Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school


TOMS RIVER, NJ: A New Jersey town school district which is known for its high population of Italians decided to eliminate the Columbus Day holiday from the school calendar, forcing kids back to school.

The Toms River school district says the controversial decision was made to help students finish the school one calendar day earlier.

The slap in the face is over giving one more day of summer!

Local Italian American organizations voiced their displeasure over the decision and considered it an insult- as it should be.

The Italian culture is known for its close family ties and strongly embraces their culture. This can be seen in the elaborate artwork shown by famous artists throughout history, like Michelangelo and Raphael.

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school
Magnificent artwork. Copyright free stock photo.


Other examples of strong heritage can be seen in the incredible engineering and architecture. Beautiful, miraculous buildings the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Leaning Tower of Pisa bring tourists from all over the world.

But the Toms River School district wants to say, ‘meh, to hell with all that’.

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school
The coliseum. Copyright free stock photo.

All to end the school year a day earlier.

Toms River is home to a large population of Italian Americans. In fact, it is a short bridge’s distance to Seaside Heights.

Seaside Heights is one of the most popular beaches in the state of New Jersey. Its historic boardwalk brings in thousands of local, regional, even international tourists.

Part of that reason is because it also happens to be the home of MTV’s wildly successful reality series Jersey Shore. The television series featured the antics of eight young Italian Americans living together. Each episode contained a strong Italian undertone with Italian flags, Italian style dinners and numerous Italian related discussions.

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school
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The Jersey Shore reality show led to six seasons and some spin off television shows featuring several of their beloved (and hated) characters. In fact, one of their six seasons was filmed in Italy.

But the Toms River school district wants to ignore all that, too.

The decision to force students back to school on Columbus certainly did not go unnoticed by the local Italian community; many of whom voiced their displeasure at a recent school board meeting.

According to a local NJ media outlet column:

“Andre’ DiMino, the president and communications director of the Italian American One Voice Coalition, called the decision an insult to the Italian American community.”

It continued:

“‘What it tells the children that go to school, they had the day off last year and by eliminating the holiday, it’s telling Italian American children that this is not a very important holiday anymore,’ he said. ‘That’s just not right.’”

DiMino went on to say:

“‘We think it’s really a disgrace that people are doing this to Columbus Day.’”

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school
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Another dissatisfied local Italian American resident spoke at the school district meeting to voice his feelings of the decision being discriminatory. He said:

“Everybody deserves their holiday. It’s not a matter of taking somebody’s holiday away, and that’s what they did here, they discriminated against the Italian American community.”

Other Local Issues with Columbus Day

Toms River isn’t the only township that toiled with the holiday. Other half-witted New Jersey township officials dealt with the holiday by buckling under political pressure and eliminated it altogether.

According to the local NJ media column:

“In New Jersey, Randolph replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the school calendar, then erased all holiday names from the calendar after this district was criticized for making the change. Randolph schools then reversed course again and added holiday names, including Columbus Day, back on its school calendar last year.”

The column continued:

Rockaway also removed Columbus Day from its calendar and replaced it with Indigenous People’s Day, then reversed the decision last year.”

No holiday should ever be changed.

They are representative of our culture and history. And you cannot simply erase history as many cowardly politicians wanted to just to appease public sentiment. Holidays are meant to recognize all America has been through. We are not to deny the past, but to learn from it to continue to grow and thrive as a country.

The Toms River school district administration needs to know its ok to flip flop, as politicians always do, and keep the students’ home for the holiday.

The large population of New Jersey Italian Americans deserve it, and they, along with the rest of America, deserve to keep Columbus Day, Columbus Day.

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school

Columbus Day has been villainized.

From Columbus To Dr. Seuss, the left is suddenly offended and triggered by everything – so they must cancel it all

Posted May 29, 2022

This article was originally published in 2018.  When doing a little spring cleaning, we stumbled upon it… and figured it was worth sharing again – because it’s perhaps even more relevant today than it was five years ago.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”  George Orwell, 1984

From wanting to gloss over Memorial Day to wanting to cancel Columbus Day, there’s a movement among the less proud-of-this-country among us to twist and even eliminate history.

Take the patchouli-scented individuals in Northampton, Massachusetts or Los Angeles, for example, who have renamed it “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  Because Columbus didn’t just change the course of history … he killed people who attacked his friends and somehow hurt feelings hundreds of years later as well.

But of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “political correctness.”

Buckle up …

My daughter isn’t allowed to sit “Indian Style” anymore.  She has to sit “criss cross apple sauce.” Because we don’t want to offend Native Americans.

But it’s apparently not offensive to take a knee during the National Anthem.

There’s an uproar to remove a mural from the Dr. Seuss museum in his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts … because there’s a picture of a Chinese guy eating with chopsticks, and apparently that is racist.

But somehow creating a scholarship that you can only qualify for if you’re black isn’t.

We need to remove statues of General Robert E. Lee and others because … fascism.  

But apparently censoring speech and removing historical references that you don’t like isn’t fascist.

We need to change the emoji of a gun on the iPhone to a squirt gun … because we don’t want to trigger people.

But it’s O.K. for a Democrat running for town council to say that all gun supporters should have been on the Las Vegas strip during the mass shooting.

Bosses expecting employees to show up on time is racist. Violence is completely acceptable if it’s against President Donald Trump and if it’s called for by the Left. Following a convicted terrorist is O.K. as long as she’s leading a “women’s protest” and wearing a vagina hat. Free speech is allowed on college campuses unless you’re a conservative.

The irony to all of this, of course, is that “political correctness” against “fascism” has become the very “fascism” that is being protested.

I don’t need to be a doctor to be able to declare that “common sense” is dead in America. 

People are screaming for more gun laws after Vegas, saying that laws will keep bad guys in line.  If only we made murder illegal … right?

In the meantime, heart disease kills 610,000 people per year. So should we ban double cheeseburgers?  Bacon?  Ice cream?  After all, if we reduce the number of heart-related deaths by just 10%, we’ll save twice the number of people killed by guns each year.

Ridiculous, right?  Wrong!  We need to ban everything!

Take this very article, for example.  There will be many who don’t agree with it.  Shut it down!  Remove it!  Free speech is alive and well as long as it’s the kind of speech we agree with!

Wait – your school mascot for the last 50 years involved a Chief or a tomahawk to pay homage to Native Americans?  Everyone that went to that school is clearly a bigot.

You believe that a person should be judged and promoted in the business world based on the person’s skills and qualifications and NOT based on sex, age, skin color, sexuality, or socio-economic background?  You a sexist, racist, ageist, xenophobic, homophobic PIG!

See the problem we have here?  Those of us who have common sense are apparently the enemy.

Those of us who support police are now evil and stand by the devil.

Those of us who respect the American flag and the men and women who serve and protect it are now occupiers, Nazis, and bootlickers.

Those of us who support capitalism, the free market, and the ability for anyone and everyone to work hard and create something and provide for their family are now elitist.

But here’s the problem with all of this.

When EVERYTHING is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and fascist … then NOTHING is.

While you’re off wearing vagina hats being triggered by 50-year-old murals and things like “duck duck goose” in our school districts … true incidents of discrimination are happening, because people are starting to become numb to the words.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to declare that “political correctness” is nothing more than a tool used by those incapable of logic and reason to try to talk down to those they don’t agree with.

It’s time to start treating these individuals as the petulant children they are.  Let’s stop pandering to their micro-aggressions and remind them that the adults are back in charge.

Because this is just getting ridiculous … and true patriots are sick of it.

Outrage after school district eliminates Columbus Day in a heavy Italian community, forces kids back to school

Finally, justice for a Columbus statue.
Man charged, faces five years in prison after organizing event and tearing down Columbus statue

Posted August 17, 2020

SAINT PAUL, MN – In the weeks and days following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, unrest and violence have gripped the nation.  Groups of people have advocated for violence and destroyed building and monuments.

Typically, there have been few charges that have stemmed from these events, however, Minnesota announced recently that they have charged an organizer for setting up the tearing down of a Christopher Columbus statue.

On June 10th, Michael Forcia organized a protest involving members of the American Indian Movement to tear down the statue which had been standing on the south lawn of the state capital since 1931.

The members of the group felt the move was necessary as Columbus was known for enslaving American Indians.  This was not a spur of the moment event, it was well thought out and planned over social media.

FOX9 reports that Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington had more than two hours’ notice of the planned event.

In addition, emails reviewed by Fox9 shows that the Minnesota State Police received notice of the event at 11:28am, several hours before the protest started.  Neither the Public Safety Commissioner nor the Minnesota State Patrol gave any reasoning as to why the vandalism was not stopped.

State police arrived at the Capitol at 4pm and met with Forcia and informed him that removing the statue on his own was illegal.

Forcia stated that he understood but that the statute was coming down that day.  He further added that he had tried unsuccessfully to have the statue removed for the past two years.

At 4:59 pm, police watched as Forcia and another person climbed on top of the statue and affixed ropes to the neck.  The crowd then successfully pulled the statue to the ground at 5:01 pm.

After the statue had fallen, Forcia informed the officer that he would ensure the crowd remained peaceful; however, he was unable to keep that promise.  People started to crowd around the statue, kicking and spitting on it and appeared to have become more agitated.

The officer told Forcia that the State Police would remove the statue provided he kept the crowd calm and no one would be arrested that day.  Forcia agreed and the State Police had the statue removed from the Capitol lawn.  Forcia was warned that a follow up investigation would be conducted and made sure he understood he could face criminal charges in the vandalism.

In later interviews with police, Forcia admitted to organizing the event and creating the Facebook invitation with the intention of removing the statue without going through the proper process.  He refused to identify anyone else who was involved in the destruction and planning process.

Ramsey County District Attorney’s Office released a statement which said, in part:

“It was clear from the information in the more than 13,000-page investigative file that Mr. Forcia was the primary organizer, leader, and executor of the incident.”

John Choi, from the Ramsey County District Attorney’s Office said:

“We are working on developing a restorative process to give voice to those divergent opinions and bring people who hold them together to determine how best we hold Mr. Forcia accountable while healing our community from the harm that was caused.” 

Forcia’s attorney, Jack Rice, advised that his client is concerned about the felony charges he is facing, but he is steadfast in his advocacy and belief of removing that statue for the sake of Native Americans. Rice also said that Forcia has attempted on several occasions to have the statue removed legally, which all failed.

The state advised the cost of repairing the damage done to the statue is more than $150,000.  Forcia faces a felony count of first-degree criminal property damage.  The maximum penalty for that offense, if convicted, is five years in prison or up to a $10,000 fine.

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