Schumer sends letter to FBI director to ignore Biden scandal, says investigation could ‘undermine the rule of law’


WASHINGTON, DC- “Lyin’ Chuck” as President Trump calls him must be getting a little bit nervous.

With all the information coming out about Hunter Biden and his father who is apparently running for an office of some importance, despite the fact the scandal is getting throttled by most of the media, it has gotten some unwanted attention. And Democrats are starting to panic.

Chuck Schumer took it upon himself to write the FBI Director to put the brakes on.

The laptop that was turned in by a Delaware computer repair shop has spawned a lot of information, and none of it is good for the Biden campaign.

Information contained on the computer seems to show that Hunter and his daddy Joe were possibly involved in some international hijinks with countries such as Ukraine and China, mostly as a result of Joe Biden’s position as vice president.

It is unusual for a president to have an impeachment hanging over their head before they are even elected or inaugurated (although truth be told that was the case for President Trump, although with zero credible evidence). With all the information coming about fast and furious, Republicans are working overtime to try to confirm the information.

For example, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has said he had been able to independently verify the contents off the laptop.

“Our staff has had numerous conversations,” Jordan said last Tuesday, “which have independently confirmed for us that in fact these emails are real, they’re authentic.”

Democrats, of course are doing their darndest to bury the information, at least until after November 3.

That brings us to the Senate minority leader. Schumer is doing his best to suppress the investigation into the laptop which belongs to Hunter Biden.

“We write regarding press reports concerning materials allegedly describing activities by Hunter Biden, and found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop,” Schumer, along with fellow Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“We are deeply concerned,” the letter said, “about the possibility that in response to these reports the Trump Administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.”

Not sure exactly what law they are accusing the Trump administration of “undermining,” but clearly, they are trying to get the FBI to hold off investigating the Biden’s until after the election, where if Biden were elected and the House stays in Democratic hands, any impeachment inquiry would be moot.

The letter continues, urging the FBI Director “to resist pressure from President Trump and other partisan actors to take any actions intended to benefit President Trump politically on the eve of the election.

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Succumbing to such pressure would deeply undermine our national security interests and the credibility of law enforcement, and could have devastating consequences for the resiliency of our democracy.”

The statement of the two senators would be almost funny if it were not so absurdly ridiculous. For Schumer, who pushed a Russian collusion narrative based on a widely recognized fake dossier by a failed British spy. Who even after information came forth that the whole Russia collusion narrative was based on the fake dossier still claimed President Trump colluded with Russia. How is Schumer to be taken seriously?

There is far more credible information that at least serves as a basis for an investigation contained within the laptop, that nobody from the Biden campaign has denied belongs to Hunter Biden.

The only thing that has been said is that the seizure of the laptop and subsequent surrendering of it to the FBI is part of some Russian disinformation scheme. This is of course absurd.

It is not stated how or why Schumer and Wyden believe that such an investigation into credible information would undermine the rule of law. But that of course does not matter to Democrats.

While President Trump, his campaign, and Congressional Republicans have seized upon the information contained in the laptop, as well as information gained from a former business associate of Hunter Biden, in order to suggest wrongdoing by the Biden’s, they really do not have to do anything with the scandal. The information on the laptop, including emails, photographs, and videos, speaks for itself.

For example, some of the emails provided by a former business associate of Hunter Biden seemed to confirm that he used the power and influence of his father for nefarious purposes.

In fact, one of Biden’s former business associates, as Law Enforcement Today reported earlier, has been moved from his cell in a federal detention facility in Oregon, ostensibly out of safety concerns.

Yet another business associate stepped forward the day before the most recent presidential debate and confirmed the slimy business practices of the Biden family, including the vice president’s brother.

Clearly, Democrats are desperate to kick this scandal down the road until after Biden is elected. One could imagine a scenario where, if Biden were elected president, he steps down prior to his inauguration and Kamala Harris, the real presidential candidate steps up as the president.

Given Biden’s cognitive decline, he could easily claim he’s resigning for medical reasons. That would save Democrats the embarrassment of an impeachment attempt less than one-year after they pulled the same stunt on President Trump.

More so, what Schumer and Wyden’s letter shows is an utter contempt for the American people. By trying to kick the can down the road until after the election, Schumer and Wyden are complicit in an attempted cover-up not seen in Washington since 1972 and the Watergate scandal.

In that case, much like Biden’s, then-President Nixon was able to delay and obstruct the investigation until after the election in 1972. Less than two years later, Nixon was forced to resign when the wheels started coming off.

Schumer, Wyden and the Democrats are trying to play the same hand that Nixon played in 1972, hoping they can delay it long enough for Biden to possibly get elected.

The FBI as an organization, not the overwhelming number of superb agents who work for the agency, has had its reputation tarnished by people such as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for their complicity in trying to take out President Trump.

If the FBI kicks this investigation down the road under Christopher Wray, confidence in that organization may never return.  

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