ENFIELD, Conn. – A local man went from receiving a police award for stopping a car burglary to being arrested on stalking charges in just four days.

Police arrested 39-year-old Christopher Silva on multiple charges last week after trying to track him down in the woods using a K9 units and a drone. He was wanted following a report that he sexually assaulted a woman the day before being presented with the award.

Last July, Silva helped foil a possible car burglary in the early hours of the summer morning. Silva reportedly noticed a man running up to a vehicle in the middle of the night. When he called out, the man and three others took off in a white SUV. 

Lt. Steven Kaselouskas said that after the incident, Silva provided police with a detailed description of the suspects involved in the attempted break-in.

Last week he was presented the Citizen Award – an award recognizing a citizen for their role in keeping the town safe – just a day after allegedly assaulting a woman in his home. He was arrested just days later.


Enfield Sergeant Bryan Nolan spoke with LET about the irony of the story.

“The Enfield Police Department enjoys a great partnership with the community. We strive to recognize those in the public that go above and beyond to assist us.  However, our main mission is and always will be to keep our community safe and ensure those that commit crimes are swiftly brought to justice.  The irony in this case is not lost on us but in the end we are happy we could take him into custody without further incident.”

Christopher Silva was arrested just days after being presented the Citizen’s Award. (Enfield Police)


The affidavit noted that, “the woman told police how Silva had been harassing her constantly since the assault. She showed police messages she had received from Silva, where he boasted about the sexual assault. One message included a picture of Silva holding her underwear and referring to it as a trophy.

She also reported that early Saturday morning, she was awakened by Silva shining a flashlight through the windows of her home. The woman said she had told Silva to stay away from her home. 

Silva sent more messages to the woman on the day she reported the sexual assault, the warrant says. He demanded to know where she was and who she was with, and told her “things are about to get bad for you … I tried to warn you.””

The ceremony shows Silva receiving the award. (Screenshot: Enfield PD Public Access)


His bond was set at $2 million after police arrested him for stalking, harassment, trespassing and more, but at a hearing on Monday Enfield Superior Court Judge Sheila Prats reduced that number to just $25,000.

Prosecutor Mark Williams asked the judge for a higher bond amount to protect the public, as Silva had “more serious charges coming down the pike,” but it was denied.

Records show that Silva is a registered sex offender until 2026 and had been sentenced to year in prison for another assault in 2014. He returns to court on June 7th.