Sanders team talks about killing ICE agents and ‘bootlickers’: “I’m an anarcho-communist”


Project Veritas has been a vital force in exposing the ugly faces behind the likes of “progressive” candidates and their most avid supporters.

This week, they provided an opportunity for Bernie Sanders’ staffers to rear their ugly heads and expose their desire to engage in political violence against their opponents, thanks to newly released videos.

James O’Keefe had posted the first expository video this past Tuesday, showing a montage of statements made by Kyle Jurek.

Jurek has been identified as one of Sanders’ campaign organizers, and the gravity of his statements on the videos are nothing short of disturbing. With the latest videos having been released this past Wednesday, it’s apparent that Jurek’s remarks from the first video weren’t some offhand fluke – he’s clearly a radical craving political violence.

The variety of videos featuring Jurek has him showering the Russian concentration camps with praises, implying that there are things more important than law in the United States, and that police will be the recipient of violence at the hands of them.

This isn’t just some radicalized “Bernie Bro”.  This is someone who’s actively working on Sanders’ campaign.

Things kicked off on Tuesday when O’Keefe shared a video on Twitter where Jurek was filmed saying some outrageous statements. When he was asked what would happen if Trump were to be reelected, Jurek stated:

“F–king cities will burn.”

Later in the video, he implied that riots that took place at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago were going to pale in comparison to what they were planning:

“Be ready to be in Milwaukee for the DNC convention. We’re gonna make [1968] look like a f–king Girl Scout’s f–king cookout.”

He also made a chilling prediction that cops were going to be assaulted during the DNC Convention:

“The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f–king beaten in Milwaukee.”

If calls to violence weren’t enough, Jurek also regaled his cohorts with just how effective the Russian concentration camps were:

“There’s a reason Joseph Stalin had gulags, right? And actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were. Like, people were actually paid a living wage in gulags. They had conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were actually meant for like education.”

Yeah, the gulags were so great that 25 million people were locked up in them and tens of thousands died as a result of the camps. Also, the Sanders- theme of vilifying our nation’s most prosperous are not only echoed by the Sanders supporter, he thinks the rich need to be in concentration camps:

“Greatest way to break a f–king billionaire of their like, privilege and their idea that they’re superior. Go out and break rocks for 12 hours a day. You’re now a working-class person and you’re going to learn what that f–king means, right?”

Those disturbing soundbites were just from the first released on Tuesday. Things got a lot darker faster when more videos were dropped on Twitter. Jurek continued his rants on the gulags:

“So like that was the intention of gulags, right? Not only to elim – like, remove, like people that were like insidious to the state from the state.

Like ‘hey, you guys are all causing problems, you’re like, working against the revolution. We’re just going to remove you and put you in Siberia, where you can learn the f–king value of like, being a comrade.’ And that’s like, and that’s what it has to be.”

In what has to be the most ignorant statement of the year, Jurek actually stated that the gulags were more humane than the United States prison system.

“Like our prisons in the United States right now are far worse, far worse than anything they experienced in the f–king gulag. Like people get raped. People f–king work 12 hours a day.

People have to go fight fires in California for a dollar. You know what I mean? Like that’s f–ked up. That’s super f–ked up. Soviet Union didn’t do that s–t.”

First off, the U.S. prison system is far more humane than the gulags. No one is working 12 hours a day in prison stateside either, in fact, work is voluntary in most state prisons.

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Sanders team talks about killing ICE agents and 'bootlickers': "I’m an anarcho-communist"


Inmates who are working on fire crews actually aspire to be on the fire crews. Many reformed convicts leave prison and get immediately onboarded with the civilian crews they fought fires alongside with and have amazing careers after prison.

This guy Jurek is completely settled in his pro-communist ideology. He actually justified the horrors committed by Fidel Castro and other communist dictatorships that slaughtered their naysayers.

He compared the Antifa-style movement to “justified” violence enacted by people like Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Castro. Jurek exclaimed that he doesn’t want to kill people in general, but if they fight back against the “revolution” of their movement – then it must come down to killing the enemy:

“Like in any war, like if you guys were in war, and you encounter people that were fighting against you, what did you do to those people?”

“Kill ‘em?” someone asked, to which Jurek responded “Right.”

These types of people are going to be what literally fuels some kind of civil war or conflict.

Characters like Jurek, to which he stated there are several like him in the Bernie campaign team, honestly fancy themselves as some kind of people entrenched in a revolutionary fight. His rhetoric and calls to action are going to lead to people getting needlessly killed.

Jurek continued the disgusting rant, saying that if people confronted on which side they choose regarding the “revolution” make the wrong choice, then they’ll become causalities at their hands:

“Like you can’t abide people actively working against your f–king revolution. Like you can give them a choice. Be like, hey, you can join the revolution. You cannot be a bootlicker.

You could sit idly by and allow it to happen but if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution, then you should expect a violent response. Right? Like it’s f–king natural.”

The radical then carried on a rant pertaining to how they’re fighting to save the planet and their own survival. The irony is, they seem to be the only ones craving and actively seeking violence.

There’s literally no one trying to hunt them down for their strange ideology, but at this point it is time that an officer slaps some cuffs on Jurek. His rantings have gone far beyond speculative opining, he’s calling for violence.

If his statements weren’t damning enough, Jurek also lusted over the idea of getting into a brawl with ICE. After noting that there were Antifa members inside the Sanders campaign team, he detailed his hopes of going after our immigration agents:

“We’ve been looking for an action to like participate in… But like in regards to immigration and ICE, we’ve been looking for something to pop off so we can f–king pop right back off.”

Jurek also detailed how he’s not the only radical leftist within the campaign team. He literally mentioned by name four others that shared his views:

“I’m an anarcho-communist. So, I’m as far to the left as you can possibly get… in fact there’s, that I know of, one two three, one two three four, four of the organizers in this office are leftists. So, Justin, me, Derek, Danielle, Jessica are all definitely further left than the Democratic Socialists.”

The fallout has yet to be measured regarding the released videos of Jurek. However, Project Veritas visited the campaign office in Iowa to see if Jurek was still employed there after senior officials viewed the videos of Jurek.

There was no mention of Jurek being fired, but employees described Jurek as being “fabulous” when the Project Veritas member arrived at the office.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Sanders’ Iowa campaign organizers had locked down their Twitter accounts.

In one of the now protected Twitter accounts, Misty Rebick, a Sanders campaign official, referred to Jurek’s on-camera statements as “political gossip”. It will be interesting to see if any answers surface from higher-ups in the Sanders camp.


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