San Fran businesses forced to clean up human feces in their own stores thanks to city homeless policies


California – Just when we thought San Francisco’s homeless crisis couldn’t get any worse, or any dirtier, a new photo reveals a man defecating inside a super market this week.

According to California’s KRON 4 News a resident of San Francisco by the name of “Mike” reported seeing a man pooping on the floor in an aisle of a Safeway grocery store in the Marina District of the city over the weekend.

Mike provided the news station with a photo of the unidentified man, which shows him with his pants down around his ankle and an open package of toilet paper nearby.  Human feces can (unfortunately) be seen clearly on the floor of the supermarket, right next to a potato chip display.

San Fran businesses forced to clean up human feces in their own stores thanks to city homeless policies
Screenshot from KRON4 report


Mike reported to the news outlet that after the man was done soiling the floor, he watched him leave the store and enter a nearby Starbucks.

One would question why the man didn’t attempt to use the restroom of the coffee chain if he was planning on going in there- or the bathroom in the supermarket for that matter.

The city that falls within speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi’s district has dealing with a human waste crisis for some time now.  This is the first news report coming out of the fecal epidemic in San Francisco that shows a person defecating inside on the floor of a public building.

Earlier this week journalist Deborah Kan sent out a tween that included the photo of the incident and wrote calling out the Mayor of San Francisco, “. @LondonBreed here’s a pic of a man on drugs taking a poo in aisle 10 of @Safeway Marina Sunday morning in #SF. Why is this okay?”

“Just curious, are the bathrooms locked for non-customer use?” twitter user Randy Treibel asked in a reply to the photos are  

“Bathrooms are open!” Kan replied back. “The guy high as a kite.”

The city has spent millions of dollars related to attempts at cleaning up the streets, of both fecal matter and the booming homeless population.  They have even implemented a “poop patrol” unit to take care of the human feces complaints that ballooned to over 25,000 complaints just this year.  The city has also gone as far as to add 25 new public restrooms at the hefty price tag of $200,000 to the tax payers.


San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney recently called San Francisco’s “poop problem a national embarrassment.”

“This is a national embarrassment, it is also many communities a disgusting, public health crisis, no one should be able to walk about and see poop smeared all over the place, no one should live in these conditions. It is not funny,” Haney stated. 

Even with all of these new additions, it appears these issues are only getting worse. Earlier this month we brought you more details about the current feces epidemic in the city.

Just a few weeks ago, San Francisco’s pooping problem made national headlines over the increasing amount of fecal matter piling up on the streets.

For a situation that’s this out of control, it could elicit a response akin to Chevy Chase’s enunciation of “No Sh*t” from the classic Christmas Vacation.

There has been an increase in the number of complaints about feces in the streets of San Francisco lately, according to city data obtained by rental site RentHop.


Certainly, a malodorous situation for the democrat run city that has been scrutinized for a myriad of other things due to perceived poor leadership and addressing of issues that have stemmed from the ever-increasing homeless population.

The site RentHop had managed to find, by using public data from the city’s website where people can complain to the city about reports of human and animal waste, that the city has received more than 25,000 complaints about fecal matter between January and November of this year.

Needless to say, the situation reeks of areas needing attention.

A resident from the scat covered city had divulged the following to a local news outlet regarding the grotesque state of public areas within the community, saying:

“It’s a serious public health concern. It’s a public relations concern when you have a city that’s driven by tourism and conventions and visitors from all over the world. It’s frankly embarrassing.”

According to RentHop, the city’s 311 reporting system for human and animal waste complaints received 28,315 complaints about feces in 2018, which is a huge increase from reports coming from 2017, totaling up to a 35 percent increase from citizen complaints about the state of affairs.

Not to mention, the complaints were composed of those citing both animal feces as well as human fecal matter.

The problem has become so out of hand for the city that in 2018, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that it would be taking care of the situation with a “poop patrol” to clean up the streets of what some people have dubbed as “San Fransicko.”

While it seems like a logical solution to addressing the mess in the streets, the fact that a city needs a poop-troop at all is quite telling of how far gone things are.

While the problem is very serious, people have taken to social media to voice their concerns, but also make quippy puns to mock the state of affairs that the city run to ruins by democrats. Some of the clever remarks can’t help but inspire some laughter in spite of the situation needing serious attention from official in the area.

One Twitter user responded to the state of affairs stating:

“San fransicko. Pelosi, poop and parades.”

Another user commented saying:

“San FranSicko is ruined beyond repair. It is an outdoor toilet and homeless poopin fest.”

While many opted for funny remarks, one Twitter user remembered fondly of the times when it wasn’t this bad, stating:

“5 years ago when i was in san francisco there was only very few places that you can see and smell poop because it was illegal…now it is everywhere because it is [considered] ‘normal’.”

Instead of attempting to address the root cause of human waste being present in the street, mainly homelessness being one of the biggest contributors, the city has opted to install public toilets at specific locations throughout the city to minimize individuals defecating on the streets.

It’s seemingly the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a wound needing stitches in order to stifle bleeding.

While many would hope that the messy scenario reaches a resolution soon, only time will tell if local leadership within the city make an attempt to tackle the source of the stench.

In case you weren’t aware, San Francisco literally has a “poop patrol” service that requires city workers to clean up the streets after people use them as their personal bathrooms. 

And after their latest announcement, it appears as city leaders are only emboldening people to continue relieving themselves wherever they want. 

And that’s not the only criminal behavior they’ll be turning a blind eye to.

San Francisco’s newly elected district attorney says his new list of infractions that will not be prosecuted is an attempt at “decriminalizing poverty and homelessness,” and those crimes include public urination and prostitution. 

Chesa Boudin for San Francisco DA, 2019
Courtesy: YouTube Screenshot from Chesa Boudin for San Francisco DA, 2019


Essentially, because we can’t help fix the problem, let’s just ignore it.

“We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes,” DA Chesa Boudin said. “Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted. Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted; we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness.”

Boudin defeated his opponent after promising a massive overhaul to the city’s criminal justice system. 

“There can be no justice when we utilize prison and jail as the solution to all of our problems,” he said after he realized he had won the race. “We must think differently.”

But “thinking differently” may just mean less of the law and order that we feel slipping away across the country as leaders push to close jails and stop handing out punishments for crimes.

Chesa Boudin, the son of two murderous, anti-war extremists sent to prison for murder when he was a toddler, managed to win San Francisco’s race for district attorney after campaigning to reform the criminal justice system.


Boudin, who was previously a deputy public defender, declared victory Saturday night after four days of ballot counting had showcased that he was ahead of interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus.

According to the most recent count, the San Francisco Department of Elections gave Boudin a lead of 8,465 votes in the race. The interim District Attorney stated that she will make sure there’s a smooth transition within the office.

Criminal justice reform is a talking point quite popular for those leaning more toward left-of-center when running for elected positions as Boudin, 39, became the most recent candidate across the nation to win district attorney elections by pushing for extensive restructuring regarding incarceration.

His agenda in office is to tackle racial bias in the criminal justice system, overhaul the bail system, protect immigrants from deportation and pursue accountability in police misconduct cases. They sound like buzz-worthy talking points, but how exactly does a D.A. protect immigrants from deportation?

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San Fran businesses forced to clean up human feces in their own stores thanks to city homeless policies


Boudin said in a statement after the proclaimed victory:

“The people of San Francisco have sent a powerful and clear message: It’s time for radical change to how we envision justice. I’m humbled to be a part of this movement that is unwavering in its demand for transformation.”

He was 14-month-old when his parents, who were members of the far-left, terrorist organization Weather Underground, dropped him off with a babysitter and took part in an armored car robbery in upstate New York that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

His mother, Kathy Boudin, served 22 years behind bars and his father, David Gilbert, may spend the rest of his life in prison.

His parent’s circumstances after their criminal acts were a part of his campaign messaging; as shown in one of his videos pertaining to running for office Boudin stated:

“Growing up, I had to go through a metal detector and steel gates just to give my parents a hug.”

Well, that’s what happens when you visit a terrorist responsible for three dead in a gruesome armed robbery.

He said that as one of the dozens of people whose lives were shattered by the deadly robbery in 1981, he experienced first-hand the destructive effects of mass incarceration and it motivated him to reform the nation’s broken criminal justice system.

What’s confusing in this notion, is how does one determine the criminal justice system is broken because they had to visit their parents in prison?


Officers Waverly L. Brown and Edward J. O’Grady, and Brinks employee Peter Paige, never got to go home on October 20, 1981. The imprisonment of all involved showed that the criminal justice system works.

Boudin was raised in Chicago by leaders of the deemed terrorist organization Weather Underground, specifically Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, with Dohrn actually having been on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list due to her helping lead Weather Underground.

Boudin’s campaign victory celebration showed the true nature of the people supporting him. 

At Boudin’s party, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer led a “F— the POA” chant, referring to the Police Officers Association.

“Hey, so I just got one thing to say,” Fewer told the crowd, “Which is f— the POA! San Francisco, this is what we get when we throw the f— down. This is the city where we elect a public defender to be our district attorney. What we start here, the nation follows. So, look out.”

She went on to call the police liars.

“I want to personally thank every single person here. But I want to thank every single voter that saw through the ‘lies’, that said we need something better. We want something better. We can have something better. Thank you, San Francisco.”

In case you are wondering if you read that correctly…you did.



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