Say it ain’t so, Joe…is he really thinking of nominating Harris for Supreme Court?


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WASHINGTON, DC- For Joe Biden, it isn’t about experience—it’s about checking a box on the woke intersectional checklist. Qualifications don’t matter as long as it meets the preferred narrative. Such is what the country is now facing after liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his planned retirement.

During the presidential campaign, Biden announced that if he had the opportunity to nominate someone to the high court, it didn’t matter if they were qualified, so long as they had the right apparatus between their legs…and the right amount of melanin in their skin.

Since Breyer was essentially kicked to the curb Wednesday, speculation has run rampant over who Biden might pick to fill his seat. There are only two boxes that need to be checked—black and a woman, er birthing person.

One name that has been floated as a possible Biden pick is the old cackling hen herself—Kamala Harris, Breitbart reports. For Biden, that would essentially solve a couple of problems. First and foremost, it is quite evident there is a bit of tension between the two. Getting Harris out of the way would seem to be a win for old sleepy. Not that Harris is dragging Biden’s polling numbers down…he’s doing a good job of that on his own.

The second advantage for Biden is it would remove a possible 2024 opponent to him, not that there is a snowball’s chance in hell that he’ll be the nominee in 2024 anyway. Hell, he’ll be lucky to get through two years, let alone a full term.

Breyer’s retirement, with Democrats holding a majority in the Senate is timely because any confirmation hearings would take place well ahead of the 2022 mid-terms, when Democrats are expected to lose control of the House and Senate to Republicans as Biden has dragged all Democrats underwater in opinion polling.

All of this goes back to Biden’s pandering for the black vote in South Carolina when his candidacy was on the ropes, where he promised black voters he would nominate a black woman to be his first nominee to the Supreme Court, qualifications be damned. He also repeated that promise during a Democratic party debate.

Biden has kept his possible choices to the high court close to the vest, unlike former President Donald Trump, who provided a list of possible appointees during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Aside from the speculation about Harris (mostly media-driven), other names that have been floated included Justice Leondra Kruger (no relation to Freddy) of the California Supreme Court, and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a D.C. district judge, however none have been confirmed as being under consideration.

Harris served as Attorney General in California prior to being elected to the U.S. Senate from California. Prior to that, she served as District Attorney in San Francisco. However her nomination would provide Republicans with red meat to attack her with, which includes her rather long but extremely controversial legal background.

Launching Harris would give Biden the opportunity to nominate someone else has vice president, perhaps somebody with less baggage (and more popularity than Harris, who polls just under Biden). However the Democratic Party bench is extremely thin with few if any qualified individuals available.

Democrats, always anxious to check off those woke intersectional boxes have floated Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as a possible pick, however he’s not much more popular than Harris.

Besides, his disappearance for two months as the supply chain crisis wracked the country made him a target of sharp criticism. Buttigieg of course is gay and if there’s one thing we know about Democrats is they’re always looking for diversity, qualifications be damned.

Buttigieg is the failed former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who flirted with a brief run for president, but never gained traction.

If Harris were indeed nominated to the court, whoever Biden chose to be his vice president would only require a majority vote in both Houses of Congress, as spelled out in the 25th Amendment. The last time this was invoked was when Nelson Rockefeller was chosen to replace Gerald Ford, who was elevated to president when Richard Nixon resigned in 1974.

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WASHINGTON, DC –Vice President Kamala Harris stood by President Biden’s chaotic and tragic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan during a televised interview on Sunday while making several false statements trying to place blame on former President Trump for the failures.

Vice President Harris said during a CBS’s Face the Nation that she “fully supported” President Joe Biden’s pullout, which abandoned American citizens and allies inside the country, trapped by the Taliban.

“I fully supported the president’s decision to after what was taking on the fact of being an endless war, of pulling American troops out, and I think it’s really important to remember that the previous administration negotiated a deal with the Taliban…

“(The Trump administration) did not invite the Afghan government to be at the table and negotiated a deal that- that required and promised as part of an agreement that we would pull out by the end of May.

“So, we were saddled with that responsibility based on an agreement between the United States and the Taliban.”

However, a Breitbart News politics editor Matthew Boyle report made in September 2020 disproves the Vice President’s claim that the Trump administration failed to invite the Afghan government to the negotiating table. In the report, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said:

“These negotiations follow the Feb. 29 agreement between the United States and Taliban leaders that laid out the framework for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan…

“… including most importantly a Taliban commitment not to harbor terrorists from groups like al-Qaeda, which they were doing when they were in power before and in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001.”

In the same report, Secretary Pompeo described the deal being sought by the Trump administration at the time, which included conditions to meet any deadline.

He explained there were three requirements set forth by the United States before any agreement for withdrawal would be possible.

According to Secretary Pompeo, the requirements broadcast to the Taliban and the Afghan government were:

  1. “There is an obligation they have with respect to foreign terrorist groups — primarily al-Qaeda, but all four terrorist groups — they are not permitted, and the language is very clear that they are not permitted and that they have to break with them.”
  2. “They have to engage in these conversations in a way that is substantive and not just physically sit in the room, but they need to have serious conversations and begin to work their way through it.”
  3. “They have a responsibility as part of that to ensure that outside actors don’t act as spoilers for this, and there are many hands who would like to see this undone and would like to see America mired in Afghanistan for another 20 years.”

Say it ain't so, he really thinking of nominating Harris for Supreme Court?

Pompeo added that the conditions would be monitored by the U.S. to ensure compliance before any agreement was reached:

“Both the Afghan government and the Taliban have a responsibility to prevent that. Those are the conditions, we’ll measure them.

There’s a set of CT metrics that’s pretty clearly laid out. We’ll measure them and the president will make a decision if there’s sufficient compliance to get us to zero.”

Pompeo also foreshadowed the problems that the Trump administration was trying to avoid, and the Biden administration appears to have failed to consider.

Pompeo said that before any plan on withdrawal could be drawn up, there needed to be plans on how the Afghan government would be assembled, how power would be shared, and what to do about a militarized Taliban:

“In the end, the central challenge is what will the Afghan government look like. What will be the power-sharing arrangement?

This is a challenge anytime you have throughout history insurgencies and other times when nations have civil strife.

“We took al-Qaeda out, and the Taliban still have weapons and the capacity to inflict damage. We made clear to them when I met with them today — the Taliban — that they have an obligation to reduce violence immediately and significantly so these negotiations can proceed.

So, there will be issues of power-sharing and how the government is established at the center of the conversation.”

Vice President Harris admitted during the interview that President Trump’s agreement called for a withdrawal of troops by May.

However, her claim of Trump agreeing to a deadline at the end of May is false. The Trump administration’s deal required all American troops to withdraw by May 1.

If the deadline were not met, the Taliban said they would end a months-long cease-fire.

The Trump administration wanted the May 1 deadline because weather conditions would make any Taliban takeover during the withdrawal difficult.

President Biden did not withdraw until the end of August, during which time the Taliban overran the country and took power.

When President Biden withdraw troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly toppled the Afghan government, seized billions of dollars’ worth of American weapons and equipment left behind, and created a scene of Americans fleeing the country at Kabul Airport which has been described as another Saigon, referring to the rushed and panicked flight of Americans out of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

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‘I am begging you’: American trapped in Afghanistan pens heart-wrenching letter begging Biden to help

October 24, 2021


WASHINGTON, DC – While the Biden administration’s State Department focuses on International Pronouns Day, an American family trapped in Afghanistan is begging the President for help.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released correspondence to President Biden written by an American citizen from San Diego who is stranded in Afghanistan. Rep. Issa, who was also sent the letter by the citizen, added the following statement:

“For months, my office has worked tirelessly to bring home American citizens and members of our community to be reunited with their families.

Throughout these efforts, we have seen the worst of the Biden Administration’s disorganized and ineffective efforts to bring our people home.

“The correspondence I am releasing today is difficult to read, as it captures what one of our fellow citizens is enduring in the aftermath of this President’s disastrously reckless Afghanistan pullout.

No American should have to beg their President to bring them home from a dangerous foreign land.

“And yet, that is exactly what this member of our community and so many other American citizens may feel forced to do. Shame on this White House for its betrayal of our fellow citizens.”

The letter began with the trapped American begging President Biden to help get his wife and him home:

“I am pleading with you again as a fellow proud American and as a husband to help my wife and I get home from Afghanistan. We were just a surprised as you when the country fell to Taliban control so quickly, and we could not get to (Kabul Airport) before attempts at evacuation became life threatening.

“Since then, we have waited patiently for assistance from the Department of State as directed to no avail.”

President Biden ordered all U.S. military forces to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31, leaving hundreds of American citizens behind as the Taliban seized control. Now many of these Americans are trapped inside the country in hiding, waiting for someone to help them return home.

The American wrote that his wife and he risked their lives on three different occasions in the last two weeks trying to get to flights as directed by the Department of State (DOS), but each attempt was met with failure:

“After we risked our lives getting through Taliban checkpoints, the 4 October flight was cancelled because passengers did not have visas for UAE, where the flight was to land. Another flight departed 11 October, but we never got a call to go to the airport. The third scheduled for 13 October was apparently cancelled.

“We learned details of the latter flights from our Congressman, the Hon. Darrell Issa, who flew to Doho to meet us, and not from the DOS.”

The trapped man said he understands that his wife’s immigration status is a problem because she had been waiting for a green card interview since 2019, and they understood they would have to travel to a third country to be processed:

“We understand that we will have to continue the process in a third country before we can come home and have completed all the E-visa requirements as directed by the DOS.

“We simply do not understand why we were not called about the flight on Monday, and the DOS cannot explain it to us or Congressman Isssa.”

While red tape keeps Americans trapped inside the war-torn country, the DOS continues to rely on poor communication methods to keep tabs on its own citizens inside Afghanistan. The letter said:

“The information we receive from the DOS is not consistent with what is happening. They also continue to use Whatsapp to communicate with us which, as evidenced by the blackout last week, is not secure or a reliable means of communication.

“I regretfully do not know whether to trust the DOS with our life and safety or to turn to other means to escape. This is not a position I would wish on anyone, and certainly not an American citizen.”

The couple have been helping other Americans, especially unescorted females, obtain medications and assisting volunteers helping those who are trapped inside the country, but he said he is begging for help:

“But I am an American and I am begging you to get us home.”

Congressman Issa has been fighting to bring home Americans left stranded in Afghanistan by the Biden administration. Last month, he announced success in returning a pregnant American woman from the country.

Meanwhile, the DOS has focused on other matters. On October 20, while Americans huddled in dark spaces hiding from the Taliban and awaiting rescue, the DOS tweeted about International Pronoun Day:

“Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles.”

Other topics gaining the attention of the DOS include a meeting with a Columbian musician, celebrating Spirit Day to stand against bullying and harassment in the LGBTQI+ youth, and climate change in Central America.

The last mention of Afghanistan on the DOS Twitter page was October 15 and made no mention of the trapped Americans or efforts being made to evacuate them.

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