There’s a battle brewing in Washington over sex ed – and when you see what they’re teaching kids as young as 5, you’ll be blown away.


VANCOUVER, WA – On Tuesday, October 6, Law Enforcement Today had the opportunity to attend a Save Our Children event in Vancouver with guest speakers, including the fabulous Heidi St. John. 

If you don’t know who Heidi St. John is, stop what you’re doing right this second and go look her up. Then subscribe to her podcast, emails, bible studies, everything you possibly can.

The event was put on and sponsored by The Family Freedom Coalition of Washington (FFCWA), which is an organization working to educate families of their rights, specifically as parents. The group has been active in fighting Washington’s atrocious comprehensive sex ed (CSE) bill, which, unfortunately, passed earlier this year. 

For more information, see one of our previous reports on it, which can be found HERE.

As a quick recap, they’re advocating for teaching children all about sexuality and teaching them how to masturbate starting at age five.

Some call it perverted, others call it grooming.

Grooming for what? Well, for human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and/or abusive relationships. Before you roll your eyes and consider this a gross exaggeration, hear me out.

Nikki Duke started a group called My Friends are Not for Sale, which aims to slow and ultimately stop human trafficking, specifically among children. The group has partnered with the Epik Project, which has the goal to end slavery and human trafficking. 

She spoke on the dangers of CSE and pornography. Although the creators will deny it, the CSE curriculum available widely includes porn within its pages. Granted, it’s generally shown in cartoon form, which is even more disturbing as it aims to appeal to children as a happy, fun photo or video to be looking at.

Nikki said:

“CSE is contributing to sex trafficking. Porn has all kinds of side effects. This program [CSE] encourages boys to watch this, creating a boy that is viewing women as sexual object.

“Eighty-eight percent of porn videos are violence of some sort. We are implanting violence in their heads. Shows them that girls are ‘less than’ if they’re allowed to be treated this way.

“Porn affects brain chemistry to think this is normal. They get a high off of it, and then get addicted because you have that high off of it. It’s ingrained in their heads that it’s ok.

“Girls watching this are thinking it’s ok, then they think it’s normal and ok to be abused. The average age to start watching porn is nine years old.”


When I was nine I was playing four-square at recess.

Nikki explained that porn fuels this violence, and fuels trafficking. 

She said:

“Sexually abused kids more likely to get into trafficking. It makes people think treating victims like this is ok.”

After Governor Inslee silently signed SB 5395 into a law while everyone was distracted by COVID-19 (despite the fact that 77 percent of people voted NO on the bill), FFCWA and other groups got together to get Referendum-90 on the ballot. 

In the interest of avoiding confusion, here’s the description of the referendum from

“A vote to approve Referendum 90 supports allowing Senate Bill 5395 to take effect, thereby requiring public schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education for all students and requiring students to be excused if requested by their parents.

“A vote to reject Referendum 90 opposes allowing Senate Bill 5395 to take effect, thereby not requiring that public schools provide comprehensive sexual health education to all students.”

So in November, Washington residents once again have the chance to vote down SB 5395 by voting to reject R-90.

Save our children, of course, is the movement to stop human trafficking, particularly among the young children of America. You may have noticed recently an influx of signs and t-shirts around your own town reading things like “I’m not for sale,” “Save Our Children,” and more.

Granted, there are many things currently dominating the media in 2020, such as COVID-19, the election, Russia, Russia, Russia, riots, violence, Orange Man Bad, and more, but human trafficking is something that has been a major concern for decades in America.

The issue was recently brought into the spotlight even more so thanks to the arrest, “suicide,” and investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, a known pedophile, and the many guests he’s had at his island resort, where it’s been discovered children have been sold into slavery, sexual and otherwise (more on that HERE).

Janna Meyer is the director of the FFCWA. Meyer opened by talking about the purpose of the event. She mentioned that the current climate is “creating a culture that threatens the safety and welfare of our children collectively.”

If you’re following CSE at all, you know there’s no doubt about that statement.

Janna mentioned the importance of boundaries with children, and how CSE is all about taking healthy boundaries away from children:

“If you talked about this stuff with your neighbor’s kid, you’d probably have the police called on you.”

Several videos were shown throughout the event highlighting the dangers and negative consequences of such a bill passing. 

Jennifer Heine-Withee, who works with SW WA Parents’ Rights in Education and partners with Informed Parents of Washington, said:

“Comprehensive sex education is a curriculum that is built on the idea that children are sexual from birth and have a right to seek sexual pleasure and explore sexuality. It says that parents are the barrier to their autonomy. This is what they want to push into our public schools.”

She outlined several groups that back and fund the curricula, including Planned Parenthood, who proudly proclaimed of SB 5395:

“This is our bill!”

Remember how President Trump took away federal funding from Planned Parenthood? After that, their budget dropped from over $7 million in Washington State to just over $763,000. They’ve got to make that money up some how.

And so, Laurie Dils, a former counselor and “educator” with PP, who is now conveniently the Sexuality Education Coordinator for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in WA, created one of the curricula of CSE called FLASH.

In FLASH, PP is referenced no less than 47 times.

Another curricula, Jennifer said, is called the 3Rs, which apparently stands for Rights, Respect, Responsibility. This curricula was developed by Advocates for Youth, who would be better described as advocates for pedophiles and sexual predators. 

They work to train young children into being “advocates” for child sexual rights, abortion, LGBT rights, etc. 

There's a battle brewing in Washington over sex ed - and when you see what they're teaching kids as young as 5, you'll be blown away.
Screenshot Advocates for Youth 3Rs home page

Jennifer said:

“This isn’t to say we don’t care about kids in the LGBT community. They need protection from Comprehensive Sex Ed just as much as any other kid.”

They released a YouTube videos meant for seventh graders plainly titled How to Get Police out of Your School. This, of course, is because police lie, they don’t know anything about the Constitution, they’re super fragile, go around killing people, and if you don’t listen to them, they come unhinged and must shoot you.

Their words.

So here we have CSE, to include its pornographic images and completely inappropriate topics, being pushed to our children. Now they also don’t want police, who would be able to recognize signs of abuse and be able to help the child get out of the situation, in the school with the children. It makes no sense.

Advocates for Youth also started a “study” called Free the Pill, where they offer free birth control and a $75 stipend for children (presumably only girls, but who knows, that might be sexist or trans-ist) aged 11-15 to participate. 


Jenny Hoffman from the Life Options Network said:

“The problem with CSE is it gives no accountability for young men…no talk of financial stability. They’re setting them up for failure because they’re not teaching them what the future could look like. They’re going to be promoting abortion as the option.”

Pearl Florez of the Hummingbird House, which is a foster care support program, said CSE is even more dangerous to foster children because of the trauma they’ve likely already encountered:

“CSE is not just sex ed and human reproduction. They’re promoting that it’s ok for five-year-olds to masturbate…they have nine-year-olds learning how to put on condoms. For foster kids who have already endured trauma and [don’t] have a healthy adult in their life, they’re already high risk to be trafficked, now we’re putting this program in front of them that says ‘Hey, yeah you may be trafficked but it’s ok, it’s part of life.’

“It makes them even more uncertain about their life, takes even more power away from them. I believe that CSE would cause triggers and affect their mental health. As a foster parent I oppose CSE.”

Now to the keynote speaker, Heidi St. John. Heidi St. John (in case you didn’t listen to me before and look her up immediately) has started a homeschool resource center in Vancouver called Firmly Planted. She has a podcast, several bible studies, and does speaking events all around the nation.

She coined the phrase Get off the Bench and onto the Battlefield, meant to encourage parents to stand up for their rights, specifically when it comes to their children and education.

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Heidi said:

“On the heels of COVID-19, parents are waking up. Even though they’re being schooled virtually, the indoctrination is still there.

“Public schools are absolutely hell-bent on indoctrinating your children, in telling them they don’t need their parents and they can make their own decisions without them. The results are what we are seeing every single night on the streets of Portland, and in the streets of Seattle.”

Heidi spoke about the church and the spirit of fear being alive and in charge in our nation right now.

She said:

“God’s people have forgotten who they are. We forgot that we serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.”

She also brought up the fact that Black Lives Matter has been pushed in our schools from our teachers, who many times have been arrested for rioting on the front lines. Who have been wearing BLM t-shirts during zoom meetings, giving out anti-police assignments, and punishing children for displaying a thin blue line flag, or, worse, a Trump flag.


View this post on Instagram


Brace yourself. Repost from @prageru • ? ? How could any decent person still support the BLM movement (particularly after seeing this video)?

A post shared by Heidi St. John (@heidistjohn) on

Heidi explained:

“We don’t need to invite BLM into our schools and teach ‘social justice.’ When you teach the Council of God, justice is the result.

“Education is not neutral…it never has been. Christian education is so important. This is why my husband and I chose to homeschool. If anyone is going to indoctrinate my children, It’s going to be me.”

She also reminded those in attendance:

“Christians belong everywhere. Get off the sidelines and get onto the frontlines.”

Bob Reynolds with Informed Choice Vancouver spoke of a number of legislation that is on the books that most of the time, he said, parents don’t even know about until their kids are older. This includes a child at the age of 14 to be able to seek medical care (and abortion, in some cases) without parental consent or even knowledge.

Comprehensive sex ed is another tool to be used in ripping away our parental rights, and our children’s rights to just be children.

He said:

“They call us ‘wackos’ and ‘conspiracy theorists,’ but we aren’t. We are in Olympia for a reason: We have had enough! They have enough access to our children, we need to stop this legislation.”

Indeed, we do.


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