School district in California pushes ‘systemic racism’ agenda after rope swing mistaken for noose


PIEDMONT, CA – The politically correct people of this generation will truly see anything they want to see to further their agenda. 

First, we had NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, who claimed that a rope that hss been in every racers garage for years was a noose.

Spoiler alert: it was a rope with a loop that was designed to pull down garage doors. 

Now, a rope swing was somehow mistaken for a noose, which caused a local school board to start teaching anti-racist lessons.

The school district in Piedmont, California recently announced that they had observed a noose hanging from a tree in someone’s yard.

It’s worth pointing out the yard wasn’t even affiliated with the school in any way. 

Police were dispatched to investigate the alleged hate symbol and learned that it was not a noose – it was a rope swing tied around a tree branch.

Despite learning that the item they felt was a hate symbol was really something benign that children swing on, the Piedmont Unified School District decided they needed to start teaching their children about systemic racism and what they termed as identity privilege, better known as white privilege. 

The school board statement said:

“While it is unlikely that most of us will replicate this particular act, it is likely that those of us with identity privilege have caused harm ‘unintentionally’ to those with non-dominant identities.

“Rather than absolving ourselves of responsibility, we must listen, reflect, apologize, and do better when we are told that the impact of our actions does not align with our intentions or perceptions of ourselves.

“Any reminder of the history of lynching and the abuses and murders of Black people in the United States causes harm and trauma to the BIPOC community.”

Now there are many things wrong, and quite offensive, about this statement.  First, the “particular act” they are upset about was nothing more than some family placing a swing in a tree for children to play on. 

What in the world could possibly be offensive about that, moreover, why in the world would anyone need to apologize?

Next, who exactly are the ‘woke’ people of the school district referring to as “identity privilege?”  Oh yes, that is right, the politically correct people are now starting to use that term for the now apparent passe term of white privilege. 

So…who is to say that the family who hung the rope swing in their own yard was white?  Beyond that, how could having a swing in your own yard, for your own children, cause any “harm” to anyone?

Now, the school district is pushing what they term as racial equity curriculum is supposed to help children who are not white.  It is specifically designed, supposedly, to increase “equitable outcomes for students who identify as black, indigenous, and people of color.” 

What is interesting here is they use the term “identify,” which would seemingly imply that anyone, if they are white, could “identify” as a minority. 

If that is an accurate assumption, could a white male then seek a minority school scholarship if he viewed himself as black?  The stupidity did not stop there:

“Systemic racism has a long history in our country and in Piedmont.  Recognizing the positions we hold as site and district administrators, our goal is to use our power to lead for equity and change.

“This incident highlights the importance of continuing and improving the educator training and district policy-making centered around anti-racism.” 

The school district also highly encouraged school students and staff to “discuss and report any racist act or experience” from the non-symbol of hate.  They also wanted to thank and praise the teachers and students who were making a “sincere commitment to taking action and engaging in dialogue” about a child’s toy.

In another example of California education:

California high school teacher threatens to kick student out of class for “Trump 2020” flag on bedroom wall

COLUSA, CA – Bedroom wall décor has become the catalyst for a clash between a northern California teen and his high school. 

Local news outlets report that the 16-year-old’s chemistry teacher told him to remove a “Trump 2020” campaign flag from the wall of his bedroom last week or be kicked out of the virtual class. 

His mom told ABC 10 that he had been doing school work from his bedroom with the flag in the background, and opted to leave the Zoom chemistry class himself before his teacher could kick him out of the virtual lesson. 

The boy’s mother, Tiffany, said the teacher gave him 15 seconds to remove the flag or be removed himself. She said another student in the class recorded the virtual classroom as the teacher began counting. 

A picture shared with the news station shows the flag above the teen’s bed and next to a separate flag that displays the name of his high school and the school’s mascot “Robbie Redhawk.” 

His mom told ABC 10 in a written statement: 

“With the distance learning we are all forced to do because of the new color chart, the school district has not addressed the students’ rights in their own home to the teachers or to us as parents.” 

She said her son has not been punished for the incident, but that she is frustrated by the lack of guidance for distance learning when it comes to what is or is not allowed to be in the background when students are appearing virtually. 

Neither administrators from Colusa High School nor the Colusa Unified School District have commented on the alleged brush up. 

There has been no statement posted to official social media pages for either. 

ABC 10 reported that an employee referred the TV station only to the school district’s code of conduct. 

In terms of free speech protections for students, it reported that the student handbook reads: 

“The Governing Board believes that free inquiry and exchange of ideas are essential parts of a democratic education. The Board respects students’ rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands on issues, and support causes, even when such speech is controversial or unpopular.” 

The handbook addresses free speech rules on and off campus, and online, but does not appear to have been updated to refer to the new normal of distance learning. 

It includes a passage that reads in part: 

“Students shall have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press including, but not limited to, the use of bulletin boards; the distribution of printed materials or petitions; the wearing of buttons, badges, or insignia, and the right of expression in official publication.

Student expression on school or Internet websites and online media shall generally be afforded the same protections as in print media.

Students’ freedom of expression shall be limited only as allowed by Education Code 48707, 48950, and other applicable state and federal laws.” 

A page on the school district’s website marked “COVID-19” gives standard precautions on how to prevent the spread of the virus, like “stay home when you are sick.” It does not mention learn from home procedures or expectations. 

The website says approximately 400 students attend the high school in the small California town about 65 miles northwest of Sacramento. The 2010 census put the population there at just below 6,000 people. 

However, the controversy last week over the political flag and students’ rights has thrust the small town into the national spotlight. 

On Twitter, a man from Los Angeles who goes by “Poppyseed Tincan” tweeted: 

“What happened? They kicked a kid out of high school because their political beliefs didn’t mesh with their teacher’s? Colusa High School, what’s wrong with you?” 

Another user, named Mildred Garner, posted: 

“Colusa High School & Board of education owe this young gentleman a public apology. This is Northern California, which does surprise me a bit.” 

Then of course you have the teacher who was fired over a pro-Trump tweet.

WALLED LAKE, MI – Former Walled Lake Western High School teacher and coach, Justin Kucera, was fired recently fired, he believes, after tweeting out a positive President Trump message. 

The tweet said:

“I’m done being silent.  @realDonaldTrump is our president.  Don’t @me.” 

His tweet, according to the Detroit News, received more than 10,000 likes and almost 2,000 replies.  One of those replies was negative towards the President, as well as Kucera himself.

Kucera responded with a now deleted tweet, saying:

“Liberals suck man.” 

Apparently, according to Kucera, informing his followers that the duly elected President of the United States, is, in fact, Donald Trump, is something that he should not have done. And now he’s paying for it with his job.

Kucera alleges that a few days after his tweet, he was summed to a virtual meeting with administrators from the school.  During this meeting, he was questioned on the tweet regarding President Trump.  

Kucera said that his tweet was meant only to be unifying given the turbulent atmosphere the country is currently facing.   

He told the Free Beacon:

“I know a lot of people are just rooting for Trump to fail, and I don’t think that anybody should do that.  Agree with him or not, you should want the president to do well.  I apologized that [my tweet] brought so much negative attention, but I’m not sorry for what I said.” 

On a follow up meeting, Kucera said that he was told by school officials, because of the tweet, that he needed to resign or face termination.  When he refused to resign, they informed him that he was terminated effective on July 17th

The Agency which oversees the school district in that area, Oakland Schools, flatly denied that the termination was due to Kucera’s support of President Trump and that they could not specifically comment on discipline or personnel matters

The spokeswoman, Judy Evola, told the Detroit News:

“No disciplinary action was taken as a result of any support of President Trump.” 

They added that they value and expect teachers and staff to do “critical thinking, positive discourse” and engage in “community discussion.”

As long as, it seems, it is in line with their own thinking. 

She continued:

“These are difficult times in our community and across our country.  When issues arise, there’s a temptation to view items through the lens of our fractured political discourse.  Walled Lake encourages students and staff members to engage each other with mutual respect and civility.” 

It would be logical for someone to deduce from her comments that announcing to the world what they already know- that Donald Trump is the President- somehow led to disrespect and lack of civility. 

Students and athletes that Kucera has coached over his time in the school have said that he is a good teacher and always presented himself as apolitical. 

A recent graduate of the school, Bryan Hixson, told the Free Beacon:

“Prior to Mr. Kucera’s tweet, I cannot recall an instance where he shared his political affiliations while teaching or coaching.  My political views have no impact on how I feel towards Mr. Kucera.

“Mr. Kucera has always been supportive of me as my AP world history and student leadership teacher and as my baseball and basketball coach.” 

The question that comes out of all of this is who is telling the truth? Kucera or the school board?

One would tend to think if Kucera is lying completely, that the school would move forward with a public explanation as to the reason of the termination without expounding on details. 

Since the school board has refused to give any explanation as to the cause of the termination, people will likely be less inclined to believe what the school is saying, relying only Kucera’s account. His account, of course, is that he was fired for a tweet that he made.

This situation begs the question: If someone made a tweet against President Trump, would they be terminated as well?

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