Scary: One of Biden’s top choices after Harris has long ties to Communist Cuba; is part of communist front group


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LOS ANGELES, CA – Now that Joe Biden has finally selected his running mate for the November presidential election, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), it is important to examine one of the top contenders for the spot.

The other contenders were former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice and Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA).

Aside from the fact that none of these picks were from a so-called “swing” state (California is a lock for the Democrats), each of them had plenty of baggage ripe for the picking for Republicans.

That mattered not, because the “color of their skin” was more important than “the content of their character.” Dr. King would hang his head in shame.

When it comes to character, there is nobody that deserves more scrutiny than Bass and her communist roots and ties to Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

The inclusion of Bass should issue a cautionary tale to the American people about Biden’s judgment when it comes to choosing running mates and someone who is likely to elevate to the presidency way before Biden’s first term is up. 

Breitbart News’ Senior Editor at Large Rebecca Mansour was on The Kyle Olson Show this week on Breitbart. Mansour described Bass as a “dedicated Marxist-Leninist, at least she was at one time and she hasn’t really disavowed that.”

She disavowed it at least until Biden started the vetting process for someone to run alongside him as his running mate. However, with a Marxist-Leninist ideology, Bass actually fit squarely into the Democrat platform which has many of Bernie Sanders’ socialist ideas contained therein.

Bass has certainly got a lot to answer for. She was a participant in the Venceremos Brigade, which was a communist group founded by  Cuban dictator Castro, and which was controlled by the Cuban intelligence service. Bass also made eight trips to communist Cuba in the 1970’s, which as Mansour said, “paints a much more complicated picture.”

According to Mansour, Bass was identified as being the leader of the Los Angeles contingent of the Venceremos Brigade, citing Congressional hearings and FBI reports about the Brigade, which was based on testimony from high-ranking Cuban intelligence officials who had defected to the United States.

Under that testimony, Cuban officials said that country’s version of the CIA, the General Directorate of Intelligence (DGI) had carefully selected and vetted the members of the Brigade, in particular the leaders.

“The intelligence officers of the Cuban regime were very careful in picking their leaders and members of this because they saw them as assets,” Mansour said.

She added that individuals selected for leadership positions were so chosen for “long term influence.”

Bass’s consideration for this position in the first place, which could very well have elevated her to the presidency given Biden’s clear cognitive decline, should frighten any clear-thinking American. The mere fact she was being given consideration is in and of itself a scary proposition.

The New York Times reported in 1977 that according to an undercover law enforcement officer who attempted to get inside the Brigade, he confirmed that members of the Brigade had to be “a confirmed Marxist-Leninist,” and also were required to attend three-and-a-half months of semiweekly “indoctrination seminars.”

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The New York Times article cited said that the mission of the Brigades was “the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government (emphasis added), which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence” (emphasis added).

The Brigades also, the Times noted had ties to the Weather Underground.

Mansour added, “You had to be a dedicated person to be a member of the Venceremos Brigade.”

Last week, Politico reported that over 300 DNC delegates and members had urged Biden to select Bass as his running mate, referring to her as the “unity” candidate. One could probably guess that many of that number are “Bernie bros,” who would see her selection as being palatable to the Sanders supporters who might be hesitant to vote for Biden.

Realizing that from all appearances Biden would not serve an entire term, that would give Sanders voters Bernie without the messy hair. One must think that the selection of Harris over Bass will not set will with the Sanders Marxist contingent of the Democrat party.

Bass, who serves as the head of the Congressional Black Caucus had received support from progressives who had previously supported Sanders during the primaries. One of those who had signed on to support Bass was Nina Turner, co-chair of Sanders’ 2020 campaign.

“Congresswoman Bass would make an excellent vice president,” Turner said.

“Her commitment to the grassroots is evident in her work from activist to the California legislature to Congress. She has a record of building coalitions, especially during turbulent times, and this skill set is absolutely needed in this critical moment in our nation’s history. Moreover, she brings a strong progressive voice to the table that speaks to the future of America.”

Mansour is of the opinion that Cuba’s communist regime would have been licking its chops had Bass been selected by Biden and then somehow won the election. Having Bass, who is obviously a committed Marxist just one heartbeat away from the presidency with Biden clearly declining quickly would have been a dream for Cuba.

Cuba has been cultivating far-left Marxists in the United States for decades, which in part led to the normalizing of relations with the United States when Obama normalized relations with that country in 2015.

According to Politico¸ Bass was reportedly also a favorite of former Sen. Christopher Dodd, who was on Biden’s vice-presidential search committee. The outlet said that Dodd had urged Biden to choose Bass because “she’s a loyal No. 2. And that’s what Biden really wants.”

Bass has only served in Congress for ten years and she has been a loyal progressive, Mansour says.

Cuba however may have been her undoing. Or maybe not. When Fidel Castro died in 2016, Bass said that his loss was “a great loss to the people of Cuba” and referred to him as “Comandante en Jefe,” meaning “commander in chief.” That reference was met with outrage by Florida Democrats and said Bass was being “excessively deferential to a dictator with a long history of human rights abuses,” Breitbart  reported.

In an interview on MSNBC last week, Bass attempted to explain away using the term. “I have talked to my colleagues in the House about that, and it’s certainly something that I would not say again.”

Of course, she wouldn’t, especially while she was being considered for the second most powerful position in the country, if not the world.

“I have always supported the Cuban people, and the relationship that Barack Obama and Biden had in their administration in terms of opening up relations.”

Initially, Bass called the Castro regime and its legacy “very troubling” when asked how she would characterize it. However just moments later, she appeared to reverse course somewhat, saying:

“But you know what? I mean, we could talk all evening. I could tell you about a number of regimes that I think are very troubling in a variety of different ways.”

Bass and her love affair with Cuba could have spelled trouble for a Biden-Bass ticket in the swing state of Florida, which has a large population of Cuban Americans who fled Cuba under Castro. That could have doomed Biden’s campaign.

There is much more to talk about where it concerns Rep. Bass. Why was someone with such close ties to Communist Cuba and with such a lengthy history in revolutionary causes even considered in the first place? How was she vetted so that she even made it into the top tier of vice-presidential running mates for Biden? 

That says as much about Biden’s judgment as anything. Or it shows that Biden is on the ticket only as a front man and that other people are making the decisions. Either way, it appears that in some ways, we may well have dodged a bullet. 

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