Screw Politics. We’re Helping Build The Wall.


When Donald Trump was running for President and talking about building the wall, it didn’t just resonate with every day Americans – it resonated with many in law enforcement.


Politicians can debate all day long what constitutes a “crisis” and what doesn’t.  But there’s no question that not securing our borders brings serious threats to national security.  Terrorism.  Opioids. Sex trafficking.  Violence.  You name it.


Two weeks ago, we lost a police officer who was a legal immigrant, and the person charged with his murder was here illegally.


Democrats have vowed to block construction of the wall and recognize that by applying pressure to even Trump’s most loyal supporters by impacting their paycheck can make them question just how badly they want the wall.


And so every day Americans stepped up, contributing to a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the wall. It was started by Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee Air Force veteran and motivational speaker, looking to raise $1 billion to fund the wall.  The campaign has raised over $20 million.


This is where Law Enforcement Today jumps in.


We believe in law and order. We believe in securing our nation’s borders.  We believe in providing support and protection for our citizens and for the men and women who serve and protect our community and our country.


We also believe that we have a country filled with generous Americans who believe the same.  We’re confident that we can ultimately either raise the money for the construction as a country… or at least show dedicated we are as Americans to the cause.


That’s why we’ve worked with Honor Defense to produce a one-of-a-kind gun with a powerful message. We’re going to be auctioning it off the week of SHOT Show starting at $10,000 – with all of the proceeds going to the GoFundMe campaign for the wall.


In the event that the GoFundMe campaign falls short of it’s goal and the money is returned to contributors, we’ll donate all of the proceeds to a 501c3 that supports the families of officers killed in the line of duty.


This pistol was built by a Navy Veteran who served on the USS Carl Vinson, and was on board when they buried bin Laden.  It’s 100% made in America, with no foreign companies or parts brought in.

The custom laser engraving was done by Josh Peeks at “American Engraver”.

LET is about to launch an American-first campaign focused on helping secure our borders and protecting our citizens and those who hold the thin blue line.

On one side, “Secure Our Borders” in engraved, with the American flag on the other side.

Honor Defense, Build The Wall

The top of it says “The Wall” and is adorned with barbed wire tipped with the stars from the American flag.

The muzzle says “Making America Great Again”.

The muzzle says “Making America Great Again”.

The top of it says “The Wall” and is adorned with barbed wire tipped with the stars from the American flag.

The gun was produced by Honor Defense, an all-American company where EVERY pistol is built by veterans.  It’s worth mentioning that Gun tests magazine says that Honor Defense is more accurate than comparable models from Glock, Walther and the S&W Shield (sorry, boys).


Honor Defense has been saving a special serial number for years… and have used it for this product. “Build The Wall” is on a serial #0000911 chassis.


Listen – we can’t predict what will happen with the GoFundMe campaign or, for that matter, with the wall.


But what we CAN do is stand together as Americans and declare that our government has a Constitutional mandate to enforce on nation’s borders and laws… or we prepare for a country where we have to enforce them ourselves.

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