Collusion? As tensions rise between Russia, Ukraine, why is US still importing so much Russian oil?


The following article contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

USA- Prior to November 2020, the United States had become energy independent, and actually was a net exporter of energy.

All of that went south after January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden was inaugurated to occupy the White House on weekdays between 9-5. National Review reports that in 2021, the United States had imported between 12 to 26 million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products from, of all places, Russia.

According to Brian Kilmeade on One Nation, U.S. monthly oil crude oil production peaked in 2019 at 12.3 million barrels per day; by November 2021, that number had dropped to 11.2 million.

Biden also canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, and reversed pro-drilling policies that had been put in place by President Trump.

According to the most recent data from November 2021, from the Energy Information Agency, the United States imported 17.8 million barrels.

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Last spring, imports of Russian crude came at the highest level in nearly ten years; in August, Russia—home of Vladimir Putin who is poised to (allegedly) invade Ukraine—became the second-highest exporter of oil to the United States.

Does anyone honestly believe Biden is going to take any kind of decisive action against Putin, when he is holding us literally over a barrel

One might think given the turmoil between Russia and Ukraine, the United States might be looking at a way to get out from under Putin’s thumb, but given what was communicated at a White House press briefing last week, it probably isn’t of concern to the administration.

Deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about how much pressure the United States is able to bring to bear on Putin given the fact we need their oil, especially given the fact that Biden has eviscerated our ability to produce our own oil without relying on OPEC or Russia.

Q: Wouldn’t it be difficult, though, for the U.S. to continue to import Russian oil after all of the rhetoric that we’ve put forward about Russia needing to not invade Ukraine and pressuring Germany to, you know, come out strongly on Nort Stream 2 and possible punishments for Russia if they were to take this step? Wouldn’t it be tough for the U.S. to continue, in that event, to import Russian gas?

A: Well again, it’s a hypothetical. I’m just telling you that we have been very, very clear, the president has been clear, our national security advisor has been clear—we all have been clear, either from this podium or direct communication with Russia, whether it’s with the president or its leadership, that if they were to invade—and in coordination, in lockstep with our European allies and partners, that’s how we’re moving forward here—that there would be…there would be severe, decisive economic consequences. I cannot speak more to—more to that.

This of course is equivocating of epic proportions. There has been a lot of pressure brought to bear on Germany to put a halt to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (which incidentally Biden green-lighted last year).

However given the fact the U.S. hasn’t committed to stop purchasing Russian oil, why should Germany likewise stop buying either Russian oil or natural gas? The United States is operating from a standpoint of weakness, perpetrated by our cognitive mess of a president.

Face facts…for all the bluster coming out of Biden, anyone who looks at the man knows he’s a mess, a point which was driven home by National Review’s Kevin Williamson.

“The good news is, Biden isn’t drunk. The bad news is, Biden isn’t drunk. He just talks that way now.”

Williamson was referring to Biden’s Friday address, where he spoke of the looming crisis in Ukraine. Biden basically gave Putin a green light to go ahead and invade Ukraine, and while our country “is firmly committed to its principles,” we “would like to Putin to know in advance that we will not fight for them,” Williamson wrote.

The words were not what drew Williamson’s concern but more so the way they were delivered.

“Biden is slurring his words, getting lost in the middle of short sentences, and in general acting like a grandpa who cannot figure out how his new phone works.”

Williamson insists that Putin had to be further emboldened by Biden’s weak ass performance Friday. He notes that Mao had once dismissed the U.S. as a “paper tiger,” however that is all Biden is threatening to bring to the table—“strongly worded multilateral statements, sanctions regulations.”

As Jim Geraghty wrote in National Review:

“If Russia invades, it means Biden is a mess who’s thoroughly ineffective, who can’t achieve his policy goals even when he and his team give 110 percent effort. And the rest of the world, from Beijing to Pyongyang to Tehran, will know it.”

Ready for $6 a gallon gas nationwide America? Buckle up, it may be here sooner than you think.

For more on the situation with oil in the US we invite you to:


WASHINGTON D.C.– The Biden administration recently announced that in an effort to lower gas prices, the United States, along with other nations, would be releasing tens of millions of barrels of oil from reserves.

Following the announcement, the prices rose above $82 a barrel on Tuesday, November 23rd, according to reports.

The price of Brent Sweet Crude, the global benchmark, rose by more than 3.3 percent following the announcement that the U.S. would be releasing 50 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, Breitbart reported.

Brent Sweet Crude was not the only one to rise, as the price of West Texas Intermediate also rose more than 2.5 percent to $78.47.

The White House announced on Twitter that other countries including China, India, South Korea, Japan, and Britain are also planning to release their reserves.

The Biden administration is hoping that the release of the reserve oil will help drive down the price of gasoline, a consistent and evolving problem that has plagued the country since President Biden took office.

The White House and the Federal Reserve earlier this year said that inflation was transitory and would remain confined to just a few areas of the economy, Breitbart reported.

These predictions have clearly missed the mark, as the inflation is increasingly worsening by the day, rising at the fastest pace in decades.

While the Biden administration is hoping the release of the reserve will be a quick fix, some experts in the field disagree.

According to the Congressional Research Service, due to pipeline and marine terminal constraints, the United States reserves can only be released at a maximum pace of 4.4 million barrels per day.

It is reported that total global consumption runs at about 100 million barrels per day. Oil industry experts say the reserve release will likely not do very much to help lower the rising prices at the pumps.

Shortly after President Biden took office, he signed an executive order that halted oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. Law Enforcement Today recently reported that a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction halting Joe Biden’s executive order to stop all oil and gas operations on federal lands.

Here is that complete story.

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The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer.

Let’s call this one a win for the good guys…for now. On Monday, a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction halting Joe Biden’s executive order to stop all oil and gas operations on federal lands. Biden had issued the order at the beginning of his presidency, ostensibly to fight the so-called scourge of climate change, Breitbart News reported.

Thirteen states, led by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry filed suit against the administration and praised the judge’s decision to issue the injunction, saying it was a good decision for America.

“This is a victory not only for the rule of law, but also for the thousands of workers who produce affordable energy for Americans,” Landry said.

“The President’s executive order abandons middle-class jobs, cripples our economy, and hits everyday Americans where it hurts the most—their pocketbooks.”

Landry also said that Biden’s order actually hurts the environment.

“What’s more it attacks Louisiana’s coast by reducing the revenue and royalties used for coastal restoration and hurricane protection,” Landry said.

A press release stated:

In last week’s oral arguments, lawyers from Attorney General Landry’s Office said that Biden officials cannot legally halt all lease sales because Congress, by statute, has commanded that such lease sales happen on a regular basis. They cited the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and the Mineral Leasing Act as explicitly prohibiting the Biden Ban.

“By executive fiat, Joe Biden and his administration have single-handedly driven the price of energy up—costing the American people where it hurts most, in their pocketbooks,” Landry said upon filing of the lawsuit.

He also noted that Biden’s order also attacked middle class jobs just when they are most needed by Americans, and took our energy security—where we were energy independent eleven months ago—and put it in the hands of foreign countries, many of whom “despise America’s greatness,” Landry said.

The attorney generals’ lawsuit stated in part:

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and Mineral Leasing Act set out specific statutory duties requiring executive agencies to further the expeditious and safe development of the abundant energy. In compliance with those statutes, the Department of the Interior has for decades issued leases for the development of oil and natural gas on public lands and offshore waters.

“For decades, Congress has embraced responsible development of our natural resources as a means of achieving energy independence—a matter of national security,” Landry said.

“They have discarded vulnerable dependence on foreign oil, which is why the court should reject the Biden ban.”

Other states who took part in the lawsuit included Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

Biden and his cadre of leftist lunatics claim the fossil fuel industry must basically be destroyed in order to “save the planet from” so-called “climate change.”

Under former President Donald Trump, the U.S. was energy-independent and a net exporter of oil for the first time since 1957, and no longer relied on OPEC or other foreign energy sources. Joe Biden, the one-man pandemic, took care of that, however. Since that time, gas prices have increased by between 60-70 percent.

Shutting down oil and gas production on federal land wasn’t the only thing Biden did to attack the energy industry. One of his first actions was to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, which created a lot of jobs in numerous western states with public lands, and would have eventually transported petroleum products from Western Canada through the U.S.

For reference, the case is Louisiana v. Biden, 2:21-CV-00778

For more on Biden’s destruction of the petroleum industry, we invite you to read an earlier report we filed:

                                                                                      DIG DEEPER

WASHINGTON, D.C.- On Saturday, January 23rd, the senior vice president of Policy, Economics, and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute (API) made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matt Boyle.

During his appearance, Vice President Frank Macchiarola said that if President Joe Biden puts a permanent ban on oil and gas development on federal waters and land, it could cost 1 million American jobs.


Boyle asked Macchiarola specifically about the significance of President Biden revoking the permit or the Keystone XL Pipeline and putting a 60-day pause on federal land leasing in his first few days in office. Macchiarola responded by saying:

“I think the first four days of the Biden Administration have give a clear picture of what the next four years could look like. President Biden comes into office with a real economic headwind and a difficult labor market, but at the same time he inherited an energy landscape that’s stronger because of America’s shale revolution.”

He added:

“We’ve produced lower household energy costs as a result of U.S. energy and less reliance on foreign energy sources. The president has a choice to make: He can maintain U.S. leadership and maintain and support our economic recovery with American energy or he can pursue policies that destroy jobs and at the same time increase energy imports.”

He reiterated:

“The first few days should concern all Americans because the administration is clearly taking actions that are going to harm the economy and cost Americans jobs.”


According to reports, shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline will cost 11,000 jobs directly and as many as 60,000 indirected jobs. Mike Sommers, president and CEO of trade group API, said that Biden’s announcement was:

“A slap in the face to the thousands of union workers who are already a part of this safe and sustainable project.”

He added:

“This misguided move will hamper America’s economic recovery, undermine North American energy security, and strain relations with one of America’s greatest allies.”


Macchiarola said that the federal ban presents and even more staggering number of job loss. He said:

“The full scale ban of development on federal lands you can bet the impact could be up to a million jobs in the United States.”

He added:

“Two of the major components of the inauguration address and of the priorities of the new administration, No.1 is rebuilding alliances and No.2 strengthening our economy. With this decision that heads in the opposite direction on both of those priorities.”


The Keystone decision also affects the relationship with Canada and the U.S. economy and it could cost the U.S. $2 billion in wages. Macchiarola then spoke to the potential for Biden’s policies to endanger U.S. energy independence.  He said:

“This shale revolution has unlocked resources that we never thought we’d be able to get to and that’s meant more jobs in the United States, lower energy costs, and greater energy security.”

He added:

“For the first time in 2019 in 67 years, the U.S. became a net exporter of energy rather than net importer. That’s a huge deal and abandoning federal leasing heads in a different direction.”

In an example, he said that federal land and waters accounted for 22 percent of oil production and 12 percent of natural gas production in 2019. He added:

“That’s the different between energy independence and energy security and reliance on foreign sources.”


He went on to cite the irony of Biden’s nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) to serve as secretary of the Department of the Interior. He said that half of the energy produced in New Mexico comes from federal land and two thirds of the natural gas in the state comes from federal land.

In 2019, API produced a study that showed a federal land ban could cost up to 5 percent of all jobs in the state. Macchiarola said:

“These decisions are sweeping. They’re broad and they will really have negative impacts on our economy and our labor market at really the worst possible time.”

He added:

“If Biden’s priority is to bring back jobs in the United States and to grow our economy then they really need to rethink these policies, particularly the policy with respect to a leasing ban on federal lands for oil and gas development.”

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