Schweizer: Sen. Mitch McConnell and his wife are financially connected to Chinese government. Here’s how.


NEW YORK, NY — Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer appeared on Fox News on Sunday and claimed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, are financially tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

Schweizer was a guest on Fox’s program “The Next Revolution,” hosted by Steve Hilton. During the program, Schweizer said that McConnell’s “position on China has softened over the years,” due to the expanding relationship between the Chinese government and the shipbuilding company, Foremost Group, which Chao’s family owns:

“Really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government.”

Schweizer also noted the connection goes back decades:

“And it comes through the shipbuilding company that Elaine Chao’s family owns. That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation.

 “This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there. The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship.

“So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business. And the reason they’re doing business with them, let’s make it clear, is because Mitch McConnell is a very powerful figure in Washington, D.C.

 “And the problem is, Steve, that his position on China has softened over the years the closer that this commercial relationship has become, and he’s a direct beneficiary of what this business does.”

Hilton suggested that both Biden and McConnell are “up to their necks in Chinese corruption.”

Schweizer agreed and said that the strategy of the Chinese government is to “seek out political elites and give them commercial deals” that are so lucrative that they don’t want to upset the Chinese who could choose to ruin their families financially:

“I would say in the Biden case, there is no legitimate business. The Bidens bring nothing to the table. No expertise, no background.

“At least in the McConnell/Chao case, you could argue there is actually a shipbuilding company to begin with. But you are absolutely right, they are wedded to the Chinese.

“They don’t want to anger the Chinese because they will destroy their families financially.”

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Last June, New York Times reported how Chao’s family had the unusual status of having “deep ties to the world’s two largest economies” and said the ties to the shipping company and Chao’s dealings in China raised ethical issues:

“Ms. Chao hasn’t held a formal position at Foremost since the late 1970s, but she has repeatedly used her connections and status to boost the company’s reputation and visibility.

“As transportation secretary, she attended a Foremost contract-signing ceremony in New York in 2017. The other party to the contract, the Sumitomo Group of Japan, was subject to Transportation Department oversight for transit projects. Two months later, she canceled a China trip after officials at the American embassy in Beijing raised ethical concerns when her office asked to have family members from the shipping company participate in events.

“The Transportation Department provided no reason for the trip’s cancellation, though a spokesman later cited a cabinet meeting President Trump had called at the time.”

At Chao’s confirmation hearing, she did not mention her family’s extensive ties to the Chinese maritime industry New York Times reported:

“She also did not disclose several accolades she had received in China — including a role as an international adviser to the city of Wuhan — though the Senate questionnaire requires nominees to list all honorary positions. An agency official described that as an oversight.

“Marilyn L. Glynn, a former general counsel at the Office of Government Ethics, said Ms. Chao should recuse herself from decisions that broadly impacted the shipping industry. ‘She might be tempted to make sure her family company is not adversely affected in any policy choices, or it might even just appear that way,’ Ms. Glynn said.

“The department spokesman denied the existence of any conflict, saying that ‘the family business is not in U.S.-flag shipping.’ Angela Chao, Foremost’s chief executive, said her sister Elaine attended Foremost events ‘as a family member.’”

Chao and McConnell married in 1993, but her campaign donations, along with those of her parents, sisters and brothers-in-law, were made years before their wedding, according to New York Times:

“The first $10,000 came in June 1989. In the 30 years since, 13 members of the extended Chao family have given a total of more than $1 million to Mr. McConnell’s campaigns and to political action committees tied to him. In 2008, James Chao gave the couple a gift of as much as $25 million, vaulting Mr. McConnell into the ranks of the richest senators.”

On Jan. 7, Chao posted on Twitter that she would resign from the Trump administration on Jan. 11.

Last October, McConnell dodged questions about his health after he was seen with multiple bruises on his face and hands. New York Post reported:

“Asked whether he had any health issues, McConnell answered, ‘of course not,’ and then didn’t respond when asked if he was being treated by a doctor.

“Later, McConnell — who is up for re-election — said there were ‘no concerns’ when asked by the network [CNN] about the bruises on his hands and whether he had any other health issues.

“His aide also declined to provide details when asked multiple times about the Republican’s health.”

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