LEXINGTON, Ky. – Due to an increasing number of car accidents, an app designed to protect drivers by preventing them from texting and driving is drawing attention from law enforcement.

This year’s death toll on Kentucky roadways has risen to 623, which is 30 more than this time last year, WKYT reported. Law enforcement is always looking for ways to reduce collisions.

Woodford County Sheriff Wayne Wright said that most reckless driving calls end up being negligent drivers that are texting.

One of the creators behind the app, James Howell, said it has been labeled LifeSaver, with the sole purpose of stopping texting while driving. The function is simple. When the car goes into motion it automatically blocks the screen so a driver can’t text. If teenagers try to find a way around it, the app will send a message to the parents.

In this video published in March, Howell, and two teens explain how LifeSaver app works:

Sheriff Wright welcomes the idea. He thinks it’s a great tool. It can provide comfort for parents and other motorists knowing that teenagers using the app will not be distracted while driving, the report says.

Sheriff Wright is presenting the app to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association board next month and he’s hoping it will be supported.