SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Police Department has announced the newest members of their SWAT team. One of the two is recognized as the first female to successfully pass the process and achieve this goal.

SAPD shared the details via their Facebook page. In the announcement they noted the following details regarding the officers selected:

Congratulations to Officer Perla Dominquez and Officer Marshall Davis! They are SAPD’s two newest SWAT members!

Officer Dominquez is the first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT Unit!

Officer Davis is a six year veteran of SAPD who will join his brother who is also a member of the SWAT Unit! Way to go!



Law Enforcement Today congratulates Officer Dominquez on the noteworthy accomplishment. Furthermore, we congratulate Officer Davis as well!

first female

Officer Perla Dominquez is the first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT Unit! (San Antonio Police Department)

UPDATE: A confidential source told Law Enforcement Today that Officer Dominquez is actually the second female SWAT officer at SAPD. The source provided the following information:

While Officer Perla Dominguez is an exceptional young woman and deserves accolades. She is not the first female officer on the SAPD SWAT Unit. The information you received is erroneous and not accurate.  No matter the political wording, nor false narrative that was given, most of it is not true.

Most, on the San Antonio Police Department, know this, as do the SAPD Association leaders. The truth is important.  History is important. Those who are a part of that history should not be dismissed.

Perla should, however, receive the spotlight for being the second female to make to make SWAT, since 1997.

She is a focused and driven young woman who will excel at anything she does! She is incredible! She does deserve the spotlight for her achievement.

As a result of this information, LET went to the original Facebook post to see if it was modified or deleted. We found it in place with no edits. However, there was a comment from F.j. San Miguel who posted the following information:

Congratulations to our sister in Blue, SAPD officer Dominguez, for your hard work to make it into such an elite unit. I mean no disrespect what-so-ever, but in all actuality the very first SAPD female police officer was officer Holly Cheatham, now retired and married under the name Holly Vizcarrondo. I think Officer Vizcarrondo (Ret.) does deserve the credit for being the very first female swat officer, but both officer Dominguez and Holly (SAPD Ret.) deserve credit for setting their goals and and making it happen, by pouring their blood, sweat and tears and hard work into becoming a member of the elite SAPD SWAT team. … Congratulations to both. – FJSM

The comments continued from many readers, which seems to support this position. While LET is not turning this into investigative journalism, it sounds like we’d be happy to have either of these sisters on an entry team going after the bad guys!