High school standoff suspect had long criminal history, including attempted murder, shooting at police


SAN DIEGO, CA – On April 13th, the manhunt that was initially launched for Christopher Marquez came to a climactic end following an approximately 12-hour standoff at San Diego High School, where authorities reportedly fatally shot the suspect.

Law Enforcement Today previously reported on Marquez, noting what led to him becoming a wanted suspect.

However, it turns out that Marquez hosted a relatively large criminal history outside of the March and April incidents that had authorities on his tail.

As we had previously reported, on March 16th, 36-year-old Christopher Marquez had allegedly open fire on bail recovery agents that were trying to arrest him at his home in Chula Vista, California.

One of the bounty hunters was wounded during that March encounter with Marquez.

When police arrived at the suspect’s residence to arrest him for the shooting incident, he had already vanished.

Authorities would later encounter Marquez on April 5th.

Reportedly, National City Police officers happened upon a stolen vehicle at a Jack in the box in National City, California, and Marquez happened to be sitting in the back seat of this stolen car.  

Once again, Marquez was able to elude capture during that incident, with authorities alleging that Marquez had fired at National City Police officers that were pursuing him on foot while he was fleeing the area.

Luckily, no officers were injured during that shooting incident.

It wouldn’t be until the evening of April 12th that authorities would encounter the suspect again.

At approximately 8:00 p.m. on April 12, National City Police officers reportedly spotted a vehicle in the Point Loma/Midway area where one of the passengers looked strikingly similar to Marquez.

According to NCPD Captain Alex Hernandez, officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver apparently disregarded the attempts from officers and instead led a high-speed pursuit.

The pursuing officers were said to have requested the assistance from San Diego Police during this high-speed chase.

Officials say that once the pursuit neared Nimitz Blvd and Interstate 8, a suspect inside of the vehicle Marquez was in had fired at pursuing units.

Gunfire was said to have come from the suspect vehicle two more times thereafter, once near 10th Ave and SR-163 and another time near San Diego High School.

Approximately 20 minutes into the pursuit, the vehicular chase ended at San Diego High School with two occupants, including Marquez, exiting the vehicle and running toward the school’s campus.

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Reportedly, Marquez and a female occupant who was inside of the vehicle during the pursuit, had jumped into a dumpster near the high school’s football field. From there, a standoff lasting nearly 12 hours took place – with SWAT units on scene.

The standoff came to an end after the woman tried to get out of the dumpster where her in Marquez were holed up, which Marquez was said to have pulled the unidentified woman back into the dumpster while raising a rifle.

It was at that moment that police say officers shot Marquez fatally.

Apparently, the deceased suspect has been through the criminal justice system numerous times, with arrest records dating back all the way to 2003.

Back in April of 2003, Marquez was charged with second degree robbery for stealing a 92-year-old woman’s purse. Court records show that he wound up pleading guilty to said charge in May of 2003, with him being sentenced to six months in prison.

In June of 2007, Marquez wound up pleading guilty to a felony count of burglary.

While specific sentencing information and case details were not immediately available, it was confirmed that Marquez wound up pleading guilty to that charge in July of 2007 and ended up getting a combination of jail time, probation, and a fine.

Between 2015 and 2017, court records show that Marquez wound up accruing numerous charges to include identification theft, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of controlled substances.

Marquez would eventually be sentenced to four years in prison after the cases were bundled and prosecuted together.

Marquez was out of prison by January of 2019, just in time to get another charge for drug possession which he wound up pleading guilty to an was sentenced to one year in jail – but at the time that Marquez pled guilty and was sentenced to jail, he wasn’t actively in custody.

Surprisingly, it was the domino effect of the 2019 case that would inevitably lead up to the standoff occurring in April of 2021 that led to the suspect’s death.

On August 22nd of 2019, Marquez had reportedly been in a hit and run crash in National City and fled over to an EZ-8 motel in Otay Mesa. Police eventually caught up with Marquez engaged in a six-hour standoff with the suspect before he peacefully surrendered.

When Marquez was taken into custody back in August of 2019, he was wanted for the hit and run crash, felony evasion, auto theft, and the drug charge he had skipped out on back in January of that year.

As crazy as it sounds, the courts afforded Marquez bail on all those charges and he bonded out on September 10th of 2019.

Months after being released from jail in 2019, Marquez had reportedly stopped showing up to his court dates which is why fugitive warrant agents wound up knocking on Marquez’s door on March 15th of 2021.  

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