Elton John literally stopped a show to harass security officers for… well… doing their jobs. But it didn’t exactly go the way he planned.


Elton John managed to shock some of his concert attendees recently at HBF Park in Western Australia when he stopped his live show to berate security jobs for… well… doing their job.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer went on a bit of a foul-mouthed rant that was directed at two security officers he claimed to have spotted booting a female fan from the venue for his show. As of this time, there are no details regarding why the fan was being ejected from the venue.

The unexpected, and somewhat vulgar display reportedly occurred on Sunday during the second of two concerts in Western Australia, which were part of John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour.

The singer was performing at Perth’s HBF Park when he suddenly stopped performing and segued into a profanity-laced outburst, which happened to be captured by one concertgoer who uploaded the exhibition to Twitter.



During the video, you can audibly hear the singer going off on the guards for doing their jobs.

“Hey, you two security guards with the girl. F— off. Bring her back here immediately. Come on you c—s. Morons, you both are, morons. You don’t treat girls like that. Leave her alone, you turds.”

Audience members initially cheered when the singer had decided to point out what he perceived to be an injustice by the venue’s security. Yet, when John uttered the infamous “c-word”, that provoked some gasps from the crowd.

Considering the size of the venue, some people in attendance were simply confused by the outburst the singer went into, not knowing who he was referencing specifically.  


According to Billboard, John had later apologized to the crowd and explained his use of the “c-word” shortly after his outburst.

“I apologize for the ‘c-word,’ I just hate people being assaulted, especially women by security guards. I have a pet hate of security guards anyway.”

While there’s a lot of ambiguity as to why someone was being removed from an Elton John performance in the first place, the host of the event, VenuesWest, stood by the actions of their security team and noted that they acted appropriately.

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The venue released a statement regarding their team’s actions.

“Under the circumstances, the security team acted appropriately and we [VenuesWest and security] worked together with Elton’s team to ensure that the event was safe and successful for the artist and the patrons.”

While there were many of the accomplished singer’s fans that thought his display was an act of white-knighting for the ladies in the audience, there were some that pointed out some rational critique in his delivery and motivations.

One Twitter user online responded: “You don’t treat girls like that’, but you treat security guards (who you cannot have your concert without) like that? Double standard @eltonofficial. You deserved every one of the security guards to walk out on you because of that.”

Other fans of the artist online were less critical, but rather more concerned about the potential outcomes of John’s vulgar display toward the venue’s security team, as one Twitter user responded saying:

“….and future security guards will be frightened to do anything.  Which isn’t good for [Elton John], he has put himself in a vulnerable position. Guards are there for a reason to protect.”

Some folks online were not quite as polished as others when they were citing how hypocritical the singer’s words were, since he’s likely heavily dependent on security in his travels and shows. One user responded to the video saying:

“So let me get this straight.  The security guards were doing their Jobs and he gets p****d???? He hates security guards?!! Well f him!! Dont give him Any Security!! Let a crazy fan to hurt him!! See what he says then!!!! Idiot!!”

John is scheduled to play 40 more shows across Australia and New Zealand on his tour, so it will be interesting to see if there’s any more colorful rants that will flesh out on upcoming tour dates.

Luckily, not all famous musicians hate members of the law enforcement community. 

LET recently brought you the story of a world-renowned drummer who signed up to be a cop.

Jeremy Spencer played drums for the group Five Finger Death Punch since joining on in 2005. He’s been on the road most of his life, leaving his childhood home of Boonville, Indiana at age 19 to pursue his musical dreams. But in June, this headbanger put down his drumsticks and picked up a badge.

Jeremy Spencer just went from national rockstar to community defender. (Wikipedia)


The Rockport PD in Indiana swore Spencer in as an officer a few months ago, bringing him into a new, tight-knit group of brothers and sisters in blue.

Spencer says he’s taking what he’s learned from being a national icon to protecting the local community. Plus, Rockport is less than two hours from where the drummer grew up.

“I’m basically taking what I did in the band and just applying it to this, and trying to do the best I can,” he said.

But will he miss his busy life on tour? Maybe not so much.

“It was amazing and it brings back memories watching it now. I kind of remember some of these shows and it’s very cool,” said Spencer. But change is good. “Life’s about experience, so to me this was great and I think this is going to be great now,” he said.

Spencer began training with the Rockport Police Department recently in preparation of bringing him onto the force. Spencer said he has a great relationship with the officers and said he has always looked up to them. And he’s excited to work with the community and give back.

This drummer just became the newest addition to the Rockport Police Department. (Rockport PD)


“You just see the impact they have on everyone’s life. It’s so important,” said Jeremy.


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