San Francisco launches program to pay pregnant women $1,000 per month – only if they’re black, Pacific Islander


San Francisco, CA – In what can only be referred to as a “textbook example” of the dictionary definition of racism, San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed has announced a new city-funded project entitled Abundant Birth Project.

The “Project” has set aside $2.25 million cash payments for women. The payments are $1,000 each and are paid for each of the nine months of pregnancy and the first six months of their baby’s life. 

The $15,000 cash stipend will be paid to 150 San Francisco women – on one condition. Your ethnicity must be black or Pacific-Islander. White, Hispanic and Asian-American women need not apply.

And the mayor doesn’t want to stop there. She would like to extend the payments an additional 18 months, for a total of $33,000, which would add $2.7 million to the program. 

While part of the funding is reportedly contributed by private donations, the city is reportedly contributing taxpayer money to the program as well. 

While they tried to use statistics to justify the program’s exclusion of all but two ethnicities, no amount of bloviating will change the fact that providing money to people simply because of their skin color or ethnicity while denying the same benefits to others, for the sole purpose of theirs, is racial discrimination. 

“Providing guaranteed income support to mothers during pregnancy is an innovative and equitable approach that will ease some of the financial stress that all too often keeps women from being able to put their health first,” said Mayor Breed.

“The Abundant Birth Project is rooted in racial justice and recognizes that Black and Pacific Islander mothers suffer disparate health impacts, in part because of the persistent wealth and income gap.

Thanks to the work of the many partners involved, we are taking real action to end these disparities and are empowering mothers with the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies and births.”

Go back and read that again. The project is rooted in racial justice. 

The mayor seems to think that the process of pregnancy is replete with institutional racism. Apparently, preterm births, which occur in greater numbers for black mothers, happen because of income gaps between them and mothers of other ethnicities. 

The mayor’s statement and the news release can be read in their entirety here

We cannot make this stuff up. Multiple sources were highlighted to let everyone know that the black and Pacific Island community deal with more preterm issues – allegedly because of racism.

The Miami Herald quoted Dr. Curtis Chan, the medical director of maternal, child and adolescent health at San Francisco’s City health department:

“Lifelong experiences of racial discrimination and the policies that created inequitable neighborhoods and socioeconomic conditions are causing the toxic stress that impacts birth and infant health.”

Anu Manchikanti Gomez is an associate at UC Berkeley and is an evaluator of those who will potentially participate in the program. 

“Black and Pacific Islander folks are small populations in San Francisco that are overrepresented in terms of adverse birth outcomes like preterm birth, and we know that these birth outcomes are linked to stress, but also structural racism and the legacy of decades of discrimination,” said Gomez.

“Our hope is that this supplement is a way to reduce stress for these groups that are at risk. We know that we cannot change the system of structural racism with a supplement.

But we hope for these groups that it will provide some relief and reduce stress, and by doing that that will improve their birth outcomes.”

According to the San Francisco Examiner, there are no stipulations on how the money is spent. This is extremely telling as to the intent of the program, considering that they highlight that participants are less likely to be able to afford late term and post-natal care. 

The program does not mandate that the money be spent on medical services for the mother or the baby. 

One of the Community Researchers on the project, Breezy Powell, told the Examiner that she “hopes this program will provide mothers the agency that her mother didn’t have during her pregnancies. Whether it’s spent on a massage or diapers, I hope the supplement helps mothers feel supported financially and mentally.”

Another organization leading the efforts at the Abundant Birth Project is Expecting Justice. 

Per the news release from the mayor’s office: 

Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative led by Dr. Zea Malawa at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and supported by the Hellman Foundation and the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative, will study the resulting health impacts of the pilot program, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

“Structural racism, which has left Black and Pacific Islander communities particularly exposed to COVID-19, also threatens the lives of Black and PI mothers and babies,” Malawa said.

“Providing direct, unconditional cash aid is a restorative step that not only demonstrates trust in women to make the right choices for themselves and their families, but could also decrease the underlying stress of financial insecurity that may be contributing to the high rates of premature birth in these communities.

It is exciting to be in a city that not only calls out racism as a problem, but also takes steps to heal the wounds left by decades of injustice and anti-Black sentiment.”

Once again, members of city-government run organizations are telling us that everything negative that happens in certain communities are racially motivated. 

“San Francisco has seen lasting health disparities in the Black and Pacific Islander communities, which we cannot allow to continue,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

“The Abundant Birth Project addresses those disparities in a positive and active way, to directly benefit expecting mothers and their babies in those communities.”

So, the fact that the black Pacific Island communities experience a higher a higher rate of preterm birth is rooted in racism – at least in the eyes of the mayor and other officials in San Francisco. 

Transversely, a study by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health in 2014 showed that the research showed that the biggest contributing factor to preterm birth  (PTB) in black women was vitamin D deficiencies.  

According to that study: 

“Vitamin D (vit D) deficiency in African-Americans is attributed to reduced UV light penetration through skin due to higher melanin pigmentation and consequent decrease in the cutaneous vit D synthesis.

Racial differences could also be attributable to varying dietary intake of vit D. Indeed, we have recently reported that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of PTB in African-Americans and Caucasians.

Additionally, we have demonstrated that vitamin D elicits anti-inflammatory response, and decreases expression of contractile factors in human uterine smooth muscle cells. Furthermore, specific vitamin D receptor polymorphism has been associated with increased risk of spontaneous idiopathic preterm birth.

As vitamin D deficiency is epidemic among African-Americans, we believe the stubbornly high PTB rate in African-Americans is, at least partially, a consequence of low Vitamin D levels.

Importantly, Endocrine Society recommends not only screening of all pregnant women for vitamin D deficiency but also treating vitamin D deficiency once diagnosed.”

Ironically, the Abundant Birth Project did not reference the aspects of Vitamin D deficiencies. Instead, they point to systemic racism. 

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And not to be lost in fine print of the release, it is also important to note where some of the private funding is coming from. 

$1.1 million of the $2.25 million was provided by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his #startsmall campaign. 

And this is not the only time Dorsey has contributed to programs that are racially motivated. 

In June, he announced that he was donating $3 million to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. That is the same group that has been bailing out BLM and Antifa rioters, looters, vandals and arsonists that have been arrested since the bulk of protesting started after the death of George Floyd. 

You can do a simple search of Law Enforcement Today to see where we stand on Colin Kaepernick and the politically-endorsed bailout of criminal protestors. 

But, he also donated $10 million, with no strings attached, to the director of Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research. That director, Ibram X. Kendi, also has a New York Times best seller. That book is called How to Be an Antiracist

Just to show you where Kendi stands:

We scoured through his timeline. We couldn’t find anything condemning the 543 (using Kendi’s numbers) protests that turned violent. 

What else does this man that Dorsey gave $10 million too stand for? 

He went on to address the fact that he believes that the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court, who has adopted to black children from Haiti is still a racist. All because…wait for it…

She adopted two black children from Haiti. 

Want to know where that $10 million from Dorsey is going? It will help produce more garbage like this:

But what about Dorsey himself? 

While he hasn’t tweeted much in the way of his own statements…his retweets speak volumes…especially towards the law enforcement community. These are just a few of the examples of tweets that Dorsey has retweeted to his nearly 5 million followers. 

And if that wasn’t enough…perhaps we should point out this nugget. 

When the race-baiting agitator Shaun King, who by many accounts is a white man pretending to be black, threatened to start doxxing Kenosha, WI police officers, Dorey/Twitter announced that the release of names/addresses without their consent did not violate the social media giant’s community standards. 

According to the coverage by the website 

“Two days after Jacob Blake was reportedly shot in the back by police officers while suspiciously entering his vehicle, white Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Shaun King took to Twitter with threats against the entire Kenosha, Wisconsin, police department, which Twitter says align with its “community standards.”

In his tweet, King addressed the Kenosha Police Department directly, demanding that the identity of the officer closest to Blake – there were two officers present, the rear one also appearing to carelessly fire shots, which is completely outside normal safety protocol – be publicly released.

‘If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him,’ King threatened, adding that the agency’s ‘protection of his identity is unethical.’

Going on three days of extreme violence and chaos throughout the city, this threat by King to ‘dox’ the entire Kenosha Police Department would likely result in officers and their families being targeted by the BLM mob – meaning it is a direct call for violence. But according to Twitter, it is no big deal.

Twitter has indicated that threatening to publicize the names of police officers without their permission in order for angry ‘protesters’ to potentially injure or kill them is not a violation of its community standards.”

And this is the guy that is partially funding the Abundant Birth Project, which as we showed above, is hellbent on discriminating against mothers with Vitamin D deficiencies, unless they happen to be black or Pacific Islanders. Then, they get $15,000 dollars to do what they wish, no conditions, no need to repay it. All in the name of racial justice. 

Because according to San Francisco’s elected officials, black women struggle with pregnancies because of racism. 

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