Say what? Black Lives Matter-related causes have reportedly raked in $10.6 billion since Floyd’s death


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CHICAGO, IL- When George Floyd died in Minneapolis in May, no group took advantage of it more than Black Lives Matter.

According to The Economist, donations to Black Lives Matter and related causes have topped over $10.6 billion since May. That’s 10 followed by nine zeroes.

In other words, that’s a ton of money. That would pay for a lot of inner-city minority children to go to private or charter schools and get a real education. Doubt that will happen. 


So, what are they doing with all that cash? Well before Floyd’s death, according to YahNe’ Ndgo, an activist with the Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter said the national group had become a “shambles.”

The group bragged that they had a grassroots, decentralized, leaderless structure. However, that led to the group being “messy, bureaucratic, slow-moving and ineffective.”

One of the founders of the Black Lives Matter group, Marxist-leaning Patrisse Cullors blamed the movement’s “half-drawn blueprints and road maps that led to untenable ends,” along with a lack of funds and vision.

Cullors wrote in September that black people had “paid dearly” for those shortcomings, while acknowledging that better focus and organization.

In fact, according to a website called “Information Liberation,” Black Lives Matter related causes have raked in nearly as much money in the past seven months as Amazon’s total profits for all of last year—a year in which Amazon broke records for profits.

What are they going to do with all this money, much of it gained by shaking down businesses under so-called “racial justice” and basically shaming them into donating?

Well for one, the group is planning on starting a bank. They have already started to donate money to “gay rights” groups, despite the fact that a majority of blacks remain opposed to matters such as gay marriage, according to the website.

Two of the three women that run Black Lives Matter are self-described “queer lesbians,” and the group’s official website states a goal to “foster a queer-affirming network” with the “intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.”

Whatever that is.

Prior to the influx of cash, some BLM groups were on the verge of collapse. In one case, a group called Unicorn Riot, which is a non-profit, left-leaning media group had only about $8,000 in the bank prior to the Floyd incident.

Once the online donations began to pour into BLM and affiliated groups, their account increased to nearly $650,000, The Economist reported.

Donations came in not only from the United states, but from countries in Europe, as well as Japan and Brazil. Within a month of the protests [riots], the national network started to offer a round of $6.5 million in grants to city chapters, gay rights groups and others.

The exact sums received by BLM is really unknown, since donations made to the organization are laundered through the George Soros funded Tides Foundation, which operates as the group’s “fiscal” sponsor. If you are not familiar, a former terrorist, Susan Rosenberg, sits on the board of the Tides Foundation.

The bank which Black Lives Matter plans on starting would look to push capital to black owned businesses, as well as non-profit groups The Economist said. So, in other words, Black Lives Matter is going to take donated money, loan it to blacks, and then profit off the interest.

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Ironically, the group that brands itself as an enemy of capitalism is planning to itself engage in it. And there are some within the group that are already unhappy with how the organization is being operated. In fact, The Economist identifies two different factions within the overall group.

One, the more radical component prefers the abolition of capitalism over trying to make banks work better, and who reject electoral politics.

Conversely, there are a number of chapters, ten in sum including larger ones from cities such as Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, DC who have slammed the recent changes as undemocratic, calling them a “secretive power-grab done without the backing of most BLM members,” The Economist reported.

In fact, one opponent, Vanessa Green who is an organizer in Hudson Valley, New York complained that nobody had been consulted about launching a political action committee.

She noted that complaints from smaller groups such as hers about the over-centralization of authority within BLM had been brushed off. “You have to include every damn body,” she said. “To be ignored feels like a slap in the face.”

Green said that she believes as an offshoot of Black Power activism prevalent in the 1960’s however she believes the group is becoming “vanilla, ineffective, and co-opted” by people who resist change.

The national group plans to lobby Congress to pass the so-called “BREATHE Act,” which is code word for defunding the police. All you need to know is that the bill is sponsored by “The Squad,” the far-left kooks in the House.

The bill would also eliminate life sentences, expunge drug crimes retroactively, shut down multiple federal agencies including ICE and Customs and Border Protection, close prisons and detention centers and would also give reparations, including to those who were “caught up in the war on drugs.” Wow, a lot to “like” in there for average Americans.

The group also is pushing for additional funding for the US Postal Service for…some reason.

Still, there are some rumblings underneath all the “hopey changey” stuff. Ndgo is upset at the secrecy of the national group. It would be interesting to maybe see the bank accounts of the three founders, because it might show that BLM the group isn’t the only group profiting from that huge influx of cash.

Ndgo said that Cullors may in fact be out of touch with the rest of the group because “she is not on the streets, not grass roots organizing.” She said the national group has not been forthcoming about its finances.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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