this van show exactly what they were planning, saw the results on our street.”

Officials are still investigating all the incidents that took place from the riot on July 25th.

The Seattle Police Department is asking that anyone who may have additional information about the riot contact Seattle Police Violent Crimes tip-line at (206) 233-5000.


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